Guy Fieri & His Hairdresser Had A Lovers Spat

October 30th, 2013 // 33 Comments
Guy Fieri
WATCH: Guy Fieri & Hairdresser's Drunken Fight
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“I said Pickled Pink not Wasabi Yellow. You made me look ridiculous!”

Because bringing the law to Flavortown sometimes means getting in a slapfight with the hysterically crying person tasked with making sure you look like Larry The Cable Guy‘s eXtreme cousin Chef Tweaky Pete, here’s what the hell happened to Guy Fieri in the video up top. TMZ reports:

The video — obtained by TMZ — shows Ariel Ramirez punching Guy through the open door of the SUV, swearing at him. You also see Guy kicking him. Ariel is so mad, he cries uncontrollably during the fight.

Sources close to Guy tell TMZ … They were coming from San Francisco International Airport, where they had just landed. We’re told they had all been drinking on the flight and used a car service to take them home.
As for how the argument happened … we’re told it was about nothing. One source said, “It was just dudes being dudes.” It escalated into a physical fight.

As a dude who has spent over half his life getting drunk with other dudes, I can safely say that I have never once got into a physical confrontation with one let alone my closest friends. Unless they wouldn’t blow me, in which case, how else do you react in that situation? Back me up, dude from Smash Mouth. (That’s who Guy Fieri is right? Lead singer of Smash Mouth, started doing cooking shows? Because that’s what I’m going with.)

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  1. Goddamn, the graphics from GTA V are fucking unreal.

  2. Ha ha, I was going to ask you how come you had not posted this story about this clown yet. I can’t believe he seriously pays someone for that crap on his head. And yeah, this straight up sounded like a gay lovers quarrel. Much like Nicki Minaj, this dude is literally a clown, just one that cooks??? instead of sings???.

  3. Chef Tweaky Pete

  4. Rasputin's Evil Twin

    Really? You’ve never hit your “closet” friend?

    Hmm, here’s an entirely new aspect of Fish. Are you in the closet too?

    • JC

      In spite of what reality TV would have us believe, most (non-brain-damaged) adults are able to live their lives without getting in to drunken fisticuffs.

    • JC

      Ha, I didn’t even see the “closet” typo. Sorry about that.

      Alternate theory: Fish’s closet friends aren’t gay people–that’s just what he calls his action figure collectibles.

  5. leila

    How old is he anyway? If your drinking involves tears and punches and you are not in a sorority or a spoiled rich teen, you need to stop drinking and face the fact that you have a problem. That problem being that you are a douchebag.

  6. I am ebarassed to admit, that oddly enough I saw an episode of his awful show where he introduced “Steve from Smashmouth, my brother from another mother”. You aren’t far off …

  7. A couple of lovers having a Kick and Slap fight on the street.

  8. gay slapfight!

  9. D.

    One suggestion Guy Fieri – drop the hair stylist and hire a personal trainer to drop that gut.

  10. Deacon Jones

    One question…if it was just them, why were they both riding in the front passenger seat? Other than the obvious answer…

    I can see some good sound clips getting used on Stern, O&A with this

  11. I guess he should have swallowed?

  12. Fieri makes sweet butt love to Chris Brown.
    Fight ensues.

    • You’re forgetting about Newton’s Laws of Attraction, which states that two assholes of like proportion will normally repel each other because neither can retain dominance. This is only overridden when an asshole reaches critical mass, to the point that no other normal attractors can cope with it. In that case, the laws of affinity reverse, so mutual attraction ensues, but only for a limited amount of time. (NB: “Time” is in inverse proportion to the publically declared amount of “love” claimed by said coupling.)
      [See: Kardashian, Kim; West, Kanye.]

  13. Wait. This is the guy from Smashmouth? I thought it was just Fred Durst really letting himself go.

  14. “Guy Fieri In Knock-Down, Drag-Out Fight With Hairdresser” Misleading and misrepresentation! No knock down nor prolonged fight. Could have been heterosexual fight. Grow some balls and if Fieri like ran him over with that massive car like David Proval, “Richie Aprile” that would be a sight! Then “I would buy that for a dollar!” :)

  15. Well I guess it’s official then : Guy has graduated from ass clown to full-fledged douchebag.
    I don’t know what the social convention is for this type of milestone. Do we throw a party? Or will a card suffice?

  16. He was just trying to share the tube steak with is passed out friend like any good chef would.

  17. Everyone keeps misspelling Fairy.

  18. I’m going out on a limb and say they weren’t fighting over a woman.

  19. Was any bling damaged ?

  20. PassingTrue

    Not sure what the heck was going on, but from what I’ve read he seems like a stand up guy with a wife and a couple kids. He sure as heck generates a ton of money for the network, so bad PR ain’t gonna help the franchise.

  21. why does he have a hairdresser?

  22. Jenn

    If there’s an actual person making his hair look like that, instead of an accident involving kitchen cleaner and a mixer, he needed an ass whippin.

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