Gisele Bundchen in lingerie and other news

May 13th, 2010 // 72 Comments

- Matt Lauer is your new cheating husband. [PopEater]

- Russell Crowe plays nice at Cannes. [Lainey Gossip]

- Ben Affleck might be banging Blake Lively. [Dlisted]

- Bar Refaeli knows no one wants to see just her face, right? [DrunkenStepfather: Site is NSFW]

- Sophie Monk in short shorts. [HollywoodTuna]

- Marisa Miller deserves this. [Popoholic]

- Robsten had a tiff! Suicide Alert in Young Adults. [TheFABlife]

- Kelis’ milkshake is apparently made of fur and unspayed kittens. [StarPulse]

- Hilary Duff’s boyfriend shouldn’t look so angry. Because of that BJ. [Just Jared]

- Megan Fox is still out there. [Celebslam]

- Rachel Uchitel apparently didn’t learn her lesson with Tiger. Or David Boreanaz. Whoever her vagina extorted first. [The Blemish]

- Alex Rodriguez Gets Laid A Lot: A Mystery. [PopSugar]

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  1. bhh


  2. Taz

    she is wonderful

  3. beastman

    damn you Tom Brady……..

  4. FranknFrter

    Looks great…..thighs & torso are airbrushed into a work of modern art.

  5. Kathleen

    When is she going to get a nose job?


    Hey look!!! I knew somebody stole my favorite outfit I wear when clubbing!!!

  7. too bad she's completely airbrushed

    I bet I could look that good after going through a Photoshop session too!

  8. bksat

    Her body remains perfect after giving birth but I do prefer a more defined waist instead of just a straight line from the hips up.

  9. Deacon Jones

    I saw these pics yesterday and if memory serves me correctly, she did them sans makeup and airbrushing to show off her body.

    I’m sure her comment will piss off the women on here. She said something like “just because you’re pregnant, doesnt mean you can treat your body like a garbage disposal like most women do”.


    Ready, set, attack!

  10. fritboom


  11. K

    Haters gonna hate. She’s beautiful, has a lovely family, isn’t ruining her life and remains super nice.

    I actually saw a video of that photoshoot. Sorry to ruin the hating, but bitch does look amazing.

  12. Hank

    #10, you are looking at her face?

  13. Parker

    boy would I like to peel those happy cheeks apart and slip my sausage inside her hot little german butt.

  14. Deacon Jones

    It’s Brazilian Parker, and they make great sandwiches down there.

  15. Parker

    Thanks Deacon. I can never tell cause Brazil was once crawling with former nazis and she sometimes does come off a bit teutonic. But the lack of hair under her arms should have tipped me off so kudos to you for noticing.

    I therefore choose to revise my fantasy to peeling apart her happy cheeks and slipping my weiner into her hairless heinie. Being a supermodel, I have no confidence in her ability to assemble a sandwich but I’m sure, in exchange for treating her bottom to so much enjoyment, she’d be more than happy to pay someone to make me one.

  16. missywissy

    Matt Lauer has been cheating for years!!!!! Oh my gosh, why is this news again??? Everybody knows the guy is a sex crazed addict. The Enquirer reported this like, 10 years ago. Duh….

  17. eatme

    I find her rather plain from the neck up. Certainly not nearly as hot as Alessandra or Adriana.

  18. Deacon Jones

    lol,,,she’d probably just make you a veggie wrap or something

    A lot of Germans settled in southern Brazil after the war, that’s where a lot of Brazilian models actually come from, northern Brazilians look totaly different

  19. Neorules2112

    Would love to shove my face in between those Bundchens ..

  20. cocoou

    she’s nice, but her bum and thighs are soooooo obviously aibrushed :( that’s sad. and the bum really looks unnatural in the first pic…

  21. yum-a-dum-dum

    Gotta luv that 12-year old male adolescent look. Delish!

  22. Randal

    Fish, got and similar shots of Mr Brady?
    You know how I love that penis!


  23. Nose job is not at all what she needs… but I agree with the above comment ” Looks great…..thighs & torso are airbrushed into a work of modern art. ” Definitely some airbrushing going on here (and everywhere else in fashion magazines really…. but holy cow does she look GREAT!

  24. Peter Potamus

    ok that ass is clearly not real

  25. molly

    “a rod gets laid a lot – a mystery”? where’s the mystery? He’s alex rodriguez. he’s the most famous dude in the game. since when have women not been trying to get their hands on guys like him

  26. fuckthatbrazilianbore

    Boring and ignorant. Many woman, pregnant or not, don’t have the time or luxury she has to pamper their physique in all their waking hours. Living proof why models need to shut the fuck up and keep their posin’ to the camera and to the camera only.

    PS: Ass and upper leg areas totally airbrushed.

  27. YOUR ASS IS HANGING OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!OMG

  28. mer

    I understand why she’s a model, but she’s just not that pretty.

  29. Lily

    I agree that there has been airbrushing, although her body probably is still in amazing shape. I read an article about her lately that said she did yoga and martial arts throughout her pregnancy- good for her, but she is a LOT more privileged than most people.

  30. Tobias Merriweatherisnotmyrealname

    My wife used Jasmine oil on her ummm belly during her pregnancy and guess what? You can barely and I mean barely tell that she carried my spawn (muhahahahaha.) I wouldn’t suggest using it on umm male private parts ’cause it’s an astringent and you’ll hate yourselves for not reading my words! So we’ll never know if she used it orrrr something better. True story…

  31. wizeguy

    ewwww not a gisele fan at ALL …
    too horsey …

    what’s with all the ‘shopped foto’s lately?
    every mag’ in america has this crap ..

  32. wizeguy

    ewwww not a gisele fan at ALL …
    too horsey …

    what’s with all the ‘shopped foto’s lately?
    every mag’ in america has this crap ..

  33. Tek

    Man face, and her “perfect body” has been airbrushed. Sorry kids, carry on.

  34. Her bum and legs look fantastic, but everything else is not appealing (to me). Her face is just…awkward. P.S. Marisa Miller most beautiful woman award, REALLY? Wow. Now that’s just odd.

  35. gen


    Ugh, A-Rod is soooo gross. And I totally believe that story about him having a portrait of himself as a centaur in his house. I mean, even if it is a lie, it perfectly sums him up anyhow.


    Doesn’t shoving ice cream down your throat take time? I mean, to a certain degree she has more time/money than the rest of us, but some women go over the top when they’re pregnant imo. Of course I’m just an ignorant annoying 17 year old, but whatever. That’s my piece.

  36. captain america

    alot of americans must feel miserable now………….

  37. I do not suggest using it cause umm male genital organs' is an astringent, and you hate yourself does not read what I say! So we'll never know if he uses orrrr something better.

  38. Insatiable Peter

    My penis is petitioning me and yelling, “Si se puede!”

  39. So we’ll never know if he uses orrrr something better.

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  42. tscrub19

    there’s a pistachio in her belly

  43. loco


  44. whoa! super hot, .. air brush though?

  45. Nero


  46. Darth

    Her buttocks are like Wild West saloon doors.

  47. cellphone

    I’d hope for her that they don’t make the same noise!

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