Gisele Bundchen, your, uh, butt’s sticking out

April 2nd, 2008 // 160 Comments

Gisele Bundchen poses for a photo shoot in Malibu with fashion photographer Mario Testino. (Hehe. Testino.) I used to think I had the greatest job in the world until I saw this crew-member diligently working to make sure Gisele’s ass looks magnifico. Truly he’s doing God’s work and shall be rewarded for such in the kingdom of Heaven. Right after I push him off a cliff and steal his identity. Professional ass-pattery, here I come!


  1. Little McBeaner

    102 bitch ass negros

  2. Little McBeaner

    102 bitch ass negros

  3. So. # 98 – #103
    Obviously you people seem to have your ‘pulse’ – as they say in the industry- on today’s society .
    So, Inside job ? Ever research concepts = like ‘gravity’ ?
    Free fall collapse speed through undamaged steel structure ?
    That type of thing ? Just wondering.

  4. jdojope

    She is sexy.I have searched her photo on M a r r y M i l l i o n a i r e .C o m which is a celeb dating site. It is said that she is dating with a guy but i do not believe that!

  5. Knee Ya Ha Ha : # 105 My sources are now saying she’s dating an ‘Ass Light Reducer’ but personally – even after that weird season in Milan – not sure which guy that was,
    So #105 – Inside job ?
    Cliff Notes : Knee – maybe it’s the guy in the pictures above there.
    Knee Ya Ha Ha : Oh.

  6. Hot Buns!

    That’s $5000.00 per ass pat ‘cuz EEWWWW – It’s a GIRLS’ ASS!!! Thank God I have my sweet Pashmina wrapped around my neck – after I Purell my hands 63 times, I use it to shield my eyes from the grotesque female form and daydream about the sweet times I’ve spent on Key West. Mojito, anyone? When no one was looking, I tattered my boxer-briefs to look like those – I’ll be the belle of the ball tonight! Speaking of belles, no ladies are “significantly hot” by “California standards” like the ones from Fresno!!! Bean Burritos on me!!!

  7. Dang

    All anuses feel the same. If you close your eyes you cold be fucking anybody. That aside, I’d still like to lick this bitch’s tonsils from behind.

  8. Erica.

    I wish MY ass looked that good. Ugh.

  9. axel

    he doesn’t work there.

    that’s just some dude crashing the set, touching her butt

  10. cookiepuss

    Her ASS looks better than her face

  11. “bunda” in portuguese means ass.
    ha ha

    and for those dumb people who don’t know, portuguese is the language spoken in brazil, where she’s naturally from.

    not funny, i know.
    oh well…

  12. gurnion

    She makes me want to study proctology

  13. small butty

    I want those shorts

  14. Consience_Found

    She does have a flat little ass doesn’t she?

    SOMETHING has to hold those wiffle ball bat legs together.

  15. norton

    That is one beautiful woman.

    For all of the douche-bags commenting on her “flat ass”, “butta-face” and “wiffle ball bat legs” – take a long hard look in a mirror then comment.

    I’d be willing to be there isn’t one, not ONE aleged man in here that would have a snowballs chance in hell of tagging her or anyone who looked remotely like her.

  16. tight lipped smiler

    What a nice profession the tranny is in. I’ve seen the same thing on Nature with all the maggots working over the queen in a writhing colony.

  17. im laffin

    Criticize away, bitter bitches. Your body is misproproportioned in places, you have stretch marks, you need to lose some pounds and firm up, and your face is “cute” or “pretty” when you’re at your best (the last time was years ago). You know it, we know it.

  18. CJ

    #116 leave reality of this….thank you.

  19. CJ

    #119 correction: leave reality OUT OF THIS…thank you. Back to the latte’.

  20. Norton

    @CJ – You’re probably right. What was I thinking? LOL

  21. confused!

    Holy shit!
    That ass could turn this straight, married, mother of 3 into a lesbian!

    damn, Fish..
    Help me out and post some hot, half nekkid, sexy man so I can snap back to heterosexuality!
    Thanks a bunch

  22. Homophobes are always hiding something

    Randal do not listen to the homophobic freaks. They are nature’s garbage and truly they are more gay than anyone.

    Boys if you are SO into women then why does a gay man make you SO uncommftorable? A guy who is really confident in his sexuality would never be bothered by someone who is gay. Live and let live.

    Most women cannot stand homphobic guys because it suggests to us that you aren’t secure after all and that perhaps you’ve had a few boy dreams and locker room boners that scared you shitless. Us girls with tight asses who get hit on every second of the day love being around gay guys because they won’t hit on us and many of us have gay friends so if you want to tap a model you better realize that most of us spend a lot of time with gay men and don’t take kindly to your sissy alpha pig male overcompensatory bullshit.

    So by all means guys if you want to prove how insecure and secretly gay you are continue being biggoted homophobes.

  23. stink

    Her ass is so much nicer than her face. Too bad she’s no ass face. I’d just talk to her butt all day if I was Brady and continously drop things, hide all her regualr underwear and buy her lots of thongs and cut big holes in her pants.
    Yeah chicks love it when you ruin their clothes. Wait…

  24. I'd like to pinch those cheeks

    The ass patter guy is gay, there’s no way Gosele or Tom would let a striaght man do that. Frankly I wish it was a hot female assistant, but that would be too good wouldn’t it god? Why won’t you let us be happy?
    Now that baseball cap guy is definitely not gay and my sister is adding that girls would definitely call him hot so I’d say he’s pretty lucky. Hotter than brady my sister is instructing me to write. Okay fair enough.

    So is the ass guy putting blush on those babies or what?

  25. IMhotbycalstandards

    i would bang that.
    the ass guy is putting grease on them

  26. lola

    She has a hot fit body. She eats, but eats very well as you can tell and is also active. She is a bit too tall and has a horse face. See how long her nose is. Have you ever seen her before she got her nose done? But they couldn’t make it shorter LOL. I don’t know her so I can’t say whether I like her or hate her, but anyone could have a smashing body with a lot of work and sunless tanner.

  27. Vodou

    ZOMG I so saw a chick wearing these same shorts at the grocery store the other day. It was intense.

  28. wow

    Brady is a lucky man
    im jealous of him…even tho imma girl

  29. NY Ted

    And I thought “Pretty Boy” Tom Brady was the only one who could touch Gisele’s bum…??? Obviously not…!!! That’s O.K….we KICKED HIS ASS IN THE SUPER BOWL ANYWAY…!!!


  30. Sara

    lol funny :) The guy is probably a fruit anyway.

  31. farty_mcshitface

    she is an ugly, fugly cunt. her bony stick legs and shitty bod don’t impress me in the slightest. some idiot said that she’s 5’7 130- that’s pure fuckin bullshit!!!!!
    she’s 130 when wearing 30 pounds of clothing. she is so sickly and weak looking that if she ever had to carry around that much weight, her shitty anorexic body would collapse under the strain.

  32. Abi

    In that last pic, she looks pretty pissed that no one’s fed her any carrots and sugar cubes yet.

  33. iwatchstuff

    Mena Suvari’s butt is way better than hers.

  34. i'm hotter than horseface

    buttah face! There aren’t better looking models out there to photograph? I never got this one. Leo DiCaprio must be insane.

  35. really tight ass.

  36. 136='nother liein bitch

    #136, no you’re not. and YOU above everyone else know it. It’s called denial.

  37. Well, I hope the expression of distaste on that friend-of-Dorothy assistant proves to you disbelievers once and for all that Giselle is NOT A Man

  38. Motor boat time!

  39. GoyaISAbitch

    So that’s the ass that has seen Tom Brady’s dick? I’m so jealous! I would bottom for him anyday!

  40. she is nothin special…horny fucks get yourselves a girl or two

  41. Pak31

    Great body but she has a “butt” ugly face, in fact her butt is better looking than her face.

  42. lil ol me

    im pretty sure knee ya ha ha is freakin looney

  43. KUNTBumpkin

    This gddamnher fuckin bitch ever been raped?!?!? If not with hot fukkin fukme ass, thats a Gddamn shame. And if you disagree fuckoff drop dead and go to hell.

  44. KUNTBumpkin

    This gddamnher fuckin bitch ever been raped?!?!? If not with hot fukkin fukme ass, thats a Gddamn shame. And if you disagree fuckoff drop dead and go to hell.

  45. KUNTBumpkin

    This gddamnher fuckin bitch ever been raped?!?!? If not with hot fukkin fukme ass, thats a Gddamn shame. And if you disagree fuckoff drop dead and go to hell.

  46. #65 is so right. I had been thinking about the same thing while reading all the “I’d like to be that guy’s hands” comments. OF OURSE he’s dreamin about cock!. Gisele is gorgeous, and she IS skinny and tall, but whatever, you all haters takin shit baout her here would DIE to look a bit like her. losers.

  47. KUNTBumpkin

    This gddamnher fuckin bitch ever been raped?!?!? If not with hot fukkin fukme ass, thats a Gddamn shame. And if you disagree fuckoff drop dead and go to hell.

  48. on weight

    5’10 and 3/4 and 130.
    BMI is 18.25.
    Lowest normal is 18.5, She is slightly underweight

  49. on weight

    5’10 and 3/4 and 130.
    BMI is 18.25.
    Lowest normal is 18.5, She is slightly underweight

  50. Ben

    She is so beautiful!I love her.Maybe many men like her,too.If you want to know her more,you would go to “”.She is also on “”,there are a lot of reports about her.

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