Gisele Bundchen, your, uh, butt’s sticking out

April 2nd, 2008 // 160 Comments

Gisele Bundchen poses for a photo shoot in Malibu with fashion photographer Mario Testino. (Hehe. Testino.) I used to think I had the greatest job in the world until I saw this crew-member diligently working to make sure Gisele’s ass looks magnifico. Truly he’s doing God’s work and shall be rewarded for such in the kingdom of Heaven. Right after I push him off a cliff and steal his identity. Professional ass-pattery, here I come!


  1. Brigitte

    Nice. She’s also topless, I guess.

  2. Mike

    fantASStic. ROFLLOLOL

  3. bar room hero


  4. Brigitte

    Wow, I was first! ^

  5. what an ass

  6. I Dont Care if Im First

    …I really dont

  7. DAMN!! What can you say bad about that??

  8. Cuntychops

    SIXTH. I bet she even has a nice anus. even when there’s poo coming out of it. or a fart.

  9. Randal

    Well, Gisele Bundchen looks nice and all but really not much to report on this front. Certainly there are more important folks to post about as well as show pictures of.

    Ho-hum. Let us hope this is not the last one reported today.


  10. When I die, I want to come back as that guys hand..

  11. ph7

    Wow. Imaging getting three Superbowl rings inside that.

  12. ph7

    To think three Superbowl rings have been up all in that.

  13. Trover

    I bet that anus has been probed more than Sputnik did space. Surprised a condom didn’t just drop out during the shoot.

  14. Ted Mosby

    I have a bunchen….

    in my pants.

  15. Bags-o-fun

    Im usually happy to jump in and diss the morbidly thin/obese beautiful/unbeautiful ……
    but she has a really great ass. Wow. Im a straight married woman, and even I’d like to trade places with that guys hand on the off chance that some of that assy goodness might rub off on me.

  16. Oprah's Gorilla Butthole wants Randal

    Randal, we know that these pics gross you out cuz you’re gay as a parade. Don’t even bother denying it.

    By the way, why’s it not spelled “Randall”? Did somebody beat the “L” out of you? I wanna volunteer to help make you “Randa”

  17. Ash

    What are the chances that guy is a homosexual… oh irony you slay me

  18. @15 are you a happily straight married women?

  19. Caro

    This is the first time that I have posted and/or commented here. The reason I am changing my mind is because of #16. That is single-handedly the funniest reply I have ever read on this site.

  20. RENEE

    Now if thats not classy I don’t know what is; she’s basically a really well paid stripper. And hey superfish guy, you like Tim’s ass now, huh???

  21. havoc

    I would stick it in her pooper repeatedly…..


  22. Groucho

    I bet she’s a Democrat.

  23. Tom Brady

    I’m hitting that. Keep your ring Eli.

  24. PunkA

    That ass is so nice it makes you overlook her horseface.

    And #22, she is probably a libertarian.

  25. Bags-o-fun

    Happily straight, married, and also still significantly “hot” by California standards.
    And because I do occasionally peruse these boards, I also already know about YOU Jimbo. So don’t even go there – I will rip you a new one, and I promise it won’t be a fraction as pretty as Giselle’s.
    I’m content with my MILF status, but I can completely appreciate a gorgeous ass and wish that it were mine.

  26. Groucho

    #24 ha, I bet she doesn’t even know what a library is.

  27. Jay

    wat a lucky son of a bitch…..

  28. Bags o lame – quit harshing on Jimbo, half the crap he says isn’t even him..

  29. PunkA

    #25, that’s funny, yet ironic.

  30. …or else you’ll have me to deal with. Got that, bags o bitch?

  31. Wayne

    @9 Randal

    You prefer fat asses like Kim Kardaskank lol!

  32. @25 Hmmm rip me a new one? That could be fun. I doubt if you know all about me. More than half of what is posted on here under my name is a troll or multiple trolls

    It is funny how significantly “hot” by California standards most people are in here when no one can see them..

  33. #30 that was funny…bags o bitch…where do you come up with that stuff??

    Hey Jimbo, I consider myself insigificantly hot..

    You know, cuz no one gives a shit.

  34. meh

    people who comment on this website are super fucking creepy/need to get lives

  35. @30, WOW, Thanks FRIST. How are you doing today?

  36. Peter

    I think she is too skinny. She need big hips, big thighs, and a huge ass like Kim Kardashian. Although Kim has to wear a butt girdle to look good, she is still hotter than this chick.

  37. Jumpin_J

    DAAAAAAAYAAAAMMMMM!!!! As a New Yorker, a Super Bowl ring is all well and good, but I think I’d rather wake up to that. And yeah, I’d hit that.

  38. nipolian

    Just checked……people are still bickering back and forth about politics on the Heidi Montag post. That fucker just refuses to die.

  39. Jimbo, you’re welcome. For #28. #30 was my troll. But whatever. The troll was funnier.

  40. QQcrybaby

    Nice job copying other websites but actually making the caption less humorous.

  41. juli

    16 that was a f@cking great comment

  42. @41, 42, & 43 Nice job on clicking on the “Post Your Comment” button 3 times you moron!!

  43. It’s ok to say fucking in here..

  44. She's a tranny

    This tranny can show her ass all she wants to try to get some attention and to try to drive the attention away from her tranny face, but she’ll still look like a fucking tranny and like a supermodel who millions of non-supermodel girls at all are much prettier than, which means she and supermodels are really: OVERRATED.

  45. Mike

    I’m sorry but I don’t find her to be that good looking, at all.

  46. @48 & 49, Thanks for proving my point dip shit!!

  47. nipolian

    QQcrybaby – please go back to the other websites that are being copied but actually have more humorous captions. This one is obviously a little to complicated for you.

  48. Wait, now that it is OK to use the F word. Fucking dip shit!!

  49. woodhorse

    Didn’t Warren Beatty wear those shorts first? They look good (butterface) but not original.

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