Give this woman a f-cking medal.

January 20th, 2010 // 41 Comments

Debra Danielson was officially charged with domestic assault today after cracking her daughter Farrah, one of the “stars” of MTV’s Teen Mom, in the face during an argument. TMZ reports:

According to the Council Bluffs Police Department, Farrah accused Debra of choking her and hitting her on Saturday after a verbal argument erupted between the two over childcare issues and other problems.
When cops arrived at their home, they arrested Debra after observing multiple cuts on the right side of Farrah’s lips.

Based on my extensive research reading Facebook comments, Farrah is a “spoiled skank who fucks losers while her mom puts a roof over her head and stays home with the baby.” So clearly Debra Danielson’s being discriminated against because America hates heroes. On a related note, if you’re watching Teen Mom and not thinking to yourself “I should probably get that abortion,” you’re doing it wrong. No one’s going to give you a reality show. (They already cast the second season.)

Photo Courtesy of TMZ

  1. Karen Russell

    I cannot believe that most of the posters are supporting the mother rather than the daughter. This is not the first time that the mother has hit her daughter and from press reports, the policeman had to draw his gun on the mother because she was holding knives and would not obey his command to drop them! Clearly this mother is wacko and in serious need of mental health counseling! No one deserves to be beat up by their own mother!

  2. AnonymousError

    I feel bad for that woman but worse for that girls poor daughter who she’s frequently neglecting. She’s very selfish, very naive and very spoiled. She should be thanking her lucky starts her mother didn’t throw her out and make her and her baby fend for themselves. Child services needs to remove the poor baby from that girls care and give her a chance to have a caring set of parents who aren’t preoccupied with going to clubs and hooking up with random strangers.

  3. MTV is breeding a generation of idiots.

    Instead of these twits realizing that the people in their reality shows are dumbasses and that they should prevent themselves from becoming like them, they fucking idolize them.

    MTV seriously, just go back to playing music. We all screamed that we wanted our MTV in the 80′s, then when everyone gets it, you flip the script onto some lameass drama shit.

    This mother does deserve a medal.

    But MTV can suck it!

  4. Are u kidding me?

    Um someone clearly didn’t read the articles – or are just making stuff up – The mother never drew a knife on her! What the heck are you reading? – The daugther complained her mother threw a shirt – that’s right a shirt! Watch out for those crazy tags!

    Also hitting clearly doesn’t work since her daughter is still a dumba** but, man I don’t blame her.

  5. dancy

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  6. Aristotrash

    Sure, child abuse is wrong, but if any child ever deserved to be smacked upside the head, it was this little trollope

  7. missymiss

    Farrah “shut the fuck up Michael” (keep in mind she calls her FATHER by his first name)
    Michael “its okay Farrah”
    Farrah”im moving out. you dont help me. you dont do anything for me.. i hate everything about you and this house and just ugggggggg im so retarded
    Debra”well i love you farrah, its okay sweatpea”
    This girl should be smacked into 2020… she is the most disrespectful/UNGREATFUL LITTLE BITCH I’ve ever seen!!!!!!!!!!

  8. BartenderJay

    I had the personal displeasure of working with the little bitch Farrah last summer. They had MTV come in and “follow” her at work. She was a waitress and I was the bartender. She came in at 3:00, “worked” for 30 minutes, and that was it. She needs smacked more often.

  9. Aja

    I agree with 33…mtv needs to change it’s name, nothing musical about it anymore..just vapid famewhores etc…

  10. yakityyak

    If Farrah is spoiled, and if spoiled children’s parents are to blame for the spoiling, shouldn’t Debra have slapped herself?

  11. James T

    is that the old hag from Always Sunny?

  12. Natalie

    Farrah is the worst teen mom on the show. Farrah works and goes to school (which is great), so her parents take care of her baby all day. But then instead of coming home and spending time with the baby, she goes out and parties every night, so her parents basically take care of her baby 24/7. She treats them with total disrespect and talks down to them. If I were her parents, I’d kick her out of my house.

  13. p-man

    all i need to know is were to i post her bond?

  14. Nick

    Those girls are losers and they shoudl have been aborted. Farrah makes me sick and should have been a prostitute. And that sucks because she evens makes protitutes look bad.

  15. ToRiMiLi

    #5, i couldn’t have said it better!

  16. CheChe

    goo, more of these spoiled, skanky,twats shud get an ass whoopin, thats whats wrong with these kids today, not enough parents are kicking the shit outa their kids…i knew what my boundaries were, as did majority of my peers, go ahead and fuck up, betta be worth it bcz you got ya ass beat…best believe were all better for it and have a respect for ourselves as well as others….not these lil bastards…thats why theyre running amok and living like low class hoes instead of having goals and morals and dreams for a better life……im with the mom, she shuda beat her ass…teen mom moochin off her own mother…not in my lifetime….theres a line between abuse and discipline, dont get me wrong but aint nothin wrong w a good old fashioned ass whoopin to let u know and remember theres a consequence for your actions….the BIBLE states…”spare the rod, spoil the child” it also states “honor thy mother and father”…just my .02cents….JERSEY

  17. CheChe

    and by the way…why is MTV or anyone buying into this…these immoral,rediculous shows are polluting the fibre of our society…and jersey shore????? really, these lil jerk offs arent even from JERSEY and its an ill representation of the people of JERSEY….theyre nothin but a bunch of wanabe douche bags that act like obnoxious pond scum… my day, they were the ones gettin their asses beat n tossed outa the clubs on their face….i can recall a few snookies that i regulated in front of DJais and Pinache Place back when Guidos and Guidettes WERE FROM JERSEY!!!!!! we had style, class and swag, these lil douches act like animals….we had fun but not like this….please if there is a GOD get rid of these aholes that make JERSEY look terrible…..hmmmm, i wonder how tough theyd be if i took em to NEWARK and let em act like that there??? theyd probably end up in a body bag, or at least ICU….that aint how WE roll, hop back in your douche mobile and take your pathetic wanna be asses back to STINKIN ISLAND and pollute your own city…..

  18. I watched that once. Farrah made me sick. What a useless waste of resources.

  19. @ 7 – “Also she looks like Phil Spector.”

    That’s who I thought of. That might be a good ratings angle for MTV. “Degenerate American Trash with special guest star Six Shooter Phil Spector”. It could be like Friday The 13th or something.

    Ah, progress. Beavis and Butthead look like obsessive overachievers next to the current batch of MTV “celebs”, and these train wrecks aren’t even cartoon characters.

  20. Karen Russell

    To #45 – Read the news article for yourself on (Omaha World Herald – Metro/Region) entitled “Cop Drew Gun on MTV’s Mom” dated 1/20/10. Clearly I’m not making “stuff” up — why would I? This mother is very disturbing to watch and needs immediate psychiatric care. For safety issues, both Farrah and Sophia need to move out pronto. Also there is a ‘no contact order’ issued against the mother.
    There are many sides to a story so you need to examine all issues. The bottom line is that Debra Danielsen’s behavior is against the law and she was arrested and charged for domestic abuse as it should be. Violence is not the way to handle conflict! Get help, Debra!

  21. ashley

    mom should of pushed down the gd stairs a year ago, then we would have to be hearing of this problem!

  22. LaSarahh


  23. MinorityBabble

    It’s bizarre to me that so many of you agree on the following:

    A) Beating kids is ok.

    B) A teenage daughter deserves no assistance from her parents because she got pregnant — something you could argue is because of poor parenting in the first place.

    C) Reason, logic and thoughtfulness is for pussies and my opinion, that her mother is a cold bitch who is fueled by disappointment and not paternal instincts, is stupid because Farrah is a teenager and a mother.

    D) The lack of self control displayed by the mother/grandmother is in some way heroic.

    I’ll just have to chalk you all up to being reactionary, and all around terrible people.

  24. CB Woman

    Okay, so I know this family. I’ve dined with them. Anyone here ever wonder why Mike, Farrah’s dad is shown so rarely? He can’t stand to be in the middle of those two either. If you are a parent, you should know that Farrah is the product of a household that, above all else, puts every want and need of a small child first. Ignoring your kid, not good. Making her the center of your world, almost worse when the product is a Farrah.

  25. Gigi

    I feel so bad for Mom! She has a nightmare daughter. My husband and I are terrified that if we have a baby, it will grow up like Farrah. Such a terrible, unappreciative little horror. I would have hit her a long time ago if I was her mom…

  26. Doc Schweinstrudel

    Is it Stewie wearing a wig again?And he’s beaten up Meg?

  27. @ Karen Russel - the idiot who puts her full name on here

    I tried looking for your article – couldn’t find it – I googled the subject – and couldn’t find any new articles that mentioned it – maybe you were reading The Onion?

  28. @Karen

    Even if your article is there – it might be a sign that no one else is reporting the incident the same way – they all say shirt – I do apologize if later they come out and say grandma snapped and wielded knife at girl

  29. Fat

    She looks like an albino version of Jabba the Hut’s little monster helper…but I’d still hit it!

  30. boo

    aww boohoo the little teen whore got bitch slapped she needed it

  31. stfu gtfo

    @ 64. MinorityBabble – sounds like you are one of the teens whore running around. stop whining ya stupid cunt and get a life.

  32. Yeah_right

    I have watched her on this show… this mom should have gotten full custody of that kid and sent her daughter packing. She needed to be smack sooner… she thinks the world owes her something. I just feel sorry for the baby.

  33. what?

    @ 64 I want your daughter to come home with a baby and then tell you what she is and isn’t going to do and expect you to watch the kid while she is out with her friends or trying to find a man. Her problem was that she already had too much time with men!

  34. tia long

    The old lady is just mad because her daughter is beautiful and young and probably has tons of orgasims, and she is dry as a ricecarke and hateful.

  35. lynn p

    Touche…..Im surprised it took the mother this long to do it. And why is the father so passive with this girl. If you ask me, and your not I know, this girl should have been disciplined along time ago. She is nothing but a spoiled brat. How dare her go out at night and leave that child with her parents. She had that baby not them. It is not there god given right to take care of it! It is hers! She should’ve been knocked on her ass along time ago and maybe those parents wouldn’t be in the predicament they’re in now….

  36. Green

    Thank god. Fucking whore deserved it.

  37. lindsay

    oh man what i wouldnt give to choke the shit out of that girl

  38. KikiCo

    OMFG! Farrah is a spoiled snotty bitch! It’s a wonder her mother hasn’t bitch slapped her dumb ass before now! Talk about a spoiled rotten, ungrateful nasty brat. Part of it appears to be Farrah’s parents own fault — they’ve obviously spoiled her rotten. Regardless, Farrah is hardly in a position to be snotty and demanding now. She’s LUCKY to have this much help and support from her parents. Lots of teens don’t get any!

  39. That is bizarre. Who got hurt, now?

  40. It wasn’t funny when you first said that line on Facebook and it’s not funny now either

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