Gisele Bundchen, your, uh, butt’s sticking out

April 2nd, 2008 // 160 Comments

Gisele Bundchen poses for a photo shoot in Malibu with fashion photographer Mario Testino. (Hehe. Testino.) I used to think I had the greatest job in the world until I saw this crew-member diligently working to make sure Gisele’s ass looks magnifico. Truly he’s doing God’s work and shall be rewarded for such in the kingdom of Heaven. Right after I push him off a cliff and steal his identity. Professional ass-pattery, here I come!


  1. HT

    @ Mike (46)

    Put your spectacles back on. The girl is gorgeous.

  2. Lizzy

    imagine if she farted on his hand….. hehe.

  3. KC

    Looks like she’s getting her ass spanked by that guy. She’s stil not cooperating so someone else is handing him the hairbrush… I can dream can’t I!

  4. KC

    Looks like she’s getting her ass spanked by that guy. She’s stil not cooperating so someone else is handing him the hairbrush… I can dream can’t I!

  5. Sex Nuts & Retard Strong

    Where do I get that dude’s job? Ass handler to the stars and supermodels…mmm. Fortunately, as my hands are the size of catcher’s mitts, I could even work for Kim Kardashian. Any ideas where to look? I checked and did a keyword search on “ass” and “hands on” and I got was a job posting for Tom Cruise’s personal assistant.

  6. I hate long winded faggots..

  7. HT

    pity all women don’t look like Gisele. am i right?

  8. FRIST, WTF? what did you do? All the long winded faggot stuff is gone..

  9. I know people..

  10. Cool, can I be your friend??

  11. Bridget

    She’s too skinny. And she looks mean. She always has a mean, conceited look on her face. I don’t like her.

  12. mike

    Bridget, maybe she does not like you becasue you’re to fat. Did yo ever think of that?

  13. sara

    what this picture tells us is that you have to put some wacky cut out jeans on her, hide the bottom part of her ass, and make her stand with her legs all askew to make her flat ass look round. great optical illusion!

  14. I don’t like her either, Birdshit..

  15. The best part is that the ass oiler is dreaming about cock (they don’t give that sort of job to straight men) ;).

  16. @63 Works for me. And I think it works for most of the male hetero population..

  17. Brett

    What a fucking great sexy ass.

    One in a million.

  18. Prudence

    #63 Sara

    It can’t be any worse than Kim Kardaskank wearing a girdle and making her big ass look unnatural.

    All models stick out their ass, even Kim sticks out her big ass to try to make it look perky.

    I stick out my ass when I take side profiles and wearing heals always helps too.

    All standard models are skinny. If you want to see fat chicks then go visit Kim Kardaskanks site lol!

  19. anni

    fuck you and your ‘lol’

  20. Megan

    #69 anni

    Hey fat ass, put the food down and go exercise lol!

    Don’t hate us for knowing when to push ourselves away from the plate lol!

  21. You bitches are extra bitchy today, even more bitchy than me lol..


  23. PoorWelfareLiberal

    Damn, nice try at copying Durden’s site fucking unfunny piece of trash.

  24. Ript1&0

    Wait, FRIST – was there more long winded gay porn that I missed???

    I forgot that no navigating away from the porno or leaving the house was allowed. Damn me for having a life!!!

  25. Hey Jimbo, is it time to go home yet lol??

  26. Yeah ript, it went on for days. I like all types of porn too, but this was awkward porn..

    Well, I’m outta here!

  27. Later fuckers it’s happy hour!!! LOL

  28. dude

    To Caro at 19. Thanks . You made my day.

  29. kitty_kat

    She has a nice body, but she’s a bit of a butterface.

  30. CJ

    #16 Bwhahahahaaaa,,,WE HAVE A WINNER!

  31. mexidorean


  32. GayEskimo

    Where did Jimbo and Frist go?

    Oh wait, I hear them fucking.

    Thesuperficial, bringing stupid ass fags together.

  33. amma

    This is a decent pic and I’ve seen good ones of her–but she is a horseface. Okay, we’re not looking at her face here, I get it. Waaay better than that fat peed-on chick, but to be honest there are lots better out there {Natalie Portman, whom I loathe, but her ass in Hotel Chevalier is to die for}. Her body isn’t that great, I think it’s the outfit that is alluring.

  34. felina

    She is really hot. She posted her personal pix on the celeb dating site SearchingM illionaire.c o m.what’s she looking for there?

  35. lil ol me

    Frist and Jimbo, you are hilarious

  36. angerbell

    i love how her ass so beautifully sticks out of an outfit that is made of toilet paper…

  37. leeza

    Of course her ass is sticking out. That’s what they’re selling, right?

  38. joho777

    I agree with Brigit #61, Gisele is too skinny. However, from a distance, it’s a great pose and photo. But in real person, I think that she’s too thin (and please don’t tell me that I should go look at that phony Kim Kardashian)..

    I went with a really pretty tall thin girl in college, and she was all elbows, knees, hip bones, and ribs. I got major bruises from her. But when she was dressed, she did look really good.

  39. giselle's real name is GARY

    she’s a self-absorbed whore. any woman who lays up with a deadbeat dad is nothing but a viper herself. she probably loves the fact that he’s neglecting his baby for her. i hope he knocks her up and screws her over too. her man face is pushing 30 and there are thousands of younger, prettier, tighter girls out there that could lure her caveman away.

  40. T

    She’s a friggin anorexic. 5’10′ and 98 lbs.

  41. Bridget

    I suspect she does hate me Mike, but not because I’m too fat. She hates me because I get to eat lunch.

  42. Gisele ! WATCH OUT !!!!
    Slow down hun !!!- you’re about to collide with a grey wall !!
    (And put some pants on)

  43. (And GB – Stay away from the ‘Lima/Fava bean Surprise.’
    Well. Ok I know those Tacos were on sale – but they seem to have blown the back out of your shorts)

  44. granada


    She’s 5’7″, 130 lbs.

  45. Jimmy the Greek

    What are the chances that guy is a homosexual… oh irony you slay me

    Well, it is common knowledge that Tom Brady is a flamin’ homo ,turd burgling pickle sniffing nancy boy

  46. #96 – Jimmy – what are the odds 9/11 was an Inside Job ?

  47. Ted from LA

    You know we’re in a recession when supermodels are wearing clothes like this… I hope it gets worse.

  48. cavy

    I have to laugh because only Gisele could get away with an outfit like that – people on here are saying she has a horse face, but obviously she is photogenic and leggy. Could you imagine the everyday typical person in those shorts? LOL! I’m super into fitness, but I know I’d look like an idiot in that getup!!!!

  49. Lovely, lovely, lovely.

  50. farty_mcshitface

    that bitch is disgusting!!
    those bony stick legs make me wanna puke!!!!!
    “supermodels” are soooooooooooo overrated!!!!!!!!!!

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