Put Me Down For Guardians Of The Galaxy. I’m In.

Yesterday, I talked some shit about Vin Diesel voicing a character in Guardians of The Galaxy instead of starring in The Avengers 2 and may have some talked some other shit about the movie in the past. However, after seeing some bootleg footage on GammaSquad, I’d like to retract that shit back into my word-butt because MOTHER OF GOD THE RACCOON. What could’ve been the death knell for this thing is now easily the greatest part because as you can see by the GIF below, that’s the closest to an actual raccoon with a machine gun you’ll ever see in your life. [Ed. Note: They don’t like it when you lure them into your house with old hot dogs then try to duct tape firearms to their paws. And that’s not the rabies talking. BERGA BLOGGA! That was.] To put things in perspective, DC Comics is only just now getting around to putting Superman and Batman, their biggest, most recognizable characters, in a movie together after hesitating for over a decade while Marvel’s on their 87th film and literally going, “What else we got? A raccoon with a gun in space? Turn it into money.”


Rocket Raccoon GIF

You never knew how much you needed this in your life until you saw it, I know.

Photos: Marvel