GRAMMYS: Marisa Miller was there

February 1st, 2010 // 32 Comments

Probably the most important part, if not the sole purpose, of the entire music industry is to find hot bitches to star in music videos. Which is why I assume Marisa Miller was at the Grammys last night. On that note, I’m launching an expedition to find out where exactly her legs end. It should take roughly three weeks and require all my skill and cunning. — And your car. I swear I won’t drive this one into a ravine and say it was possessed by Indian ghosts angered by my white skin.

Which it was.

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  1. marissa's pussy tester

    A little chloroform and the junction of those legs can be found in about 1 minute. What takes YOU so long?

  2. Name (required):

    Don’t know who she is, but she’s HOT.

    Footnote: Just to spite the RIAA, I am downloading every song that I heard last night on Limewire today.

  3. sperminator


  4. sperminator


  5. Taz

    So hot

  6. DKNY

    #2 if you don’t know who she is, and you’re still using Limewire (seriously?), you need to get out more.

  7. It came out of me


    (clean-up on aisle three)

  8. F*ckRandal

    Marisa Miller is hot…

    In more important news…the new writer sucks.

  9. Kitty Furry

    lookin old there…damned UV rays

  10. Valerie

    That’s really flattering Fish because she’s only 5’8″ tall.

  11. havoc

    I would drink this chick’s bath water…..


  12. gen



  13. Re-Gen



    NO COCK?

  15. shes what it would look like if a younger jessica simpson and jennifer aniston fuzed to make one super hottie!

  16. Angry Commenter’s I think this is a great blog and she is Hot!

  17. Erica

    She actually has the shortest legs of all the VS models (long torso body type), so fail superfish.

  18. who dat

    Time for porn baby!

  19. P E R F E C T – so jealous

  20. Vee Dee

    Uh, uh, oh my god, oh my god, yes, yes, holy shit….SPLAT!

  21. PUPPYluv

    My bets are on her being there for her husband,,,

  22. Derek

    Have you seen pictures of her husband? Possibly the biggest douche outside of Vegas and/or Jersey.

    My whole month is fucking ruined.

  23. minx

    She can definitely wear a trash bag and still look hot.

  24. She is an absolutely stunning women. However, I find it disappointing that VS is using very thin models. They generally use women with a little less bone. I’m not knocking her. She is an extraordinary beauty

  25. Gump is alive


    Whew! Thanks so much for clarifying. I can rest easy now that I know exactly how you feel about Marisa Miller. Normally, I wouldn’t give two fat shits about some worthless fuck’s moronic commentary, but YOU…

    I now hang on pins and needles until to grace us all with further meaningful insights from your highly advanced and educated mind.

    Please…don’t make me wait! I can’t stand it. Please…

  26. Doc Schweinstrudel

    what a stunning figure. That is definition of perfection

  27. jill

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  28. Old

    Her face looks 35. She’s my least favorite VS model.

  29. jason

    lmao, she has the shortest legs in the history of victoria secret angels….she’s not even 5 ft 8, more like 5 ft 5!

  30. Miller rose to fame with six consecutive appearances in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue, starting in 2002.

  31. i havent seen her in a while

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