Gisele Bundchen pregnant?

May 5th, 2009 // 41 Comments

Here’s Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady leaving an OBGYN’s office in Manhattan this morning sparking rumors the supermodel is pregnant. And judging by the palpable “Sonofabitch…” silence between these two, I’d say the chances are good. But, hey, at least there’ll be a happy ending to this story. Namely Bridget Moynahan running into the delivery room, cutting the umbilical cord and diving out the window with the baby. Ah, the Circle of Life.

Photos: WENN

  1. Pug

    first bitches!

  2. G

    Is that Dr Huxtable’s office?

  3. jim

    Who has bigger hands Gisele or Tom?

  4. stupid superficial

    That’s their apartment idiots..stop making up bullshit

  5. They could have chosen a huge hospital with a million offices and left saying she had crabs, but nooooo, they just had to be attention whores.

  6. stupid superficial

    Those pics were posted LAST night on some site saying they were leaving their apt to get ready for the Met Gala
    dont care much for these two but couldn’t help but point out your obvious bullshit u try to sell to people

  7. Its Mine!

    Now I need $63,540.68 per month in child support.

    That should cover my income taxes this year, and yes it still smells like tuna.

  8. #2 Funny! I think I see Rudy running around…..

    1) She’s overrated
    2) She’s not not overrated
    3) Given the usual rating scale she ranks much higher than is true.

    All that being said…I’d still hit that shit in the pooper (Brazilians love that pun intended) and follow it up with a Dirty Sanchez.

    I HEART Swine Flu

  9. #6 – … and I would just like to point out that you’re a douche.

  10. justifiable

    Why do I have the feeling that if it’s a boy, Gisele will name it ‘Jack’?

  11. just dont find her attractive !

  12. the "actually" guy

    Actually they were getting a consultation of Tom’s treatment-resistant yeast infection.

  13. RichPort's Ghost's Mom

    …and I would like to point out my son’s a b*tch! (and a qu33r…)

  14. gotmilk?

    they sure do look in love. i can tell by the way they don’t even walk near each other.

    i doubt that bitch even gets her period considering she’s a dude and all.

  15. Ricky Rocket

    WHO GIVE A FUCK!?!??!?!??

    My neighbor is pregnant. Should I post that!?!?!?!?!!??!

  16. gotmilk

    additionally, i always wear sunglasses when it’s raining out.

  17. mickey

    @Superficial Writer: Why are you blind in one eye?

  18. Stan

    She’s not pregnant, she’s just been having trouble maintaining an erection.

  19. Anonymous

    The Patriots won’t even make the playoffs in 2009.

  20. dirk

    Her finger has a piece of corn on it from Tom’s ass.

  21. Ally

    That’s actually Gisele and Tom leaving HER West Village townhouse.

  22. justifiable

    #13 Oh, Christ, are you back already? And off your meds again? Of all the people Cheny could have waterboarded, how the holy fuck did he miss you?

  23. ferlo

    i think they’re both really hot.

  24. stupid superficial writers

    #6 and what exactly makes that comment douche like
    #22..thank u..superficial stories = lies

  25. pats suck

    pats suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Lugh

    If Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen have a boy and he grows up to impregnate Shiloh Jolie-Pitt, then we will have the birth of the master race.

  27. Canada, EH?

    ^^^ what, a master race with brad and toms squinty eyes, anges swollen lips and giselles long witchy nose, eh? masters of the UGLIEZ lulz

  28. she wants to feel important again.
    ……………………….BECOME PREGNANT, folks!!


  30. CATHY R


  31. justifiable

    #31 Jeez, I hate to ruin your good time, but it’s “miscarries” not “miscarriages”. I just don’t want you to be both incredibly ignorant and a hate-filled spewing douchebag bitch at the same time, ya know? Carry on.

  32. Unjustifiable

    Yeah like #31 said only I hope that arroagnt dumb fuck Tom Brady twists his crippled leg this season and is rendered lame

    Guy is a sorry asshole off the field knocking up models left and right. Not so bright. Could you see Peyton Manning doing something as retarded?

  33. nyc gal

    fyi, the first 8 pics are in the west village; the last 4 are on the upper east side–park avenue. the last 4, they are MOST def leaving a doctor’s office.

  34. Bri

    I have that shirt/dress thing.. its from H&M =)

  35. candree

    i want this jacket! what is it?

  36. SocietyCanEatMe

    Gotta love how people can be so hate filled towards celebs they never met and have no idea what their lives are like other than what they read from more than unreliable sources. Yeah reading this shit amuses me, but u gotta take it all with a grain of salt. And y do people assume a chick is pregnant cuz she goes to the OBGYN? For all you know she could be getting birth control, or a pap, or have cervical cancer. No one really knows and only idiots assume. Find something better to do with your time than speculate and hate.

  37. Hannah

    Comment #2 is the best. hahahaha

  38. 2cool4school

    She isn’t pregnant and that’s for sure.
    I like her dress. And her body. Her face isn’t pretty, though.

  39. Both are looking mismatch lol More entertainment visit

  40. beachdude

    she kinda looks like a dude… like a tough skinny dude…

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