I’m Playing ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ For Journalism

September 17th, 2013 // 16 Comments
Grand Theft Auto V

Alright, folks, here’s the deal. Grand Theft Auto V came out today, so I’m leaving you in the supple hands of Photo Boy while I spend the next few hours giving it a whirl so I can report back to you with my findings. On that note, if you have any questions you’d like me to try and answer about the game – Keyword: try. – either drop them below in the comments, the Facebook thread for this post, or tweet me. Keep in mind, I’ll only be getting my toes (and your mom) wet, and may not even complete a single mission because I spent the whole time trying to bang hookers in a fighter jet. Also, I should probably point out my entire opinion of the game will hinge on whether or not that’s possible because unlike the clowns at Kotaku, I understand journalism.

Back later today. [Update: Much later. - SW]

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  1. Hey its Kate Upton without a stomach!

  2. Cock Dr

    OK Carmen….the boss is gone, time to get into some mischief.

  3. This game looks pretty cool, but I can’t find it on cartridge for my Atari. Anyone knows who sells it?

  4. Fish, let me know if you find a Backdoor Teen Mom minigame.

  5. Jay

    On my way to go buy it, (i’m on the west coast) and wait…….you can bang hookers in the GTA??????? awesome…………

  6. Deacon Jones

    I thought this came out tomorrow? Or did “midnight Tuesday” mean this morning? (looks blankly at wall for 20 seconds)

    I guess I am swinging by gamestop today since I already paid for it, YEEHAWWWww

  7. I blame my family for not having a PS3 and therefore not being able to play this. Add that to the list.

  8. The journalism here is kinda GTA5ish now that I think about it.

  9. Hey SW (that stands for Star Wank right?), are you doing this on PS3 or 360?

  10. I will either wait for the Nintendo equivalent or play Mario Kart with drugs and hookers.

  11. Ice-T

    Too bad I have to work today. Played GTA all day yesterday. What a game!

    knew I should have booked vacation!!!!

  12. Cock Dr

    Apparently the blogger got his toy and never again came up for daylight & air.

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