Gisele Bundchen still wearing bikinis

October 23rd, 2007 // 166 Comments

Tom Brady enjoyed a day off yesterday with his girlfriend, model Gisele Bundchen. Gisele pulled out all the stops for Tom and wasn’t afraid to show off her modeling skills: Cooling herself down with a wet towel – seductively. Adjusting her bathing suit – seductively. And, of course, pretending to enjoy food – seductively. I think. Cringing your man-face at the sight of a fork is the new hot for female models, right? Okay, cool, just checking.

Photos: Splash News

  1. Sapphire

    #126, why do you think a woman has to go get all FAT and GROSS in order to look attractive, what moron would be attracted to that?? Who the hell would want 5 pounds of blubber added to their legs, come ON get REAL that’s just idiotic! Why would a person want to get big ass digusting fat hips too? And womanly curvy bellies and fat?? I don’t get it! Do you think people in America are obese because they think it’s sexy? Womanly looking means fat blubbery and gross around here it seems.

  2. Sappppphire

    Who said ANYTHING about fat and gross?!?! Are you disgustingly and/or anorexically thin like Gisele, and people don’t think you are attractive? Obsessed with weight and numbers? It’s all about what you look like, not what you weigh. Flat and toned stomach is one thing, but six-pack abs on a woman is frankly disgusting. Gisele could use a few toned pounds, shape, and curves…SIMPLE AS THAT.

  3. flowiska

    u guys talk like you could actually sleep with her… haha

  4. jenn

    I think it is cruel and horrible to see so much negativity….
    I think she has a beautiful body and it is hard work to keep that fit- that great shape- I don’t think people need to argue about her looks- we are given the face and body we are given….
    I just think if you all could wear a bikini or be fully dressed and even look mildly attractive then what I am saying is “Judge not least you be judged”
    Be happy for her- make yourself be as good as You can and leave her alone.

  5. auntflowiska

    Oh you think everyone on here is a fat ugly loser with no life, self esteem, or empowerment? WRONG-O. She would be placed in the average section next to the hundreds of girls I’ve slept with. This site is simply an entertainment sidenote. Don’t believe it? Don’t care. That’s YOUR problem.

  6. jennissomewhatright

    The judging part is wrong, yes, but there is still debate on how much or even if she’s attractive. In kinder terms, I’d have to say way more agree that she’s not near as attractive as she’s made out to be.

  7. Big Dumb Oaf



  8. Sapphire

    #142, no I’m actually a huge fat slob standing next to Giselle and it’s embarrassing quite frankly, and people don’t think I’m attractive because I don’t look like Giselle, instead I look out of shape compared to her and fat and I can’t get dates, no guys look at me the way they used to when I was in shape like Giselle. I walked the shoes of fat slobs like myself who get no dates and the shoes of someone with a hot bod like Giselle and guys dont leave you alone. Now, I’d be lucky if the neighborhood bum gave me the time of day.

  9. jimmy

    It doesn’t matter if she’s attractive, she has the body. A one in a million body. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOng legs, tall. In other words the perfect body. Something someone like jessica alba doesn’t have.

  10. This hottie is dating her sugardaddy on where Charlie Sheen found his girl last May. $$ can buy love and her. lol

  11. blizzy

    Uh…I can’t be the only one here who realized the guy in the pictures IS NOT Tom Brady. When were the pics taken?

  12. she’s sexy and her boobs aint fake!!!

  13. jennissomewhatright

    #142 If your statement is true then can you lose some weight and find a happy medium? Plenty of guys will date you then. We are too superficial of a society but you need to be at a healthy weight for your own good as well. Good luck!

  14. jennissomewhatright

    Sorry, I meant #148.

  15. jcmjr

    Look, there are a dozen other Victoria Secret models with much prettier faces, although Gisele does look good with makeup and lighting…but her secret is that ATTITUDE…… she’s taller than most, has great posture and she can “sashay” down that runway like nobody else…

  16. fff

    Great shaved pussy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Am I the only one who thinks she looks anorexic? Where is her femenine shape? Sorry she doesn’t do a thing for me.

  18. Spinnacer

    Brazilian women are superior in bed. That’s why. You fags should try it.

  19. bruce

    she looks so anorexic! =/

  20. Free Pron Click here

    Yes she looks like a stick in a bikini

  21. Jenn

    You ppl are PATHETIC. GET A LIFE!!

  22. Gloria

    she has a good figure. someone saw she is on a dating site called yesterday, is she so free now?

  23. creme _de _la creme

    i dont find her attractive to me she looks like a stick, she has no ass i dont believe she beautiful, from her hip to her knee she looks deform, probably cause it too skinny. her face looks plan kinda looks like a travestide. i merely expressing my opinion , no im not envious i just dont find her a beauty. and she was just born in brazil but to many of my brazilian friend she isnt a real brazilian she’s a straight out german

  24. Abi

    Tom Brady, if you should happen upon this..

    I cook probably cook an egg off your ass it is so fine.


    Tom Brady, you can do so much better. Why do you keep hanging around with these manly looking skanks?

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