Goldie Hawn at the beach

January 11th, 2009 // 61 Comments

Here’s 63-year-old actress Goldie Hawn relaxing on the beach in Hawaii. Take a good look because this is Kate Hudson in about 35 years. Provided she spontaneously acquires breasts and the dedicated love of a man. – - PFFT! Ha ha ha ha! Kate Hudson; commitment. I’m hilarious.

Photos: Splash News

  1. Goldie Hawns Labia Tissue

    shes hot.

  2. me

    Anyone posting after me goes anal on Grandma Hawn

  3. Exo

    Come on! She’s looking good for being 63 years old.
    I’ll alway be jeleous of her, cause she gets to fuck Kurt Russel whenever she likes.
    I’d give quite a lot for that, He was so fucking hot in the late 80′s, and still is. If Stuntman Mike came up to me tonight, i’d fold quicker than Superman on laundry day.
    Fuck, that man gets me hot.
    And he´s 30 years older than me.
    What can I say, I like that Silverback thing them old guys got going on.

  4. parker

    I’m sorry but she reminds me of my mom. Not much I can say about her but I’d buttfuck Kate hudson in a new york minute.

  5. amanda

    i agree! she looks great for an old lady + shes got a smokin boyfriend!

  6. jesus

    pretty good for an old whore. maybe when i am her age…..goddamn that is a lot of wrinkles though.

  7. Goldie rocks

    For someone who is 63 she looks amazing!

  8. Ward

    Meh fair play to her, looks alright for a 63 year old I guess. How long before a stream of dumb fucks come on here with torches demanding she be set alright for not having perfect skin etc. :D

  9. It's Me Fuckers

    she looks fuckin GREAT!! Holy fuck! 63!

  10. lola richie

    Hope I look that good at that age!

  11. Anexio

    She looks pretty good in the pic 12, the last one.

    Thats the picture of her totally clothed where we can’t see her wrinkly ass, droopy teats and a face that would make George C. Scott happy.

    Oh, almost forgot, her skin looks like Ward’s puckered asshole right after he ate Taco Bell.

  12. i had no idea she was so old

  13. Jack Pascal


  14. lori

    I love Goldie. She looks great. She’s a wonderful actress and comedic talent. Too bad her daughter will never even come close to following in her footsteps.

  15. Dorian

    Yeah you are hilarious – at least I get your humor. Rumor has it Kate’s knocked up with the baby daddy being Owen Wilson. Good luck to him and that baby if the rumor proves true. Kate’s a ‘sucky’ mother. Go ahead, quote me on this.

  16. all things aside: I REALLY LIKE THE PHYSICAL PART HERE, folks!!

  17. Guest

    @3 – so right.

    She looks great!!!

    Come on, Imagine all these tanned(wrinkled) boob-job(ed)
    botoxed, fake-everything starlets when they’re this age.

    They’ll end up looking like Miss Versace does *GAG*

    This woman looks amazing & I can only hope to look like
    this in about 50 years. . .

  18. I’d hit that shit, no doubt.

  19. booya

    Looks hot for her age

  20. Elle

    Goldie looks great but I am disappointed as I really hoped we can get a sneak peek at Kurt Russel on the beach….he’s about 57 now and still looks sooo hott it’s unbeliavable – he needs to replace Goldie as he just looks to good, even for her

  21. Not bad body for her age.

  22. your mother with her legs open for the world

    She has amazing genes for sure. Not an ounce of fat on her stomache. I can’t believe it. I always liked her. Her daughter is cute but seems too ditzy without being in control. Goldie always seemed to more or less seem stable. 2 thumbs up and an old boner for old time’s sake.

  23. gorgehu1

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  24. She looks great for her age. Yes, this is what women look like when they get older, it’s pretty scary that guys are so “shocked!” that she has lost some elasticity in her skin and has cellulite. The horror!!

  25. Ananana


  26. hallie

    I am sure she can afford a bathing suit that:
    1) FITS
    2) Doesn’t pull her already sagging breasts to the ground
    3) Isn’t so see through
    4) POLKA DOTS – Hello…look at my old gross body!

  27. timberwolf

    A darker more flattering suit would do wonders here, but for 63, not too shabby. Think of what it used to be to be elderly, and that’s changing. It’s not just the surgeries that do it, staying young at heart is key.

  28. havoc

    Her skin’s not perfect.


  29. I’d fuck her… just so I’d have something to add when my friends and I get drunk and start admitting to the stupid shit we’ve done in life… bragging about getting picked up by Madonna on the Lower East Side in 1988 is getting too many eyerolls and this point.

  30. Mike

    For the ten-millionth time, that was me in drag Rich!

  31. #30 – Well you blow meat like a champ sir. And swallow like a Rwandan who hasn’t eaten in weeks, I might add…

  32. mamamiasweetpeaches

    I love her but I gotta say even my ten year old daughter would be embaressed to wear that bathing suit! POLKA DOTS?? Egads!

  33. Deacon Jones


  34. James

    She looks great for 63. Not Helen Mirren great, but still she could look much worse.
    I mean compare these to those shots of Zombietella Versace that were posted a while back. She’s 53 and looks… well like she’s been dead for five years.

  35. Newdawn

    Cottage CHEESE!!!!!

  36. Bigheadmike

    Bottom line…. She looks great for 63, she looks better than most at 53.

  37. Variety Mag

    I wish I were at the beach right now, and not looking at these stupid pictures of this has been. She recently went to some film festival in Dubai, and they paid her with a diamond and sapphire necklace, something like you’d see in the crown jewels. She’s just another one of those Hollywood money hunger little shits.

  38. ron

    She looks like someone put her through a meat tenderizer

  39. eatshitthendiet

    If a title reading “Goldie Hawn” and “Beach” doesn’t end with “(1967)”, I’m not really that interested. In her day, as sexy as hell. Who else could’ve started a major career as “that good-looking idiot opening a window for 5 seconds on Laugh-In”?

  40. Monkey's Bone

    26. hallie – January 12, 2009 8:27 AM
    I am sure she can afford a bathing suit that:
    1) FITS – 2) Doesn’t pull her already sagging breasts to the ground – 3) Isn’t so see through – 4) POLKA DOTS – Hello…look at my old gross body!
    You sound jealous of your mom. It’s not Goldie you dislike … it’s your mom.
    Sigmund Freud called it “Displaced Anger” …. when you blame something else for your hatred instead of the ‘Real Object’ of your displeasure.
    *Seek Help Immediately*

  41. Vince Lombardi

    If you’re an accomplished actress with a resume like Goldie’s and you’re 63, you can let your body look, and dress it, in whatever the fuck you please. You go, girl.

  42. suzee

    hmmm money can’t buy a good one piece?

  43. MassGrrl

    She looks really good. Chill out people.

    My mother, at 60, has a better body, though, and wouldn’t be caught dead in polka-dots.

  44. Christine Baird

    Finally, I look just as good as Goldie. Of course I wish I looked like her 35 years ago.

  45. NY Ted

    Where is Kurt….?

    No matter what…at least Goldie and Kurt have made a great go of it…without ever making it legal.

    Kate Hudson is a SLUT! She changes men like Amy Winehouse changes needles!

  46. kahikinui

    gorgehu1 – What the??? talk about out of place comments – geez luweez!

    never the less, Goldie looks pretty darn good for 63 – we all get old or die – there are no other options

  47. Mama Pinkus

    never been a fan of Goldie but she’d do much better in a more flattering swimsuit – I’d suggest a solid color, more support on top with a V line to enhance appearance of a waist

  48. hootie

    Any woman over 50 years old should keep their legs covered

  49. Ardgelina

    she looks great!

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