Gisele Bundchen plays with balls in her bikini

January 9th, 2007 // 130 Comments

  1. cole007

    27. Posted by mikewall – agreed – I’d like to see some Vida ass if possible every once in awhile.

    And furthermore, I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who thought of her face as a little manly. My husband disagrees of course (he’s all about it), and who ISN’T envious of her body – that body makes her millions. It’s fucking phenominal, if a little too straight… but she gotta sell clothes, yall. Gotsta look like a hanger.

  2. danielle

    I thought Halloween was held on the 31st of October?

    Why the hell is she dressed up like skeletor after doing several crunches?

  3. shanonorato

    #48….why are you here?

  4. tits_on_snack

    Any time someone doesn’t like something that I like, I’m going to call them a fatty.

  5. She can triangle choke me anyday with those legs.

  6. nobodys_angel

    lol, #50… *sniffs* Do I smell middle aged fat guys commenting on how hot (and completely out of your league) Gisele is? They’re always the first to crack fat jokes.
    I’m a slender woman, by the way, who also happens to wear bigger than, say, Gisele’s whopping double A cup. Any guy that likes tit-less, ass-less, overly muscular women might wanna take a look into his apparent sexuality issues.

  7. Cayla

    im pretty sure you already posted these pictures… and you said it made her mother in law look like a midget.

  8. public bone

    #54 I don’t know, that sounds a little bit sarcastic. I don’t like sarcasm. Fatty.

  9. BarbadoSlim

    absolutely right #26, that’s a dude.

    Today’s “supermodels” might be nice clothes hangers but most do nothing for my johnson.

  10. combustion8

    jesus titty fucking christ these bahama ads are lame!!

  11. sol

    yeah, right now the page is having a problem with staleness. instead of the old pics of gisele and mariah, maybe something new, like mariah gnawing on gisele. that would be different. or leo showing up to breastfeed with mommy pesci, with the last pic being a high-res closeup of him getting a thick dark nipple hair caught in his mouth. i’m guessing we’re all pretty much hoping for something along those lines.

  12. 86

    Gisele, never let your friends leave the house showing more rolls than a bakery.

  13. DumDumDum

    I’d f**k her on the beach or in a dog kennel, if you catch my meaning…

  14. shameshame

    you put this she-man next to cindy crawford and is is a fucking joke.
    the only people who would be jealous of giseles body are gay men. im a guy and to call this piece of shit a supermodel makes me very sad. she does not deserve ten cents.
    arent supermodels supposed to make you hard and happy and just take your breath away? be stunning?
    it makes me very sad that there is also nothing better for me to see at this time when im bombarded by the media constantly wherever i go in new york. there is nothing to get excited over anymore. perhaps that will change maybe hopefully.
    most of the Vs models suck now, and are nothing. alessandra is nice…but what i am saying is..the supermodel is dead.

  15. helena handbasket

    i love how this is posted as if it’s a rare treat to see gisele in a bikini. what’s the breaking news? that she’s wearing jorts instead of a thong?

  16. shameshame

    maybe we should kick her in the balls maybe then she’ll go the fuck away.

  17. dont know why she should go away… – go away…to my house

  18. mr garrison

    that one dog can really stand on its hind legs! (the one in the red harness)

  19. LL

    If anyone cares what I think (not likely, but it’s never stopped me before): her face, eh, yeah, it’s a little angular. She’s not the most beautiful from the neck up, but from the neck down, she’s smokin’. She’s a supermodel because she’s 6 feet tall and has a great body. If she was 5’4″, she’d be the prettiest girl working at McDonald’s. The fashion people want chicks that are at least 5’9″ because they think clothes look better on tall people. They made a rare exception for Kate Moss, who is, I believe, only 5’7″. They can fake good skin and hair with makeup and lighting and hair stylists, but you can’t fake height. Fashion is run by idiots.

    P.S. I didn’t know people felt so strongly about dogs on the beach. I shall consider myself warned, if I ever go to a beach.

  20. sol

    i think kate moss was 5′ 9″ originally, when she first began to model, but then she ground down and snorted 2″ of her own bones. i read that somewhere.

  21. wedgeone

    . I take the Gieser over Moss any day of the week. 6 foot … 5 foot … or anything in between.

    #14 – the only thing “versatile” about Kate Moss’ face is that both her nostrils and her mouth are suitable for “blow”. Two for in, one for in & out.
    Now getdafugouttahere!!

    #19 – Kyle, please understand that you’re not text messaging a cell phone here. Write correctly or STFU because no one here wants to interpret shit into English, OK?

    Oh, how we long for the days of the younger Christy Brinkley, Cheryl Tiegs, etc. when the supermodels truly were beautiful to behold.

  22. BarbadoSlim

    “Oh, how we long for the days of the younger Christy Brinkley, Cheryl Tiegs, etc. when the supermodels truly were beautiful to behold.”

    Damned straight, up ’til the mid 90′s? a supermodel used to be fiiiiiine. Now, all we get is, these anorexic, crackho’ looking skanks with big feet and nasty ‘tudes.

  23. LilRach

    I think she looks great. She’s a fucken supermodel for christ sake but yet people still have to piss and moan about her. one word – JEALOUS!
    If she had a bit more meat on her i bet some of you would be saying how fat she was! She is nothing like Nicole or Keira. her body is just right. You just can’t win on superfish!

  24. caljenna

    Not to get off topic, but where in holy hell is the background Superfish is using from? It’s driving me crazy!!!

  25. Babybing

    It’s true, Giselle is not pretty in a Christy Brinkley kind of way, but I’ll tell you what…I’d sell my grandmother to the Arabs to have a body like hers.

  26. JungleRed

    It’s smart of Giselle to use the ugliest dogs she could find as foils so she can look better by comparison. Her pets are ugly, too.

  27. Babybing

    I don’t think commenters who criticize Giselle are necessarily jealous, they just don’t appreciate her type of beauty…but I’ll tell you what…I’d sell my grandmother to the Arabs to have a body like hers. Oh, I already said this.

  28. HughJorganthethird

    yeah she does have a man face, which was the original point if I recall correctly. And I am a dude so how the fuck could I be jealous, you stupid fucks.

  29. sol

    actually i admire giselle. she’s a girl with the body of a boy and the face of man in an on-again off-again relationship with a man who looks like a boy(lover) whose mansiere-wearing mom looks like a pesci. what’s not to like?

  30. LilRach

    Hey man what’s with the insulting of her dogs i think they are gorgeous!
    These dogs are real dogs. I want the cream coloured one!

  31. karifarrell

    Who the mother FUCK gives a SHIT about about these goddamned DOGS??? And who the hell is this chick anyway??? Where the hell is my GOSSIP???

    I’m at work and I’m bored!

    What, is he on vacation or something?

  32. Binky

    #81 Does seem a little less newsy than usual.
    Maybe he was vacationing at Susanne Summer’s house.

  33. Binky

    Suzanne Somers*
    Whatever – I hate Hollywood spellers.

  34. PrettyBaby

    Adriana Lima is hotter… and she’s Cherry, Juuuust like me. Uh-huh. That’s right.

  35. stone fox

    the “hot” chick behind gis is leonardo’s mother.

  36. BarbadoSlim

    Hmmmm so, DiCaprio’s mom is one rough looking trick, is she in the construction business?

  37. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    What are those cream colored dogs? Does their coloring indicate that they are Frenchies? That supermodel looks like a man!

    This is officially the gayest thread ever and I hate all of you.

  38. erinboberin

    That’s Leonardo di Caprio’s mom!!!

  39. sol

    she’s in the construction truck-stop business…

  40. ph7

    Listen, and listen good:

    Tall thin chicks are GREAT bangs. They ride on top without weighing you down, you can flip fast and quick, and their ass rides at the PERFECT level when she’s on all four, or better yet, feet on the floor bent over some furniture.

    And, for some reason, they tend to have fresher smelling vags, for some reason. Not musty like the fatties posting here tearing this beauty down.

  41. sol

    gisele’s smells fresher because she can curl over and lick herself, that’s how long and limber she is. she and her dogs all line up and do it together at home, while leo helps his mom with her shaving (takes quite a bit of time). they’re a very clean people.

  42. BuckTheInfernal

    This is one of the only places I know where a girl that’s in shape and takes care of herself gets called a ‘man’.

    Maybe someone needs to come to the Midwest and take pictures of all the fat chicks we have here if ‘in shape’ is not the in thing anymore.

  43. combustion8

    those dogs are ugly, I’d take my akita/lab mix and jack russell over those squaty uglies any day.

  44. Bell91501198

    She does have a mannish face buuuuut I’d still hit it.

  45. MuchaCerveza

    Brazilian girls are usually curvier and fuller, she needs to put on a few pounds and walk around in a thong, represent your country girl!

  46. Binky

    # 90 Ph7 – Thanks for the litmus test.
    How are they on the ‘personality’ thing and can they bake decent chocolate cookies ?
    (Just wondering)

  47. wedgeone

    PB – I seem to recall you making that claim back before Christmas, but all of our calls for a pic of you and your cans went unanswered. Guess we’ll never know.

    #92 – she’s being called a man not because of her body but because of her face. She has a manly looking face in these photos.

    #81 & 82 – plenty of celeb news was made today. But in typical K-A-R-L Fish style, we won’t see it until Thursday. Here are some headlines for you to gnaw on until then:
    - Trump Widens War With Rosie O’Donnell
    Jan 9, 5:20 PM (ET)

    NEW YORK (AP) – A reported backstage confrontation, Donald Trump calling Barbara Walters a liar, the developer’s feud with Rosie O’Donnell is a gift that keeps on giving for gossip columnists. And it can’t get any tougher for the broadcast legend caught in the middle.

    Trump sent a letter to O’Donnell on Tuesday, distributed by the TV show “The Insider,” saying Walters told him in a private conversation that working with O’Donnell is “like living in hell.”

    - Hilton’s Lawyer Enters Not Guilty Pleas

    LOS ANGELES (AP) – Paris Hilton pleaded not guilty Tuesday to misdemeanor drunken driving charges following her arrest last fall for allegedly weaving around a Hollywood street in her Mercedes-Benz.

    It’s not difficult to keep up, unless you own

  48. kathleen170

    She has a great body.

  49. kathleen170

    Not a big fan of her face though.

  50. Lowlands

    It’s nice to be home btw.

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