The Gosselins are coming back:

“Jon does not have money for the intense lawyer fees and ensuing battle with the media giant and Kate has asked him to reconsider his decision for the family,” the source said. “She is willing to negotiate with him and TLC so that everyone gets what they want.”

So much for Jon Gosselin’s principled stand on not profiting off his kids anymore. I can only assume he struck out one too many times at Hooters before realizing TV will always be America’s most reliable panty dropper. I mean, yeah, psychologically he’s destroying his children, but sometimes daddy’s gotta get his dick wet and stop eating Ramen noodles. They’ll understand one day when they have kids of their own and get to treat them like walking pussy magnets made of sweatshop gold.

UPDATE: They need to get this on the show or they’re doing it wrong.

Photos: INFdaily