Gisele Bundchen leaving Victoria’s Secret

May 1st, 2007 // 104 Comments

Gisele Bundchen is reportedly stepping down as lead angel for Victoria’s Secret because they refuse to increase her $5 million-a-year salary. Her sister confirmed that contract talks had broken down and a source says:

“Her demands were outrageous. She got a new lawyer who was unrealistic. Victoria’s Secret doesn’t care. They have five new hotter, younger girls debuting next year. And they won’t have to deal with any craziness.”

I’m a fan of Gisele, but asking for a pay increase when you already make $5 million is crazy. Her job is to stand in front of a camera and occasionally walk down a path. Considering the difficulty, a box of animal crackers and a balloon should be enough.



  1. Reveille

    Bleh. she is old news.

  2. Captain Walleye

    Morning, everyone.

  3. Reveille

    oh wait. I totally wanna be cool and say FIRST like all the other cool people on this site!

  4. BigJim

    I’ve got five bucks if she’ll let me ATM her.

  5. $5 million is not much money anymore, so i can see the desire for a pay increase. except she’s brazillian, so $5 million there should make her a goddess, or at least supreme ruler.

  6. I still bet she smells like sweat socks and pigskin.

  7. Maybe she can use the time off to finally get around to consuming food.

  8. Kristin

    That’s so weird, I was just reading an article about her yesterday. Lol.

  9. NCDave

    In college I was once paid as a nude a model. They paid me to never come back again but still, that’s cold hard cash baby!

  10. fergernauster

    Who gives a sweet flip. What is she… 25… 26? She’s old. Move along, Ms. Punched-in.

  11. She has the right.

  12. Binky

    This is sad.
    As good corporate citizens I hope VS still send her all the catalogs every month and the junk ‘sale’ e-mails.
    She deserves no less.

  13. Greedy, greedy, greedy.

    She looks like a man. She should pay them for making her look halfway decent every once in a while. Butterface. Plain and simple.

    Animal crackers and a balloon….LOL.

  14. Victor

    Would also drink her douche water.

  15. “Her job is to stand in front of a camera and occasionally walk down a path.”

    Uh oh … Tyra better never read this…

  16. bafongu

    Five million dollars? To stand around in her panties and bra? Five Million dollars and she’s upset? Maybe if she had to beat Masala in a chariot race, but to just walk around in her skivvies? Brady must have humped her brains out…

  17. p911gt10c

    Please please please let the new lead angel be Alessandra!!!

  18. TexasTranny

    Damn…… I need to pick a new model to cover with my tranny-juice, when I’m wacking to the VS catalog.

  19. Jimbo ?

    It is just not going to be the same. Those hours in the bathroom with the Victory Secret catalog and no Gisele to spank.

  20. Ok, I’ll bite. What’s ATM?

  21. see you next tuesday

  22. BigJim

    ATM = Ass To Mouth

  23. BigJim

    As in, my dick going straight from her ass to her mouth.

  24. FRIST!!!

    Greedy bitch.
    I make 9 bucks an hour :(

  25. N'Arianne

    I thought she’d make more money. But then again they have a lot of stick figures to pay… I don’t even find her that pretty. She’s kinda…bleh. And Ambrosio looks like a man/transvestite in a lot of pics. I am looking forward to seeing the younger, hotter girls…they can do way better than Gisele.

  26. Jimbo ?

    Come work for me FRIST and I will pay you $10.00

  27. ph7

    Old models die hard.

    Step aside and letthe new flesh in.

    Bye, Bye!

  28. HoboChic

    What the hell is up with her nose in this pic? How much airbrushing do they do to that thing usually? And, yes, I’m a jealous bitch, but it doesn’t change the fact that they’ve been camouflaging that nose for years.

  29. Thank God. Now she’ll finally have the time to do Taxi 2. Jimmy Fallon, Queen Latifah, and Gisele!

    I smell Oscar!

  30. Superevil

    I never thought she was attractive anyway.

  31. Jimbo ?

    Matt – I don’t smell Oscar. I smell some sweet Gesele tuna

  32. 15PiecesOfFlare

    Gisele out, Bar Rafaeli in… just wait and see.

  33. Lowlands

    I think Gisele Bundchen is every centavo worth of the $5 million.

  34. jrzmommy♠

    Guess they figured $5 million is too much for Mr. Man Morph.

  35. 15PiecesOfFlare

    She must have something else on the table to give up that kind of cash – idiot.

  36. Lowlands

    I expect some of my babydolls to replace her at Victoria’s Secret and after that to catch up asap with me.

  37. MrSemprini

    I like animal crackers but I haven’t eaten any in a long time because the box says “Do not eat if seal is broken” and sure enough, every seal is broken. Tigers and bears, too but always the seals.

  38. Unabashed Liar

    Will I fail the heterosexuality test if I admit to not knowing who she is? She sort of reminds me of those old Mr. Potato-head Dolls with the huge honker and sun-glasses.

  39. bungoone

    the fact that her job title was “lead angel” is pretty ridiculous. and she wants more than 5 million to fill this job title? right.

    #5, since when is 5 mil a year not much money?

  40. chaunceygardner

    Man, that’s ugly. Why do people fight over that shit?

  41. FRIST!!!

    Our client fired us because we “only” got her 85,000 in new money for her caes, and the bitch has no permanent damage. She basically got a fat lip in her accident. FUCKING GREEDY BITCHES!!!
    I’d kill for that kind of money right now.
    Idiots RULE
    Jimbo, 10 isn’t enough, guess I’m greedy too

  42. Ruby

    but FRIST, I am sure there would be other “perks” involved…

  43. Ruby

    Giselle: “But chaknow, eye dun’t get outta bed for lest than 5 mullion dollars, darrrlin’!”

  44. lambman

    eh, she makes like 30 millino a year, who cares if now it’ll be 25 million a year?

  45. FRIST!!!

    #42 I would be scared to know what those were…

  46. Michelle Double D

    hey ! its hard to be a top model ! thats what Tyra says all the time on ANTM !

  47. anothershityear

    so now there might be a “lead-VS-angel” that has a pretty face?
    i almost can’t imagine what that would even be like

  48. DrPhowstus

    That sucks… now kelLIE can’t rip the VS pages out, cover them in mayonaisse and eat them.

  49. Eat yourself…F’errr

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