Gisele Bundchen makes weird demands

May 25th, 2006 // 72 Comments

According to Brazilian gossip sources, 26-year-old Gisele Bundchen has apparently sent out a decree saying she doesn’t want to be photographed with models who are under 20 years old. There’s no reason specified, but I’m assuming it’s either because she thinks she’s too good for the newbies or she’s jealous of them. Either way, the moral of the story is that Gisele Bundchen is so hot sometimes my pants catch on fire from just looking at her. And I don’t know if the guy in the picture is her dad or what, but there’s no reason a man that ugly should ever be allowed to stand that close to somebody like Gisele. You don’t mount a jar of poo next to the Mona Lisa. It’s just not done.



  1. Judging by that pic, the decree is not restricted to a photo shoot. Apparently Giselle will consciously never stand next to someone younger than her in the event a photograph is taken.

  2. Holy piss… “witchy poo” …

  3. Libraesque

    not only is she cream your shorts gorgeous BUT have you ever seen her on a talk show? She’s HILARIOUS, she has a great sense of humor, and she’s really kooky, you never know what she’ll do…FUN & YUMMY!!!!

  4. Gisele is somebody that I think a lot of girls think is hot because she has that boney annorexic look that they all seem to aspire to.

    THIS is way hotter than she is…

  5. HughJorganthethird

    Whatever. Giselles body is fine but that face belongs to Barbaro. Oh well at least she has her brains to fall back on


  6. TrannyGranny

    HJ#3….Did you mean the face of BarbadoSlim? Cause I always imagined him as a skinny black dude in a pirate costume, cracking his funny shit in an uber-white “aarggh, matey” voice. But, replace the head with Giselles? Yeah, I’m down.

  7. hepburn

    well…gisele is getting old (for a model)
    so..she doesn’t want to have a new pretty face by her side to maybe took her place..
    kinda like that…
    girl,pleeeease! grow up…gisele is beautiful,but ..where’s her brain anyway?

    by the way..the guy in that photo isn’t her father :)
    and if he were,he should give some lessons to her! HAHA
    “how to not be a stupid model after yours 26 years old”

  8. Fa Cube Itches

    Tranny: Barbados Slim is a character from Futurama. Tall bald olympian limbo champ. :)

  9. TrannyGranny

    Yo, FA; Perhaps this will label me as a hick, but so be it. I don’t have TV. In the 5 months out of the year I live in hotels for work, I get about 5 days off,to watch tthat shit. I chose family guy, they are on at the same time. although, recently, family guy just fucking ain’t funny. Anyway, … shit taint got no funny….

  10. hey_luv

    I think she is starting to look old, and probably feel old, and if there are young girls around with fresh, smooth skin, she will feel like crap!

  11. SparklingStarlet

    She has a big shnoz. I never understood her appeal. Adriana Lima’s way more naturally beautiful than she’ll ever be.

    P.S. Dumping Leo was a bad idea. He’s the King of the World!

  12. Ari

    Tranny, I don’t watch TV either. Generally speaking, it bores me… then someone makes a reference and I feel like a social outcast. *shrug* Worse things could happen.

  13. BarbadoSlim

    @56, hehehehe you made me spit out my drink on my keyboard.

    Seriously, now I need to get some more rum, and clean my eyepatch.

  14. CDob

    Am I the only one who thinks she has a crazy shnoz? I mean her body is impeccable, but honestly her face ain’t that great.

  15. I am an “old” model, and I can confirm that her reasons for not wanting to be photographed with anyone younger than 20 is, yes, because she’s getting old.

    “Normal” people look at me now (now that I’m an old has-been) and still ask me if I’m a model. But put me next to a 20 year old model, and they’ll ask me if I’m at the wrong party!

    Ha ha. It happens to us all!

  16. Fa Cube Itches

    59: Don’t watch much tube myself either – nearly all the shows out there suck. I just happen to know Futurama. :)

  17. HughJorganthethird

    U guys kill me. I actually meant Barbaro the horse with the broken leg. Shiver me timbers…

  18. kitty_kat

    She’s pretty. But her chin is kinda weird. How come everyone makes fun of Jennifer Aniston’s chin but not Gisele’s? Their chins look the same to me…

  19. prettierthanmeganharris

    69 spit or swallow? Swallow of course, mmmmmmm

  20. hermanita

    Are you kidding about her chin? Jennifer Aniston’s isn’t flattering to her face and is much uglier. Giselle is hot. End of story. And that is a weird request. Why would she be jealous of the newbies, she has the body of a goddess, surely she has a better one than some flat teens! Maybe she thinks they’re too immature or as you say she thinks she’s too good for them. Whatever, she’s hot.

  21. Ash

    HAHA this is like one of the best and longest comment forum thingys! (sry i don’t know what they’re called)and i love all the little convos and arguments going on throughout this whole thing ! its soo funny! and the name things with giraffe and gazelle are hilarious to me! they make me laugh so hard! oh yeah and i think she’s pretty but idk, i think one thing sometimes and when i read all of these i think another i guess i’m just easily influenced :( but yeah im def not afraid to admit that i totally jealous! but anyways LOVE all of the opinions!

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