Goldie Hawn to Kate Hudson: ‘Stop being a whore.’

June 8th, 2009 // 50 Comments

Kate Hudson’s latest relationship with Alex “A-Rod” Rodriguez is starting to worry her mother Goldie Hawn, according to the Daily Mail:

‘Goldie feels it’s high time Kate settled down and left the dating scene behind for a while,’ says a source.
‘Kate’s had a string of boyfriends since her divorce from Chris Robinson and it’s always the same pattern – she falls hard and fast, then gets bored or has her heart broken. Goldie hates the idea of seeing Kate getting hurt again.’

Wasn’t Goldie Hawn divorced twice before dating the married Kurt Russell? Just throwing that out there. Anyway, maybe it is time for Kate Hudson to settle down, or at least stop funneling every male celebrity through her vagina. At this rate, she’s one step away from having sex with Dane Cook. Wait. That happened already? Did I suggest suicide earlier? Because that’s what I meant to say: Suicide.

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  1. dirk

    There are that many guys who hate tits?

  2. Tad Bit Tipsy

    Come on home to me baby Kate…

  3. Tad Bit Tipsy

    #1 there are that many guys who just love ass

  4. pete

    #3 there are that many gays?

  5. Butch


    She likes it crammed in her stinker?

  6. Ted

    Between mom and daughter those are two of the finest white butts ever to grace Hollywood.

    Let the anal fixation wars begin…

  7. Derek Rodriguez

    Goldie isn’t married to Kurt unless I missed the wedding.

    I’d stick it in her pooper.

  8. JimmyH

    I bet that Wilson guy put two in the pink and three in the stink.

  9. truth bb

    Kate hudson is FUG. only FAGS like her.

  10. Valerie

    8 that’s impossible with one hand unless you have really long thumbs.

  11. Thomas W.

    Claudia Schiffer in the background and you post these two? I’m disappointed in you.

  12. Sid

    I bet Kurt Russell was thinking about getting a little colon-stank on his hangdown during the thong-swimsuit scene in “Overboard.”

  13. JimmyH


    With no tits to play with, you have an extra hand.

  14. p0nk

    Kate and A-Rod are too much alike. They both like it in the butt. Maybe Kate should date Madonna.

  15. Obama

    Good observation #10. How did you get that answer? Did you actually gesture that on your hand? Was there anybody in the room looking?


    Why isn’t Richport’s troll here yet? Oh right…can’t type while he’s fisting his own ass.

  17. Get your facts straight

    Yes, except that Goldie Hawn has never married Kurt Russell. They’re pretty famous for that fact, Mr. Fish…

  18. M.D.

    Fags know all about this, but for you “I’m not a fag” fags who are OBSESSED with making love to an anus (“But I’m not a fag!!!”), please do yourself a favor and read up about the triggers for “sudden onset diarrhea”. Let’s just say…there are certain things to avoid. You’ll thank me.

  19. JimmyH

    My girlfriend, and her ass is killing her for her love of science.

  20. Reading is Fundamental


    What Fish Wrote:
    “Wasn’t Goldie Hawn divorced twice before dating the married Kurt Russell?”

    What Jackasses Read:
    “Goldie Hawn is married to Kurt Russell!”

    Goldie Hawn was married to two other guys before DATING Kurt Russell, and not once in Fish’s post does he say they’re married. LEARN TO FUCKING READ. Bloody fucking Americans…

  21. i’d hit it, the younger one

  22. duh

    “the married Kurt Russell” refers to Kurt’s marriage (to something named “Season Hubley”), not to Goldie’s marriages.

  23. Cindy

    lol, you guys kill me -


    “Oh, I’m IN LOVE!”

  24. dirk

    Owen Wilson said she can play the harmonica with her sphincter.

  25. Andy

    “she falls hard and fast, then gets bored”

    Maybe she IS half-dude.

  26. havoc

    I got a feeling the apple didn’t fall too far from the tree. I bet mother and daughter both throw a good one….

    Now if we can just get them to do it together, then I’d been interested.



    @24 – I bet Owen’s had his penis nose up her asshole.

  28. p0nk

    @18 I bet you think oral sex is “icky” as well.

  29. 20 & 22

    You’re right guys, you really got me there. Hope it made your day. I guess I should expect uptight asshole responses when I attempted to be an asshole first. My bad.
    But I have to say, though I think it’s funny that you assume I’m American, at least Americans have good oral hygiene.

  30. dirk


    Yes she was married before. Her first marriage was to Bob Titless-Hudson.

  31. This pie-faced cunt must fuck like a banshee, because that Butterface is nastier than hell. Calls for doggy-style + donkey punch.

  32. JimmyH

    She/Goldie are Jews. How can Kate marry/date a non-Jew?

  33. Jeter Rodriguez

    I guess Kate loves the uncut scholong a much as I do.

  34. DK

    She’s rapetastic, even with the small tits.

  35. Yeah

    Goldie’s racist.

  36. JimmyH

    You guys are starting to convince me about the flat tits thing. I bet you can get a really good ZAP when you taze her tiny A- cups. No tit meat to fuck up the voltage.

  37. sandy

    Goldie Hawn persued the married-at-the-time Kurt Russell. She was married twice before and cheated mercilessly on both of them. Sorry I had to translate for ya Fish….

  38. I think shes a sexy little slut bag! even if shes not chin knocker busty. A rod is a bad decision on her part, the dude already have a family he can always return to that wifey…

  39. Splooge

    I don’t think it’s fair for her mom to tell her to stop being a whore. A whore is in it for the money. I don’t think money’s the issue for Kate.
    Therefore, it would be more appropriate for her to call on Kate to “stop being a slut”. That would be more accurate!! And accuracy is what I’m all about. Especially when shooting my splooge on her face!!

  40. well…mark another one off the masturbatory list. No one likes hotties that fuck africans, except other africans and white guilt riddled liberals. Hi-5 to Chris for getting rid of her when he did.

  41. well…mark another one off the masturbatory list. No one likes hotties that fuck africans, except other africans and white guilt riddled liberals. Hi-5 to Chris for getting rid of her when he did.

  42. Watchinya

    She seems needy. Always looking for fresh sausage.

  43. be sure: AMERICA IS FULL OF IT, folks!!

  44. Darth

    A-Rod is willing to take the shit for this girl! Did he realize his mother in law is Goldie Hawn?

  45. Rasputins Liver


    Awww c’mon, Goldie!

    Let yer daughter be the whore she so joyously wants to be, dammit! Give her enough time and maybe she’ll work herself around to me.

    Besides, Kate, even as a skank, is better in all ways, especially on the eyes, than Twatney Sperms at any time!!

    Kate Hudson = HAYULL YEAH!! … Twatney Sperms = Fuck NO!!



  46. Is that Claudia Schiffer in the background? Why the %#!@* are you showing Kate Hudson??

  47. Charity J.

    she is CLASSLESS and her mother taught her to HOE AROUND TOWN. her mother was a WHORE BIGTIME IN THE DAY.

  48. jen

    you guys are disgusting dogs and perverts

  49. creppy hudson

    even by alex rodreguez standards kate hudson really is a whore, all the more reason to dump her….no body wants a slut for wife.

  50. I must say I think it& is funny that you assume I'm American, that Americans have good oral hygiene.Hi-5 Chris for getting rid of her when he did.

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