Gisele Bundchen Taxi Premiere

20041108_gisele.jpgI don’t think a single person ended up watching Taxi which is a damn shame. Not because the movie was good or anything, but because Gisele Bundchen deserves to be in a successful movie. Yup, a nice successful movie where she appears nude and has numerous sex scenes with me. I think somebody should make a movie like that. It would win all sorts of awards and probably be hailed as the most important film of this generation.

Oh, and how is it that when a hot Brazillian supermodel does the ‘peace sign’ pose it looks totally awesome, but when some Asian schoolgirl does it it looks like annoying crap? Wait, nevermind, I just answered my own question. Hehe, hot Brazillian supermodels. Can they do no wrong?

View Gisele Bundchen Taxi Premiere Photos – thanks David