Gouge Your Eyes Out To This Rob Gronkowski Music Video

Rob Gronkowski just starred in a music video for a DJ called 3LAU (wtf why do people take this kind of shit seriously) and it’s pretty much a shitty 90’s boy band video set to house music. The narrative is simple: Gronk meets a lady, orders her a Cuba Libre with his face, then starts daydreaming about her (and 20 other women) in a teenage-boy’s fantasy that National Lampoon producers would probably lift their nose at. Pepper in some hot-girl clichés like a soapy car wash and pillow-fighting on trampolines aaaannndd BOOM that’s a wrap.

One good takeaway from this shit heap is that now it’s a thing to go up to bartenders and make this stupid face when you’re definitely NOT wasted for a quick G&T/Cuba Libre combo.

gronk ordering a drink

12 people in Massachusetts are still drunk from the Super Bowl in January. Gronk is two of them.