Goldie Hawn at the beach

January 11th, 2009 // 61 Comments

Here’s 63-year-old actress Goldie Hawn relaxing on the beach in Hawaii. Take a good look because this is Kate Hudson in about 35 years. Provided she spontaneously acquires breasts and the dedicated love of a man. – - PFFT! Ha ha ha ha! Kate Hudson; commitment. I’m hilarious.

Photos: Splash News

  1. Have to agree with the comments about the bathing suit, no polka dots for the over-25 year olds, please!!

  2. JoeJam2845

    Very Few 63 year olds look like that! I hope I’m lucky enough to hook up with a Babe like that when I’m 63, if I’m still alive!

  3. Fati

    i love goldie. amazing woman, amazing actress. she has more talent in one bone than her daughter in her entire body.

  4. mysticcabin

    @47 There are other options, we’ll learn about that soon.

  5. RedWright

    I LOVE Goldie i have watched every movie, every show, everything she has done since the 60′s! I dont care how old or young she is, she makes me laugh and she is a bright and funny person and I miss having her on tv and movies.

  6. lucy

    She is so attractive and I have seen her on Meetwealthy. com,I also met many Sexy, Curvy, Classy Women, open minded rich couples, hot rich guys, nice wealthy admirers, even some celebs.

  7. amy

    Here is hoping I can wear a bathing suit with such confidence at 63.. Come on people, she IS human. And looks great if you ask me.

  8. Narcissist

    It looks like Helen Mirren topped her to me.

    I’d rather have twenty-something Goldie over twenty-something Kate Hudson, though. Apperantly the hotness got severely diluted after Goldie. I think the comparisons are ridiculous.

    @22. – “Not an ounce of fat on her stomache”…I wouldn’t call that a six-pack.

    @47 – “we all get old or die – there are no other options”…BAH! I SCOFF AT YOUR PESSIMISTIC LACK OF VISION!

  9. Ashamedtobehuman

    Gawd – I have alighted upon Planet F**ktard.

  10. 63 are you kiding?! She is still beautiful, best smile ever:-)

  11. LOVE Goldie’ve seen every movie, every show I, everything she has done since 60! I dont care how old or young is that he makes me laugh and he is a bright and fun person and I miss being on TV and movies.

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