‘Gotham’ Has A Trailer Already

May 6th, 2014 // 8 Comments
Gotham Trailer
WATCH: 'Gotham' Official Extended Trailer

Last night, Fox not only announced a series order for Gotham, but also dropped a trailer which surprisingly (but not really) set the mood for a consensual nerd-butt insertion until Kid Catwoman showed up, and then everything went all Bryan Singer pool party. Which sounds pretty fucking extreme for a show I’m still going to watch because there’s Batman stuff in it. I sat through Sleepy Hollow for God’s sake. There’s no bottom here.


  1. I bet he grows up to be the George Clooney Batman.

  2. JC

    Given how sci-fi/fantasy shows on Fox usually work, substitute “trailer” with “entire run of the series,” because this is all you’ll ever see.

    • With Fox, normally I’d agree with you. But since this is tied into a much bigger franchise, I think it would get a lot of extra leeway, kind of like Agents of SHIELD has gotten on ABC.

  3. Cue the Zimmer’s BRAAAAAAAAAAAAM!

    Seriously, does he get 5 bucks every time someone used it? ‘Cause he should.

  4. It looks like it’s going to be great. Do we know which network will be carrying it?

  5. Looks pretty good. I hope FOX doesn’t fuck it up.

  6. Margaret

    As usual they seem to shooting for the middle of one big ‘been there doing that again’. Another cliche soap opera full of stereotypes.

    In the UK they write interesting stuff because they try to think about it beforehand. In Hollyturd, today’s terrible writers learn from yesterday’s terrible directors who settled for advice from the 80′s coked up nimrods who never knew shit to begin with.

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