Good Morning, Kelly Brook, And Other News

May 22nd, 2012 // 38 Comments

[Ed. Note: Yes, these are to make up for this. – SW]

- Sean Penn‘s banging Petra Nemcova again. Of course. [Lainey Gossip]

- Mind the Gap in HQ [theCHIVE]

- Is Matthew Fox‘s unseen opponent a morbidly obese bus driver’s vagina? I’m going to assume yes. [Dlisted]

- The 18 Best Ideas People On The Internet Have Ever Had. Not gonna lie, some of these will get your brain pregnant. [BuzzFeed]

- Kate Upton in a bikini shilling headphones? SOLD. [Popoholic]

- Carrie Underwood still does her own laundry. [Celebslam]

- Miranda Kerr‘s hotness is a universal language. [Hollywood Tuna]

- Celine Dion‘s private island’s for sale. I’ll alert David Copperfield. [TooFab]

- Sofia Vergara tweets bikini pictures now. [DrunkenStepfather: Site is NSFW]

- The 20 Hottest Photos of Elisha Cuthbert [Heavy]

- Just fuck you, Kevin Smith. [FilmDrunk]

- 25 Sports Hottie Vacation Pics [Bleacher Report]

- Johnny BananasEntourage lawsuit got thrown out. [HuffPost Entertainment]

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  1. Cock Dr

    Her generic brunette prettiness is displayed to best advantage with loose hair and a bikini, butt it’s always nice to see Kelly.

    • MIKE

      I wouldn’t use the word “generic” to describe her. She’s a breath of fresh air to all the plastic rail thin hollywood starlets of today

    • Van Ness

      I thought she looked the best in those naked shots. But that’s just me.

    • Kate

      Generic bubble butt, generic thunder thighs. Generic gut, butterface

      • Yeah, she looks just fucking dreadful.

        *roll eyes*

      • If Kate is really a woman then she is just being catty and jealous.

        This woman is beautiful!

      • Crissy

        Kate, really??? You must be fucking gorgeous then… Fuck! What you doing blogging? Get your ass over to VS right now hottie!

      • kimmykimkim

        Kate, you’re fucking stupid. Instead of being a jealous asshole, why don’t you go workout and lay off the twinkies. Maybe then you won’t hate yourself so much and project that hate on to beautiful women like the “oh-so-generic” Kelly Brook. And maybe then somebody will love you and you can adopt out at least 20 of your 50 cats.

  2. Deacon Jones

    Your scrolling picture thingy doesnt work for anyone running Windows XP, and it’s driving me fucking nuts.

  3. MIKE

    Some French guy at her press conference offered 1 million to sleep with her. I can’t believe you didn’t mention this.

  4. All is right as rain again.

  5. Kate

    Thanks! I have been starving myself thin for years only to learn that men like fat chicks like this one. WTF

    • You think this is fat? Camryn Manheim is fat. Cass Elliot was fat. Kelly Brook is not fat.

      (Note to self: Update “fat references” folder.)

      • kimmykimkim

        TomFrank, it took me a bit but I have an updated fat reference for you! That would be the lovely and talented Melissa McCarthy. And that’s all I got for now. So put THAT in your folder and…um, file it? I guess?

    • All that starvation has made you incredibly bitter.

    • it had to be said

      You definitely should have eaten a sandwich and masturbated a little. Attitude is a deal breaker, Skeletor.

    • tits mcgee

      are you one of those women who eats 800 calories a day and spends an hour on the elliptical and calls it working out?

      you’re not going to starve the misery out of your shitty life, love.

    • Kate, your bitchy and bitter attitude is what drives men away.

    • Crissy

      Wow, Kate! Dont do it, I think Starvation is driving you insane! I’d understand if you dont find Coco attractive (as a woman, I’d understand that) But this woman is NOT fat or outrageous in any way. She looks pretty and naturally sexy!

    • Ronald-Ann Smith

      you seem very healthy and well-adjusted.

    • kimmykimkim

      Yep, eating disorder, just like I thought.

  6. Biggest

    I just wanna spank it

  7. Oriana

    Sorry to be lame, but I gotta ask. I have an hourglass body shape like Kelly’s. Small waist, big boobs and nice hips. Very in proportion. I am not over weight. But I have big upper arms. Not huge. But soft. unattractive?

    I am 38-28-39 5’7 dress size 6-8

    • it had to be said

      You should probably post some pictures. And since clothes can be very distorting, it’d be safer to do (tasteful) nudes. I’m sure Fish would be willing to post them.

    • you sound HUGE.

    • pornstar

      Oriana, you are not sorry. In fact, I bet you you are average looking, but have been told that you are a ‘stunner’, by some men.

      I’m here to tell you that you read like a woman who needs her fingers broken, so she can’t type. Also, stop having sex with your father, it’s making you stupid.

    • kimmykimkim

      Oriana, don’t mind pornstar. She’s just mad because her father quit having sex with her 18 years ago. I’ve been told by a guy friend or two that guys don’t really care about arms that much. But if it’s something that makes you feel uncomfortable there are exercises you can do to tone them and still look feminine. If a guy doesn’t like you for something like your arms, curb stomp that fucker! Actually if a guy doesn’t like you for WHO you are first and foremost dump his ass.

  8. Kelly Brook Cannes
    Commented on this photo:

    This hair looks like it could be styled at a cost cutters. But besides the hair, this is a good look.

  9. Kelly Brook Cannes
    Commented on this photo:

    She DOES look better nekid!

    • kimmykimkim

      Oh, man, that photoshoot where she’s completely naked and covered in red lipstick! Soooo hot! I mean, I didn’t really like the landing strip she had going on, I prefer a clean pallet, but for those tits and that body and that face, I’ll allow it.

  10. Kelly Brook Cannes
    Commented on this photo:

    She is absolutely lovely. I’d make sweet love to her down by the fire.

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