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March 18th, 2014 // 19 Comments
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I had no idea this was filming already, but here are set photos from Gotham the new FOX series about Commissioner Gordon‘s pre-Batman days which apparently will feature him as a mustache-less Ben McKenzie. And while my gut says that’s a crime against God and nature, Donal Logue as Harvey Bullock is whispering to my nerd-heart to give this a shot. In the meantime, I literally have no opinion on whoever the hell Robin Taylor is as The Penquin, so I’ll just make this an even deeper vagina-less grave by saying this show really should’ve been a live-action Gotham Central. The comic masterpiece I’m still convinced is the end-product of Law & Order and The Dark Knight having sex in front of Robin. Or the giant penny if that weirds you out. The kid’s gotta learn somewhere.



  1. Deacon Jones

    Is that guy on the right the guy from Vikings? And who used to do the cabbie commercials in the 90s for MTV?

  2. Gordon without his mustache? Blasphemy! He was born with that mustache. That like having Robin without his green women’s panties. Unacceptable!

  3. Inner Retard

    It’s on Fox. So, either they’ll cancel it within 5 seconds of first airing. Or… Nah, knowing Fox’s track record with sci-fi/comic book stories I’m going with option A.

    • It will either an early cancellation or they’ll put it on the ‘bubble’, after making sure the episodes get aired out-of-order, in the most random way possible.

      That’s the FOX way.

      • JC

        Seems very likely, assuming they air any of the episodes at all. I may be biased because I’m suffering extreme Batman fatigue right now, but some kind of bullshit prequel sounds like something that holds very little interest. Hell, the Sarah Connor Chronicles reboot/whatever was actually a good (if uneven) show, with killer robots and a smoking hot chick robot, and they let that die on a cliffhanger.

      • Inner Retard

        Don’t understand why they even bother with sci-fi action shows. Looked at Wikipedia to check and most such shows run for 2 years at best. X-Files being the exclusion. Not to mention – as you said – their notorious approach and attitude about such shows.

    • Deacon Jones

      Im still pissed off at them for how they handled Fringe. That fucking show was quality. And they kicked it in the balls, gave it a wedgie, and put it on randomly on Friday nights.

  4. JimBB

    It’s like Batman, but without all that boring Batman stuff. What Batman fans REALLY want is a police procedural!

  5. alex

    Totally Gotham Central. I loved that series.

    For those that never read it, go get it today! It’s told from the perspective of the cops that work in the same town as batman and it’s gritty and serious. Think about the cops that have to visit the crime scene after Mr. Freeze just froze some dude solid and shattered him into a thousand pieces. Pretty nasty/gritty stuff. Very noir.

  6. This dude is so fucking boring and forgettable, why the fuck does he keep getting jobs? He must be connected in Hollywood because I can’t figure it out.

  7. Ben McKenzie Donal Logue Robin Taylor Gotham Set
    Commented on this photo:

    Up Next! The Kents. The story of a farmer and his wife and their childless days on a farm. Followed by Hal, A guy who flies planes.

  8. oldfool

    R.I.P. Southland.

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