Gov. Spitzer’s wife knew about hookers for years

April 10th, 2008 // 88 Comments

Governor Eliot Spitzer’s wife Silda supposedly knew about his relations with hookers such as Ashley Alexandra Dupre (above), according to a reliable source for Page Six:

Gov. Eliot Spitzer has told friends his wife was aware of his dalliances with hookers for years but looked the other way. “He said something like, ‘My [bleep]ing wife doesn’t care, so why does anybody else care?” our insider told us.

This site seems to have a marital theme today, but something about the Spitzer’s story is just downright touching you know? What a strong, beautiful foundation of love – based on hookers. These two should write a book on marriage. And call it something catchy like “Whores and Roast Beef.” Put me down for two copies. My folks’ll love it, those crazy Quakers.


  1. havoc

    LMAO….that skank’s fifteen minutes didn’t last long did it?


  2. Sunflower

    Silda Spitzer is just as pathetic as her loser husband. Nice way to set an example for all young women everwhere. You’re an idiot, Silda. Maybe stand on your own?????? Any woman (or man) who would sit back and “allow” their spouses to act in such a way and still STAY with them are pathetic. There truly are no words for how much of a LOSER this woman is. What’s the matter, honey? Can’t make your own money or your own mark in the world???

  3. Yes my wife knew, but what else could she do? I mean, she wasn’t willing to stick a habañero coated dildo in my ass, so I….. forget it…..

  4. They White Urkle

    These two are typical liberals. They make perfect liberal role models for their kids. No personal accountability or responsibility.

  5. Ted from LA

    and hooker makes three

  6. Whatever indeed

    so this husband and wife are sitting at a restauant when this beautiful woman walks up to the man and gives him a big kiss and says I’ll see you later. The wife says who the hell was that? He says, that’s my mistress. The wife says that’s it! We’re getting a divorce. The man says, well, if you get a divorce, there will be no more trips to paris, no more fancy cars or shopping sprees. The woman sits back and thinks about it. Then she spots a guy and a pretty woman coming over. It’s her husbands friend bob. The wife says, who’s that woman with Bob? The husband says, that’s bob’s mistress. The wife says, Ours is prettier than theirs…….

  7. Sandy Bottoms

    So this dude was playin golf and knocked his golf ball into a a bunch of butter cups. All pissed off this guy starts whackin the hell out of these buttercups to free his ball. After he succeeds, mother nature pops up and says: “For destroying my butter-cups you can never taste nor enjoy anything about butter ever again. Sad the man walks away not believig he will never enjoy butter again. He then see’s his buddy stand and screams: “OH SHIT STAN!!! GET AWAY FROM THOSE PUSSYWILLOWS!!!”

  8. Ted Mosby

    I don’t believe she can turn a blind eye towards a troll humping around. If it is true, then it seems she was more into the idea that he was a rising political star and wanted to hold on regardless of the cost.

  9. not megan harris

    maybe he’s bad in bed and she just wanted him to leave her alone. thank god for hookers!

  10. More than likely she was not putting out and wanted to continue living the life style of the first lady of New York, as her husband bonked high price call girls. Is that any differnt than JFK or WJC?

  11. mamadough

    i would rather be a divorced, broke ass bitch with my self respect in tact than stay in a bullshit, unhappy, sham marriage with a rich asshole.

  12. Misty

    Did I miss the news where this girl got arrested for prostitution???

  13. Whatever indeed

    @ 12- Hal-a-fuckin-luya.

  14. So what if he pays for sex. We all end up 6 feet under.

    Wouldn’t you rather see a person like him become a john, than some psycho who might injure the girls or some creep who might have aids

  15. notmeganharris

    Um, kids? She has as much money as he does. But I’m withya #12.

  16. If only Eliot had phoned home

  17. Whatever indeed

    15. What the fuck? You’re a fuckin weirdo.

  18. nipolian

    #3 – Right on!!!!

    Note to all Democrats: In case you forgot, Hillary did the same shit. Didn’t have the integrity or strength to leave her cheating loser husband after he was caught red handed banging a bimbo.

  19. Mike

    Damn it, if I could just get my wife to turn her head, I would be all set. How does one get their wife to do so?

  20. #5 – Have you ever noticed that when Democrats/Liberals get caught in a scandal it is with another women (mistress, hooker) but when a Republican/conservative gets caught in a scandal it is also with a gay lover or a little kid?

  21. nipolian

    Well at least now the Democrats will think she is qualified to be President.

  22. Suzanne

    Yesterday we rehashed the boring fat/no-fat debate (no new views, surprisingly, just shouting). So I guess it’s time to rehash the boring liberal/conservative debate. Wake me when all the shouting’s done.

  23. Nurse

    I’m checking all the hospitals with terminally ill patients, to see if I can catch any pill-popping addicts stealing their pain medication – I want to be the first to interview Mrs. McCain when she become First (Stepford) Lady!

  24. Jrz

    He’s still a jerk off.

  25. mike has two scoops of tard

    @20. When you say “wife” I’m sure you mean the warm piece of ham you rub on your penis.

    If you really are married, I feel soooo bad for that poor woman. Well, because you’re a complete jackass. Why did you ask her to marry you, dumbfuck??

  26. Clinton


    Believe that ending the war will not result in another 911. Better airport security will eliminate another 911.




    (Bush eliminated important enviromental laws so that Corp. America could make bigger profits)

    I could go on and on but my boss is coming.

  27. tim



    Republicans are all messed up. Sometimes religion will do this to a person lol!

  28. Fox News helpful reminder

    To our loyal and patriotic TRUE AMERICAN audience (a.k.a., the sheep):

    Hillary Clinton is in the process of being driven out of the Democratic primaries. She’s slowly dying now in Pennsylvania, and she’ll be out of the race by the end of the month. I know it’s difficult for you to update your thought processes, especially with that overwhelming sentimental pull toward your fictionalized 1950s world, but you need to move to the new target. You know him as “that colored boy.”

  29. nipolian

    @27 – I’ll bet he is a Republican.

  30. Mike

    #26, I think you have me mistaken for somebody else.

  31. Auntie Kryst

    C’mon knock off this Republican vs. Democrat bullshit.. Also Spitzer’s wife was very successful in her own right, the family probably lived more off her salary. Point is they were a typical douchefuck power couple, and neither party wanted to fuck up that arrangement. That type of bullshit transcends the political divide. Carville & Matlin are still married right?

  32. DJ


    There is a big difference between Clinton and Eliot. Eliot went searching for sex and paid a lot of money for it.

    Monica kept on throwing herself at Clinton. Yes Clinton has a high sex drive and Bush was a drunk and used a lot of drugs. So finally Clinton gives in and lets Monica give him a quick BJ. Clinton never gave Monica an orgasm, but Monica was a desperate fat chick looking for attention in all the wrong places. Hillary forgave her husband and their marriage is stronger than ever and there have been no reports of Clinton’s infidelity. Hillary is a strong and very intellegent woman. I enjoyed watching a program about Hillary on cable. She was dedicated to helping the needy even in high school.

  33. The Mistress

    Sometimes life is complicated and married people have lovers. Usually one spouse wants sex while the other does not. They have a good marriage except for the sex. It happens all the time.

  34. yukadoozer

    All the women know.
    Yes, Sunflower #3, women can/do make their mark AND look the other way-Hilary Clinton? RingaBell? Are you like, 25, clutching your MBA, ready to save the world and wow your fellow man…this is a great place to start your intellectual, highly principled debates. You must be new here.

  35. yukadoozer

    #34. Your soap is on. Go see what’s up with Victor and Nicki.

  36. nipolian

    #33 – Out of respect to Auntie Kryst, I am going to leave your comment alone no matter how tempting it may be.

  37. stay away from my bunghole, perverts

    Given what he (allegedly) requested from his hookers, his wife made a smart choice to let him stray while the money piled up.

    But now, she needs to follow Heather Mills’ empowering example and be done with him – after wringing every fucking penny out of him.

  38. restingonlaurels

    can a woman really maintain her sexual prowess with one single man for decades and decades? we’re all subjected to dwindling libidos at some point, i suppose. maybe she had someone on the side as well, i hope she endulged herself.

  39. Mark

    He indulged himself the typical older-guy way (whores), and she indulged herself the typical older-chick way (endless attempts to henpeck away his self-esteem).

  40. Auntie Kryst

    @37 Cheers Nip!!
    Actually I should have known better to post. I’m a Publican, or Barcrat anyway. Meaning I don’t skip happy hour to bother to vote anyway.

  41. Syndie

    #38 – right on! She should go H-Mills on his ass! Hahahaha – take everything, girl, you deserve it! All girls deserve it!

  42. nipolian

    Must………not ………..make……….political……….comment……….Must……..keep……….ogling………Robin………Wright’s……….legs.

  43. Matthew

    I watched the congressional hearings and I still cannot believe that the cowardly “God damn America” Democrats questioned the highly effective leadership and judgment of Gen. David Petraeus. Our brave men and women are fighting and dying in Iraq, and these spineless liberals are doing everything they can to undermine them. In a just world, they’d all be tried and executed for treason. Instead, they’re going to nominate for president an America-hating snake oil salesman whose first loyalty is to our very worst terrorist enemies. Democrats have no honor whatsoever.

  44. I say we just elect the GOP for everything and get the damn apocalypse moving already. Shit, only 1716 days until 12/23/12 and I still have no idea which one of those fuckers is the antichrist.

  45. valentina

    Silda probably said have your whores but make sure you keep that condom on my dear. And by the way, time to top up my checking account dear Gollum.

  46. Kennedy


    How many Americans need to die before we decide it is a war that cannot be won just like Vietnam? Should America wait until we reach 50,000 like in Vietnam? 4000 Americans have already died in Iraq. There is old footage of Cheney when he was with Pres. Bush Senior saying that taking over Iraq and getting rid of Saddam would be a huge mistake because who would lead Iraq and then they invaded anyway.

    When Bush became president, Clinton gave Bush plans on continuing efforts to find Bin Ladin. Instead Bush pulled out military resources from Afghanistan to fight the Iraqi war. Now Bin Ladins and his terrorist are stronger than ever.

    The probability of another 911 are low because of better airport security, not because America is fighting in Iraq. I am not worried about terrorist, but I am afraid of the angry crack addict driving erratic on the freeway and causing an accident and killing me or someone else.

  47. Working Brain

    Don’t believe the liberal lies. We are killing Al Qaeda in Iraq every single day. That’s what makes us safer. Every recent test of the airport “security” system has failed miserably. If the terrorists weren’t scrambling to survive, as the U.S. military continues to track and kill them, they’d be able to walk right into the country again and do their damage. It’ll be easy to prove, if the media’s love affair with Obama continues and their leftist propaganda convinces enough people to elect him president. Then he’ll turn tail and run in Iraq, the terrorists will regroup, and we’ll have a domestic terrorism event that will make 9/11 look like child’s play. Only a fool would think differently.

  48. Grunion

    Big deal I’ve known about hookers for years too.

  49. End the War- Vote Democrat

    After the USA invaded Iraq; it became a haven for terrorist. Before that Saddam hated the terrorist and kept everyone out of his country. The airport security can’t be too bad because we have not had another 911.

    An American has a better chance at winning the lottery before getting hurt or killed by a terrorist. War is very profitable for the rich elite like Cheney. The rich elite want the war to continue to get more profits.

    Save America and end the war now, vote Democrat.

  50. Bacon

    Wow I Am SO voting Democrat now.

    So will u please shut the fuck up?

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