‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Has A Teaser For Its Trailer That Jimmy Kimmel Will Tease Trail Tonight

Thanks to Disney owning both ABC and Marvel, the Guardians of the Galaxy trailer will debut tonight during Jimmy Kimmel Live!, but since this is the Internet, naturally there’s a trailer for the trailer. And because I’m a sexless nerd, naturally I’m posting it. In the meantime, this has been shatted out countless times into the the Intertubes, but only because it bares repeating that DC Comics still hasn’t got a movie with both Superman and Batman off the ground yet, while Marvel is already putting out an obscure space title with a talking tree and a raccoon with a machine gun that’s setting up a movie where The Incredible Hulk fights an entire planet. And if none of those words mean anything to you, what’s it like having money and friends? Do you sometimes congregate and eat the food stuff you purchased instead of figurines? Oh, I would ever so like that…

Rocket Raccoon Groot Test Footage

h/t io9