Good luck with that.

Jersey Shore’s JWoww shocked the living shit out of people by not acting like a drunken whore at a recent club appearance. Turns out MTV is essentially trying to stop the rotation of the Earth. FOX 411 reports:

Jenni “JWoww” Farley made an appearance at the Estate in Boston over the weekend, but much to everyone’s surprise, the reality starlet stayed away from the adult beverages and was heard saying it was because “MTV doesn’t want [the cast] to drink.”

So while JWoww is behaving herself when it comes to alcohol, it sounds as though she isn’t exactly following the network’s rules when it comes to earning the big bucks with public appearances.
“She also said that even though MTV is only allowing one appearance per week, she is booking some stuff ‘under the radar’ and has seven appearances next week. North Carolina, Florida, Buffalo and Cancun were a few of the places she mentioned,” snitched an insider.
MTV did not respond for comment. But a rep for Farley said “Jwoww is not doing paid appearances across the nation. she is visiting family and friends in other cities like she has doing for the last 10 years. She has always followed MTV guidelines and will continue to do so.”

I like how JWoww’s publicist tries to pull off the save even though you can’t even go to Subway without one of these kids personally telling you the bread is “Quido-tastic!” No, really, I was at the mall yesterday and saw Snooki opening a Bass Pro Shop. Or was it a stuffed woodchuck in lingerie? Close enough.

Photos: Splash News