Grazianos to Hogans: Nice photo op, jerks

The family of Nick Hogan crash victim John Graziano wants the Hogans to stay the fuck away from the hospital. They believe their latest visit, which didn’t include the Hulk just Linda and the kids, was all for show. The St. Petersburg Times reports:

That’s because the trio went to the hospital on Valentine’s Day with gifts, and images of their arrival showed up on celebrity news Web sites, the Graziano family’s attorneys said Wednesday.
“We believe that it was a total (public relations) stunt,” said attorney Kimberley Kohn.

Damn, how did I miss those? Anyway, the Hogans are doing a bang-up job handling this situation. Whether it’s blaming the victim for not wearing a seat belt or staging photo ops, these people are all over it. Honestly, there’s not a goddamn thing that’s real about them. Except for Brooke’s man chin. Which is all too real and can cut through a diamond. Or so the legend goes…

Thanks to David for the pics who can grow a thicker moustache than the Hulk – with his mind!

Photos: Clearwater Police Department