Glenn Close gets married

February 8th, 2006 // 23 Comments

glennclosemarriage.jpgGlenn Close is looking to give marriage a third try with biotechnology entrepreneur David Shaw:

The 58-year-old ‘Fatal Attraction’ star married her beau David Shaw in a small, private ceremony in Maine last Friday. Shaw is a biotechnology entrepreneur heading a company that makes medical devices and diagnostic tools for veterinarians.

I don’t want to criticize a blessed union, but I hate to see someone settle like this guy has. Look, Dave, if you want to marry an old, bleached skull, you go out to the desert like everybody else and get one.



  1. Does anyone else find it ironic that the woman who boiled the bunny just married a guy who develops tools for veternarians?

  2. rivercmb

    Maybe she just happens to have a great personality?

    JK, she probably has a good deal of money stashed away, where she got it is anyone’s guess. Maybe she did she-male work on Sunset, like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman but with a ball sack and Eddie Murphy.

  3. AmberDextrose

    I thought at first it said “tools for vegetarians” and that puzzled me. But I see my mistake now.

    I can’t dissociate this woman from Cruella de Ville. I wonder if she did it to access more puppies.

  4. MystressJade

    I would have bet my left tit that she was a dyke…..

  5. LaydeeBug

    Awwww, I like Glenn Close although she does have an uncanny resemblance to our favorive party-gal, Paris Hilton. Dontcha think? #4, you have a point there.

  6. I think it’s romantic when people find love…real love not TomKat love…eww scarry.

  7. coreenne

    I think he might have married her because she’s an extremely talented actress. And everyone talking about Cruella. Doesn’t the fact that you can’t disassociate her from a role meaning anything to you? She was that good in that role. Maybe it wasn’t up for an Oscar or anything, but she was that good. If you continue to have doubts about the talent of Glenn Close, note that she’s always the one referred to when discussing the movie Fatal Attraction (and she was so sexy in that movie with her 80′s clothes and hair) and that in Dangerous Liasons she went toe to toe with John Malkovich and didn’t even break a sweat.

    So please, no mean comments about Glenn Close. Go pick on Paris or Lohan or some actress that has no talent and leave the ones with actual talent alone.

  8. LickyLicky

    All I can think about now is her husband trapped in the desert with his head sticking out from under the exposed ribs of a dead carcass, ala’ Bugs Bunny.

    I guess that would make her the goofy vulture that BB was trying to get away from.

    “My mama done told me to get something for dinner…”

  9. Hmm, could they maybe dig up Johnny Carson corpse for him to marry?

  10. bluecanary

    I think Glenn Close actually comes from money. I don’t think she needed to earn any from making movies. Could’ve sworn I read that somewhere, that she came from a moneyed family in Connecticut.

  11. HeeHaw

    #7 – Not that it matters, but yeah, you’re right. She is the only thing anybody even remembers about Fatal Atraction. And she’s the first image I get in my mind when I think of Dangerous Liaisons. So go figure! I haven’t seen Dalmations, but I saw the stills from the movie, and damn if she isn’t the perfect Cruella.

    Glenn Close is a kick ass actress!

    Go pick on Lohan and Paris is right.

  12. happy_bunny

    “Dave, if you want to marry an old, bleached skull, you go out to the desert like everybody else and get one.”

    God damn. What is it with you people and age. People age. You’re aging right now. *GASP!!!*
    The guy she’s marrying probably isn’t 20 years old either.

    • Sassy

      I think Glenn Close is amazing. She has “real” sex appeal and charisma. You can’t get that from a bottle. There are not many people who can hold a candle to her – regardless of her sexual orientation. She’s awesome. You cynics and pessimists need to get a life.

  13. #8, I always thought that he sang

    “My mama done told me to catch a grey rabbit…” (BTW his name was Killer).

  14. HollyJ

    @7 & 11… I agree… She’s a GREAT actress. I think she and Meryl Streep may be the best of that generation.

    Let’s face it, not all great performers can be as HOT as the late Vincent Schiavelli.

  15. fluku

    i dont condone gay marriage but far be it for me to judge.

  16. lastangelman

    Hey, donkey-brained castrato, unlike the bleached skull in the desert, Glen Close is alive, is not annoying, doesn’t attract ants or horned lizards and is VERY good in bed, especially at her age and can carry a conversation. Whereas you have the scintitlating ability to consistantly make uncalled for snide comments at the drop of a waffle and cry for hours at a time into your Debbie Gibson commemorative tour pillow.

  17. slinkhard

    ‘The guy she’s marrying probably isn’t 20 years old either.’

    Agreed. Plus, we’ve not seen a picture of him, so who’s to say he doesn’t resemble a ‘bleached skull’?

  18. TheLusciousDeluxe

    LOL @ “old, bleached skull”. Best description of her I’ve ever heard.

  19. MiMi

    I am really sorry but, I do not understand the negative comments. I love her. She is so extremely accomplished and talented. She is a wonderful actress, beautiful singer, she can do anything she is required to do to fulfill in an acting role. I admire her as a woman and an actress. Does anyone understand she is a real person not the acting role she is playing. Da !!! What is the problem?

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  21. Alejandro

    He is a lucky bastard. She is the hottest woman on Earth

  22. katherine cane

    Hi, I never questioned Glen Close’s sexuality until recently
    No cause. I’ve seen her in several films such as Jagged Edge
    Airport, each was magnificent.. Thrilling entertainment. Then as I got older
    I started to look closer at her features and something about her close ups
    was impossible to ignore. Her nose, lips and chin took on a masculinity that was
    that is disturbing. I did not want to label her one way or the other
    but if I had to choose I would say DEFINITELY GAY

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