Green Lantern is Gay (In A Separate, Alternate Universe Though Just To Be Safe)

June 1st, 2012 // 34 Comments
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Also, he’s flaming. Literally. Subtle, DC. Very subtle…

A huge amount of online ink was spread today covering the supposedly groundbreaking news that DC Comics made Green Lantern gay which is surprising considering it’s not even Hal Jordon the well-known, mainstream version, but instead a rebooted version of the first Green Lantern, Alan Scott, who now exists on an alternate Earth that only hardcore geeks know about. Yet that hasn’t stopped DC from patting themselves on the back for “keeping with the times” despite the fact they basically just tucked their new gay hero as far away from sight as possible. Like in a closet, for example.

Photo: DC Comics


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  2. Let’s try that again


  3. How the hell is he supposed to color-coordinate if he’s in head-to-toe green? Poor choice, DC.

  4. Savalas

    Flames? Skeletons?

    Is DC and the artist implying that he’s burning in hell for his sexual proclivity?

  5. One last try here with a different pic…


  6. “The Queen Lantern”
    from @DannyZuker twitter

  7. EricLr

    I hear next they’re going to let a black person call a white character by his first name–on Earth 28Q in a special issue only published in Brazil.

  8. Frank Burns

    They’ve changed Green Lantern’s oath, too:

    In tightest gay, in loosest knight,
    No twink shall escape my sight
    Let those who worship hetero’s might
    Beware my package, six inches height!

  9. dooood

    ‘fictional characters’

  10. I don’t get it…

  11. MarkM

    Now if only they’d get a diabetic pedofile super-hero!

  12. Be warned, once you go to an alternate dimension you’ll be gay too. Let’s inform NASA.

  13. Evil Monkey

    I guess after the movie they figured no more damage can be done to the character. They were right.

    • Jeet

      How dramatic. I’m not a Corps reeadr, but this just makes me curious to find out just what the heck is going down. Is everything I need to know or understand this in issue 61 or do I need specific back issues?

  14. GetOverYourself

    I’m all for gay rights, but could we start using some baby steps?

  15. Anon

    You mean all this time the Green Lantern wasn’t?

  16. Alan Scott

    No , I’m just experimenting !I mean , haven’t you ever wondered about …
    Give a guy a break , will ya . I’ll be back to banging chicks after Doctor Sardonicus figures out what I was poisoned with .

  17. Billy Barty, Jr

    a really pissed – off lookin gay guy! What happened , no reach – around ?

  18. Baron Wilhelm Otto

    Ugh, Green is the most difficult colour to coordinate shoes with. The flamer, I mean lantern, will be a lonely homo

  19. EmmaWatson's Vagina

    i was expecting Batman and Robin (any universe). but this does not surprise me.
    well at least Marvel did it better with Wiccan and Hulkling .

  20. kevolution

    Fucking awesome. Think about how much risk they took in doing this (financial and otherwise) and they did it anyway — just like their superheroes, for the greater good.

    • Anon

      DC took no risks. Only superhero more lame than the Green Lantern is Aquaman. If DC really wanted to prove a point, they would have made Batman and Robin a gay couple.

      • Pfft…whatever, Aquaman is boss.

        That aside, this was a pretty craven way of approaching it. The only other series I can think of that made a lamer attempt at “homosexual inclusiveness” was that episode of Next Gen where they made the bold statement that homosexuals were people too by having Riker fall in love with a person from a genderless species who identified as female.

  21. QQ

    Well his weakness is wood

  22. JMC

    I’ve noticed so many nerds who say things like “why can’t they take baby steps,” you’re right, how about Green Lantern begins with 50 issues in the closet. Nothing like an ashamed superhero with no confidence living in denial. Special issue when he goes to a truck stop, gives a gob job to an old married guy then vomits afterward in tears. Alternatively he can be gay for young guys to read about and be able to identify with and you can stop being over 25 and reading comics. How’s your girlfriend? Don’t have one? Probably because Green Lantern’s gay, that’s it.

  23. XYZ

    Hint to RYAN REYNOLDS true sexual orientation. Sorry to burst ur bubble, REYNOLDS is gay too…

  24. I see what you did there… made him flaming

  25. Mimi Fitzgerald

    DCs FIRST gay superhero… that reporter clearly didnt do any research. I can name at least 5 gay superheroes from DC without even looking… Batwoman, Apollo, Midnighter, Obsidian, The Question… yes, they arent well known superheroes, but they are all DC superheroes and are all gay. Or at least were all gay before the 52 reboot.

  26. I guess they decided that if they were going to have a token gay character (to ward of any assumptions of homophobia, what with all the objectifying of women they get up to), they had to make it one that if they didn’t get a good reception for it, they could just say, “Well fuck, its not the MAIN version of Green Lantern, its just an alternate one!” and use the old artist/writer standby ‘Don’t Like, Don’t Look!”



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