Gisele Bundchen plays with balls in her bikini

January 9th, 2007 // 130 Comments

  1. lohans8ball


  2. polypam

    It’s Girls in Bikinis Week right here at the Superficial!

  3. Mick

    Wow, She looks fantastic even in real life.

  4. lohans8ball

    I never thought she was all that actually..

  5. sol

    in the last pic i think the dog is actually saying “suck it!” to all of us

  6. shanonorato

    Who is that farm animal behind her?

  7. She played with my balls one time while I was wearing a bikini. She made me wear one, just so she would play with my balls. What a sicko.

  8. DieFrau

    Are you kidding me? Gisele is perfect, but I guess you like short chubby girls like Jessica Simpson.

  9. shanonorato

    P.S. Now THAT is what a model should look like…not that walking trainwreck euro-trash that Kate Moss has become.

  10. Binky

    How many dogs does this woman have ?!
    I suspect she organizes fox hunts on her Mac in her spare time.

  11. pubic bone

    that top picture was the original poster for “Real Women Have Curves”. didn’t sell much. i think rosie o’donnell bought one.

  12. heyheyhey

    that dog…is diseased. and what the hell is that?! a mix of dalmatian…and other really hideous dog?

  13. Motherfucking Christ! Super-douchebag-model or not. No God damn dogs on the beach.

    Period. Thank you.

  14. Mick

    # 9 kate is paid for her face which is versitile and pretty… where Gisele is paid for her tall sexy body.

  15. freeagent47

    C’mon superficial. This picture is OLD. And I believe that woman in the background is Leo’s Mom, they are reported to be good friends even though Leo and Giselle aren’t together. I think this picture appeared in People, or InTouch or something last year.

  16. jesseeca

    i thought she got her boobs done? it doesn’t look like it in these pictures.

    that is a french bulldog. it’s face is cuter than Gisele’s. #14 is right, she gets paid for her body. try not to look at her man-face.

  17. she is looking manish…but not in the pants, though – is that a bulge?

  18. sol

    leo’s mom was marlon brando???!!!

  19. Kyle Hilton



    Giselle sukkz cock, shez so ugly, yet she gets paid loads of money sashaying down the catwalk . . . .

    She shuld get anorexic like Nicole Richie, cuz Anorexic peeple rule!!!

    Like i culd probly model better then hur, and im a 14 yr old guy!!!!

    My look are waaaay better then hurs . . .

    Kyle Hilton


  20. Naid

    Good Job fish, these pics are older then dirt and the woman behind her is Leo’s mom

  21. RichPort

    HA! That picture’s like a before and after…

  22. The Superficial: hot girl parade (with insults!)

  23. shanonorato

    #12 – that is a Boston Terrier : )

  24. ToiletDuck

    Who’s the bulldyke with her??

  25. shanonorato

    Leo’s mom is a M.I.L.F.

  26. shameshame

    this bitch is so ugly. she looks like a dude and she is still by far the most successful anf highest paid model in the world. she looks better than kate, but that doesn’t change the fact that her body looks like a surboard with two under the muscle implants underneath designed to make her look more ‘feminine’ ha!
    remember when the word “supermodel” meant something, when it meant “cindy crawford” oh god how sad.

  27. mikewall

    WOW lets get some women on here that look like women are supposed to. that would be tits and ass please. how about some hip hop models

  28. sixtysix

    I guess I was way off, keep spreading the joy.

  29. normella

    So I guess I’m the only one who’s grossed out by the fact that you can see all her bones?

  30. odd_angel

    Actually, shanonorato, that’s a French Bulldog. :-)

  31. jimmy carter

    uh, #27, yeah, we got some too-skinny stuff going on here, but it’d be an overreaction to switch to Animal Planet.

  32. LostBayou

    #24 & #25 – Look closely at that 1st pic.
    Isn’t that Joe Pesci??

  33. Pointandlaugh

    #24 — haha,……I was wondering the same thing.

  34. CantLookBackWontLookBack

    Four words of priceless advice.


    FUCK! That’s gross. Might as well bang a 12 year old boy.

  35. raging_indie

    That’s Mrs. DiCaprio in the background. Can’t you all see the resemblance?

  36. Populist

    Word to the wise, Giselle–that blazing sun is not an aging supermodel’s friend. And #13, I’m with you. Who wants to step in crap on the beach or throw their towel down on a dog log?

  37. tits_on_snack

    LOL @ # 14 “kate is paid for her face which is versitile and pretty”

    Really? Because the only faces I’ve ever seen her make are one face: Dazed Hammerhead Shark. Oh I guess sometimes her mouth is slightly ajar, and sometimes it’s not.

    As for Giselle she’s got a nice body but I don’t understand why she’s the top paid model or whatever the fuck. I don’t see what she’s got that other models don’t have.

    And not to be, but in that first pic I would totally expect to see a wang if you pulled down her shorts. Models are beautiful but they’re as big as men, and that doesn’t do much for me.

  38. shanonorato

    #30 oops…my bad. take a look, though – they are similar.

  39. shanonorato

    actually, the more i look, the more convinced i am that it IS a boston terrier. ears are pointier than that of a french bulldog, and the snout is different.

  40. Libraesque

    Y’all are TRIPPIN’
    she’s perfection, and has a wicked sharp sense of humor
    manly? yea, no
    She’s VS’s top model dumbasses

  41. odd_angel

    Nope, it’s a Frenchie. Those are pretty typical Frenchie markings and he’s more chunky than a Boston should be and has shorter legs. I own a Boston and they’re typically mostly black or brindle with a few white markings. There are exceptions, but that is definitely a French Bulldog.

    I know more about dogs than I do about models. :-)

  42. fame is funny

    Even though her face looks manly in those photos, I can’t fault her for much. Someone else said ‘that is what a model should look like’ and it’s true. Glad to see someone taking care of herself, and still thick in all the right places. She looks like a real demon in the sack. Kudos!

    It’s a boston terrier.

  43. fame is funny

    No wait, it IS a French Bulldog, whoops.

  44. shanonorato

    odd_angel…my apologies! i’ve never actually seen a french bulldog except in pics!

  45. HollyJ

    #18 – BA HA HA!!

    #26 – I agree. I think she’s got an ugly manho face. I mean, look at her neck in the large main pic. Keyword: Linebacker.

    #27 – Some of those women are OK, but DAMN, Melyssa needs to cover that bubble-ass of hers. Doesn’t she have own mirror?! No one wants to see that shit.

    THAT, my friends, is the world’s fugliest frenchie. I hope Gisele stepped in her own dog’s shit.

  46. shanonorato

    #32 – It’s Joe Pesci’s ugly twin :)

  47. odd_angel

    No problem. Many people mix up the breeds. They do look similar.

  48. flababy

    Anyone talking shit about Gisele’s body is obviously a typical, overweight American female. Stop being so fucking jealous. You know she has a perfect body and any one of you green eyed bitches would kill for it.

    Instead of trashing her, go on a fucking diet. Or better yet try a treadmill. Then maybe your next husband won’t leave you for his twenty year old secretary with a “surfboard” body.

  49. sol

    ^ more or less a contractually-obligated comment on this type of post

  50. biatcho

    *sniffs* Do I smell fat people in here?
    I think I do! They’re always the ones who get pissy when people make fun of celebrities.

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