Gisele Bundchen lends her hotness to Kevin Connolly

October 10th, 2008 // 69 Comments

These are shots of supermodel Gisele Bundchen filming a music video for Black Cowboy yesterday. Kevin Connolly from Entourage directed the shoot which took place on Melrose Ave., and I gotta say, I have my concerns. I’m no expert, but this thing seems to be missing several key components for a successful music video: Nudity, robots and Slash playing guitar while driving a tank full of strippers. I mean, sure, you can make a video without these things, but you can also make beer without alcohol. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should – and that’s one to grow on.*

*Except for you, Kevin Connolly. You had your chance.

Photos: Splash News


    Kevin Con…(Fuck it: I’m not even going spell his last name…) is a no -talent dwarf. And Gisele Munchin IS a horse face. There I said it. Gisele is a horse face. Does nothing for me.

  2. max

    Sure some women have bigger boobs, different curveatures etc. But Gisele is a very, very fine woman. Personally, I like variety and would be all over her promptly!

  3. Bah

    Kevin Connelly, the side kick from the NOTEBOOK bhahaha that ugly midget doesn’t know what sexy is, he dated Nicky Hilton for like two years. I repeat he actually had a RELATIONSHIP with th ugly Hilton sister (they’re both fucking hideous and dumb as shit yet she is THE ugly one fo sure). Then single and desperate he tried to mack Julianne Hough (from dancing with the d list trash) and she publically turned him down flat pulling out the friends card and shoving it up his ass via people magazine. HAHA a magazine diss, it doesn’t get much harsher than that.
    He doesn’t know dick fucking squat about hot women, photgraphing the manliest runway model ( and that’s saying something since most runway models are notoriously weird looking ugly freak hags that only suceed in giving gay men a fashion woody) in all her manish glory. Big fucking deal. She probably can’t even remember Connolly’s name she just asked when the troll would be finished using the magic box to make copies of me (but don’t take offense Kevin, she forgets her own pretty name often too, she’s not the brightest bulb)
    Anyway who the fuck cares about Leo’s leftovers, she’s aging and irrelevant. Bar Rafeilli makes her look like roadkill and the next model twat that Leo the phony “me and my private jets heart the environment” asshole dates will make Bar look like roadkill and so it will go on until that chubby faced douche dies of pretenciousness and terminal douchebagery, the same illness we can pray will be the demise of Heidi and Spencer. Or until he actually gets married which in Hollywood, since they are so self destructive and useless at all human relationships, is a fate worse than death anyway.

  4. John McCain wears adult diapers

    She’s like Maniston, Sarah Jessica Parker, Uma Thurman that chick form that shit show Gossip whores to name a few (Howard Sterns bitch also qualifies), ROUGH ROUGH weird loooking MANWITCHFACES with butt ugly noses, but pretty hot bods. You see their faces and instantly start to paly “find the giant mole with hair growing out of it”. Sorry, but the body is irrelevant when you are talking about molefaced witches they scare the shit out of my peen who fears they are contageous. But these tricky celebretard bitches had their witch ID removed prefame, you aren’t foolin’ me bitches. Sarah J Parker may still have one or two but she had 20+ at birth. There bods do not remotely compensate for their faces, I mean you can’t take these girls anywhere. Sitting at a table at a restaurant you look like the stooge who doesn’t know he picked up a travestite hooker or that poor guy witht he really ugly girlfriend. In your wallet you can only have pictures of tem in a bikini with their heads cut off, otherwise it’s just embarassing.
    Anyway, there are hotter bods on girl with actual pretty faces. So no thanks, they are not sploodge worthy, see Elaine it works both ways and you aren’t worth a drop.

    So go ahead call me jealous, I don’t mind I am jealous even as a guy hell yes I’m jealous even with the heat I’m packing I know she has a bigger cock than me, in fact they all do 11″ at least and of course chicks are jealous these bitches are 60% male so they rarely get cellulite.

  5. heck man

    Look at the fagboys criticizing her. It wouldn’t take much to look masculine compared to the limpy faerymen of superficial

  6. None ya biz

    Her face is a little mannish but I think that’s her appeal in the modeling word. she’s a little too skinny I don’t see the big deal but she’s deffinately not an ugly chick, she actually looks the same without her makeup. Adrianna lima is WAYYYYYY hotter!

  7. Pats suck

    Did she lend him her penis too because he sure looks like he doesn’t have much of one. It’s hard to pee out of a mini carrot isn’t it Kevin? Don’t worry Gizsmell has an elephant trunk you can borrow, Brady uses it all the time when he feels inadequate (which is pretty often).

  8. kevin connolly is hot.

  9. Spinnacer

    I love Gisele! She’s such a class act and an extremely good model.

  10. Ryan

    Bündchen has some great legs. Damn. Fucking Brady. I will give that bastard a spinning backfist next time I see him on Broadway. Lights out…..

  11. Bobeyo

    #54: I agree with you about Sarah Jessica Parker and Uma Thurman and whoever else you mentioned, but you’re full of shit about Gisele Bundchen. Mole faced witch? WTF?

    Actually, I love her face as well as her body. Her eyes are amazing, and the stronger features (“manly” according to some of you) sort of add an Amazon quality to her height and long legs. With a little working out, I can see her playing an awesome warrior woman in some Conan-like film. That’d kick ass.

    I guess what I’m saying is not all girls have to look the same to be hot. I’m like a beacon of true righteous manhood.

  12. Bobeyo

    In closing, all you morons saying she has a man-face are just insecure closet homos afraid of looking gay. If you were straight at all, you’d get a woody in one glance at that first shot. Go jerk off to the Zac Efron post, please.


    Okay Bobeyo: I jerked off to the Zac Efron post and while it didn’t do too much for me I still think Efron is more feminine than Gazelle…oh and by the way: Conway is still a no talent douche. His only redeeming feature: I can rest my beer can on his head whilst going Bareback Mountain…

  14. Parker

    Again, who cares what she looks like? As long as she isn’t fat you can bend her over and fuck her in the ass, right? What more is there? This girl has a perfectly nice ass and the long legs make her butt line up with my cock. I hate having to stoop to buttfuck a girl.

  15. Duke Steele

    I’m tellin’ you. Its a tranny!!!

  16. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE THE SHOES(dumb and much used american expression) but hates the person in “THEM”, folks!!

  17. In the UK, Gisele is the new face of Hai Karate. Allegedly…

  18. brazilian_horse

    ur guys are fucking hysterical

  19. Bel

    Some comments here are truly funny. I guess Gislele is the highest-paid model in the world because of her horse face and her being ugly as hell..

    HAHAHAHA!! [2]

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