Grazianos to Hogans: Nice photo op, jerks

March 14th, 2008 // 28 Comments

The family of Nick Hogan crash victim John Graziano wants the Hogans to stay the fuck away from the hospital. They believe their latest visit, which didn’t include the Hulk just Linda and the kids, was all for show. The St. Petersburg Times reports:

That’s because the trio went to the hospital on Valentine’s Day with gifts, and images of their arrival showed up on celebrity news Web sites, the Graziano family’s attorneys said Wednesday.
“We believe that it was a total (public relations) stunt,” said attorney Kimberley Kohn.

Damn, how did I miss those? Anyway, the Hogans are doing a bang-up job handling this situation. Whether it’s blaming the victim for not wearing a seat belt or staging photo ops, these people are all over it. Honestly, there’s not a goddamn thing that’s real about them. Except for Brooke’s man chin. Which is all too real and can cut through a diamond. Or so the legend goes…

Thanks to David for the pics who can grow a thicker moustache than the Hulk – with his mind!

Photos: Clearwater Police Department

  1. Finna

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  2. mimi

    No one cares Fish-GUTZ.

  3. D. Richards

    Wow, Nicky, you’re a professional drifter, arencha?

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  5. nice

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  6. veggi

    Did that spambot attempt to write first?????? So, I should expect to see jesus any minute then, yeah?? Or that other one..

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  11. Harry Ballzack

    Jeezus-Christ !
    What a thing to open your eyes to …… The Bolea family standing over you with teeth bared……. I mean grinning from ear to ear with a release form and “Gifts”

  12. Harry Ballzack

    Oh – I almost forgot – WITH camera crew for dramatic effects ?

  13. Auntie Kryst

    @1 I’m getting creeped out that these fuckers actually try to respond to the tread topic. “IST!!!!!” bin ein Spamlinner? Talk amongst your successful friends.

  14. Pic

    Here’s one of the pics in question (or just click my “name”):

    Honestly…what would you think if you saw that freak parade headed toward you?

  15. Gerald_Tarrant

    Hulk Hogan was cool until I was about 12. He was old then. I’m old now so I guess that makes him close to death, just not quite close enough. His family has never been cool.

    If you get a chance to have Nick cook for you, have him make his broccoli caserole. Nick is great at making vegetables. Just don’t accept a ride home from him or you may be his next special dish.

  16. John Graziano

    I tried to tell them to stay away myself, but nobody realized my I was spelling it out in morse code using a combination of drooling and diaper-pooping.

  17. sla

    Wow, they lived through that? How messed up is John? And was Hulk Jr. wearing his seat belt?

  18. I hate the Hogans. About as much as I hate that Dog family..

  19. Good Morning FRIST. There is a new post. Well it is not really new, but it is above this one and actually it sucks more than this one if you can beleive that..

  20. Nick Hogan

    I survived that crash because I have my dad’s genes. I’m not a very good driver at all actually, but I’m pretty sure my dad’s money will make me a pro drift racer anyway. Let’s face it, I’ve had a lot of tickets and fines already, and I’m only 17.

    Let’s all just forget about that incident where I was driving after underage drinking, racing through the streets and I nearly killed my friend when I wrecked my daddy’s Supra. He wasn’t wearing a seatbelt after all, so it’s mostly his fault anyway. Technically, I should be in jail, but once again, my daddy’s Hulk Hogan, so I can get away with it.

  21. Ted from LA

    I smell a Hulkster reality show out of this. The American public would eat it up. I heard Brooke has to shave her legs and face 8 times a day.

  22. The Troll of Ript

    Listen Bunsmiths, Ript didn’t write that shit. Some maniacal fucking asshole with a pathological desire to rule a giant ant farm – the world’s largest – growing out of his anus – did.
    A strong but unloved baby, it survived by feeding off the hatred of his parents and the insects that swarmed his filthy hole in the floor where he was left to dwell. It grew, this sexually ambiguous young Trolling, having stored the manifest energies of perversion and discord from his family’s disgust towards his pathetic existence. It grew and grew and did not stop growing. Greedily, it hobbled unnoticed amidst the environs of men, absorbing every profanity and disfiguration selfishly calling deformity and disease his art. Despising procreation for wasted energy, he devoured his own genitalia.
    And then when he learned nothing and saw only shadows, he sequestered himself back in his hole and became…the worst Asshole on the Cyberplane…the Troll of Ript.
    Like an eternal maggot that has eaten his host to dust, the repulsive worm (I) vanishes in the indignities of his own sorrow, shame, and ignorance. But lies in stasis…awaiting new flesh to devour…pungence…

  23. Rey

    I know, how did Nick manage to survive that? Look at the car…he’s lucky to be alive.

  24. bootlips

    Nick is a reflection of today’s youth. They’re a bunch of wiggas who think they have the skills to race in the Indy 500.

  25. Him

    I heard some reporter saying the friend was “still in critical condition but at least he wasn’t dead.” Being in critical condition is being dead – esp. after all this time. We have a friend in a wheelchair because of an accident and believe me when I tell you, he wishes he had died. Life is not always best, sadly.

  26. SpeedDemon

    I could care less about either of the morons injured in this crash. If you’re stupid enough to street race you deserve what you get. However, its a crying shame that fucking douche-bag had to total a perfectly good twin-turbo Supra doing it. Hell, the rims alone are worth 5 grand on that thing. If you’re going to race, go to the track and put your money where you mouth is. Otherwise just stay home and watch Pinks…

  27. theneed4speed

    i can’t believe how badly that car was torn up. what is nick bollea doing with a handicap pass? when was the last time you saw a handicapped driver doing a 100+ down the freeway?!

  28. why am i reading this shit

    The front end still looks pretty good. Did he crash going backwards?

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