Good Morning, Iggy Azalea’s Giant Cold Sore

How EmBaRrAsInG!

Iggy Azalea confirms what everyone already kind of assumed: she’s probably not someone you’d want to share a straw with. Iggy was papped walking out of LAX with a real doozie of a cold sore. Does this mean she’s a crack ho who got the herp somewhere between a hummer in a Waffle House bathroom and Starbucks? Probably not. Herpes isn’t that big of a deal (your mom probably has it), so at the least this humanizes her a little bit.

What am I talking about? Humanizing someone whose ass-to-body proportions look like something out of Who Framed Roger Rabbit is pretty stupid. Look at this thing…

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As we cross into 2018, I feel like cartoon butts are making an exit from vogue. I think next year we’ll celebrate less of them as they go back to where they came from: big butt fetish websites and low-rider magazines.

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