Guy Fieri Brings Flavortown to Cali Fire Victims

It might be hard to take this news, but Guy Fieri doesn’t actually live in Flavortown. Flavortown is actually more of a state of mind, like Margaritaville or the afterglow of DMT, than it is an actual commonwealth. Turns out he has been a longtime resident of Santa Rosa, California, an area that is being absolutely ass-ravaged by a wildfire. Instead of skipping town and going for a hot ham hoagie at some mom n’ pop diner in a flyover state, Guy Fieri is putting his mesquite where his mouth is and setting up BBQ and beer trucks to feed evacuation zone volunteers and evacuees.

It’s really nice, actually and I fully commend Fieri for using his resources to help people, but lets be real… I gotta make fun of this guy at least a little

Reporter: “So what do we got cookin’ out here, chef?”
Guy Fieri: “Oh man, it’s like we’ve all died in a smoker and woke up in hog heaven! For starters I braised some brisket with my world-famous donkey sauce. We cook it out of old trashcans so that we can fit all the meat and you see how it’s overflowing here?”
Reporter: “Yea… should you have such a large flame going so close to a wildfire?”
Guy: “Are you kidding me!?”
Reporter: “You just got loose embers flying all about, it doesn’t seem saf-“

**Guy Fieri bear paws a tub of ranch dressing and slaps the reporter in the face**

Guy: “We’re saving lives here, man! With flavor!”