Gisele Bundchen judges anorexics


Gisele Bundchen blames anorexia on weak families and says the fashion industry shouldn’t be held responsible.

“I never suffered from this problem (anorexia) because I had a very strong family base. Parents are responsible, not the fashion industry,” she said in the Friday edition of O Globo newspaper. “Everybody knows that the norm in fashion is thin. But excuse me, there are people born with the right genes for this profession.” Gisele said that as a child her peers teased her for being skinny with names like Olive Oil, the character from the Popeye cartoon. “In fashion I felt accepted … I never felt lonely because I always relied on my family.”

If being a model has taught me anything, it’s that fat people are gross. And I gotta agree with Gisele here, if you’re not as physically perfect as me or her you’ve got nobody to blame but yourself. Maybe the next time you’re born you’ll earn your good looks like the rest of us. And if not, at least have the good sense to kill yourself.