Good Morning! Fanny Neguesha Got Sand In Her Clam and Brazil Has A “Best Butt” Competition

Fanny Neguesha is kind of famous for being Italian footballer Mario Balotelli’s ex-fiancée. She’s currently getting hammered on a beach because I’m assuming Drake isn’t calling her back. She’s also got a titanic bumper, but nothing like Brazil’s Miss Bumbum competition – where 17 MILLION people voted last year to determine Brazil’s best ass. It’s like the booty olympics and I think it might start in a month or two, not exactly sure because I can’t read Portuguese… America has something similar to this, but it’s more of a noncompetitive prize of who can be the stinkiest Kardashian. Watch the video and make fart sounds with your mouth every time a butt pops up, it’s an assload of fun.