Glen Campbell: A Legend Has Died

Music legend Glen Campbell has died at age 81, finally succumbing to Alzheimer’s and other health issues. Most know him best for hit songs like “Rhinestone Cowboy”, “Summer Nights”, and “Gentile on my Mind“, but the guy has had a Prince-like career that dates back to the days of Phil Spector’s Wrecking Crew. He has sold over 45 million records, 12 gold records, 75 chart hits, and two Oscar nods for “True Grit” and 2015’s “I’m Not Gonna Miss You” – which, in my opinion, is the saddest song written in decades and my opinion is pretty much always right so, yes – It is the saddest song written in decades.

After being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in 2011, Glen Campbell embarked on a farewell tour that was documented by the film Glen Campbell: I’ll Be Me and if you haven’t seen that – stop reading this now and watch it. The guy was a force of musical nature. Even in the throes of Alzheimer’s, Campbell was up on stage not knowing which way was up until he picked up his guitar and flawlessly played even his most difficult songs without missing a beat. It was a pretty fucking powerful movie, especially if you’ve known anyone with Alzheimer’s.

I think I’ve mentioned at some point that I was a huge music fan (pre-honky tonk badonk-a-donk era, of course). Glen was part of a dying breed of hardcore country musicians who wrote songs about pain, love, traveling, loneliness, and fucking meant it. Campbell, much like Johnny Cash, Buck Owens, George Jones, etc. had his years of heavy boozing and hardcore womanizing – a real piece of shit – but that’s when he made his best stuff. I’ll be spinning Glen Campbell for the rest of the week, so if you hear me making jokes about honky-tonks, truckin’, and Texas nights – just pay no mind.