Gisele Bundchen judges anorexics

January 22nd, 2007 // 71 Comments

Gisele Bundchen blames anorexia on weak families and says the fashion industry shouldn’t be held responsible.

“I never suffered from this problem (anorexia) because I had a very strong family base. Parents are responsible, not the fashion industry,” she said in the Friday edition of O Globo newspaper. “Everybody knows that the norm in fashion is thin. But excuse me, there are people born with the right genes for this profession.” Gisele said that as a child her peers teased her for being skinny with names like Olive Oil, the character from the Popeye cartoon. “In fashion I felt accepted … I never felt lonely because I always relied on my family.”

If being a model has taught me anything, it’s that fat people are gross. And I gotta agree with Gisele here, if you’re not as physically perfect as me or her you’ve got nobody to blame but yourself. Maybe the next time you’re born you’ll earn your good looks like the rest of us. And if not, at least have the good sense to kill yourself.


  1. Courtney

    Although she’s clearly no logic professor, if someone decides not to eat that’s no one’s fault but their own. But it’t sure doesn’t make much sense to claim that an industry’s standard isn’t its fault. That’s like me saying it’s not the sweatshop owner’s fault everyone working there is poor, that’s just how shit works.

    I still like the ol’ Geogre Carlin bits: “Rich cunt don’t wanna eat? Fuck her.” And “Bulimia. There’s another all-American disease…”

  2. Jusst like you “cant help being curvy” or ur “big boned” people can be naturally skinny i eat 3000 calories a day i refuse to excercise i fry every thing im a size 2 and 5’7 120 pounds how come some people dont study and they get good grades no they are not screwing the teacher perfection or somehting that is gorgeous is linked to purity and rarity so alas here wait for it that means not everyone can be something or it loses its allure scarlett johansson linsday and beyonce have curves and they are pretty that is curves stop using the big bone ecuse go se a doctor if ur bones jiggle
    If everyone had a million dollars would that be alot of money no and yes she probably got teased can u not comprehend that others did exactly what u are doding know its like beating up the nerds people ridicule their superiors ex 1 ( fucking rich bitch shes a whore translation : shes gorgeous im poor i want her life an/or boyfriend) ( shes anorexic translation i wished i could look like that) ( hes gay – wish i could get girls like that) LOok at Britney a couple years ago everyone said she was anorexic she worked her ass off look what happened when she stopped dont pull the she had kids shit either thats bull gisels mom is not fat she had six mine had 7 no rolls on their belly my mom has a job and make trash comments i live in bettter area than u trust me People ask if im anorexic then they see me shovel food down and go she must be bolemic no i have a bigger ass smaller waist and gorgeous face and i can think ye when u admit someone is pretty its like they should be ashamed of it if they “can be smart”

  3. MuchaCerveza

    I’m pretty sure that she was teased for being too skinny while growing up though. Same happened to me, if brazilians are just like cubans, only curvy woman are hot, bag of bones is not in.

  4. Denimpetal

    oh…FUCK OFF YOU BITCH (I’ve decided to be classy today)
    ok, one serious note then back to the classy language.

    #52- Ambrosia, yes some people ARE naturally skinny, and some people chose not to eat, that is called “disordered eating”. An eating disorder is a separate thing all together and not ONE simply “chooses not to eat” throughout THE most fatal of all mental illness. It’s spelt Bulimic honey. Do your research.

    Giselle is nearly as deluded as you

  5. kathleen170

    Too bad she’s ugly, or else her opinion would have at least some kind of meaning.

  6. clown

    She should go see a shrink before dissing anorexic models. She says that because is her revenge against the people who used to mock her as a teenager. Now, that she is number #1 and only dated gay men, she thinks she rules and owns the world.

    However, she did a boob and nose job, as well as dies her hair. For what? For fitting in the FASHION INDUSTRY.
    So what’s the difference of not eating to fit it too?

    Gisele, be more coherent, you retard. Assume your acts, and realize that the Industry fabricates an image of Auschwitz silhouette which is not sexy, but curvy women are much more beautiful, and in the 60′s even the chubby ones were the TOP 10. So Fashion Industry, should take a reality check and start hiring models whose bodies are like Jessica Simpson’s, Carmen Electra’s, JLo’s, etc,


  7. sigmanu

    She didn’t get a boob job. If she did those are small tits. She’s hot. I’d hit. Fucking has nothing to do with being smart & yea her face is a little messed up without make up, but that is what a bag is for.

  8. she’s great and beautiful, and that’s true!!

  9. mela

    Yeah, Giselle. If only you hadn’t born with the Manly Face Gene, you’d be absolutely perfect, too.

  10. everyone’s just jealous of all these models, like giselle. they are perfect. i mean all these, which are phisically perfect!!!

  11. cole007

    @53: right on. Cubans & Brazillians like it round, firm, and juicy. Thank god so does my husband becuase I got da cuban butt.

    Viva La Booty! ….Scarlett Boobhanson and Jessica Biel are the ideal…

  12. jesseeca

    57, i think it’s widely known that she did get a boob job. please see #34′s links.

  13. barbara bush

    There’s no “causality between fashion and anorexia.” Anorexia is caused by mom (and to a much lesser extent dad). Why do you think family therapy is the most successful treatment for anorexic girls? There’s no such thing as “magazine therapy” (except for beating off, of course).

  14. WhoYouLookinAt??

    Ambrosia… ummm pardon me. What? You write like my cat when she walks across my keyboard.

  15. Sweet Amber

    what a cunt.

  16. jesseeca

    “i eat 3000 calories a day i refuse to excercise i fry every thing im a size 2 and 5’7 120 pounds” you sound like you’re at risk for a heart attack. better get that checked out ambrosia. and you better get checked for mental retardation while you’re at it, dumbass.

  17. you_betcha_iris

    jessica biel should be freaking out… that pooper scooper is looking very dildoe ish.

  18. pbjsandwich

    That’s a perfect body. People who say that she looks “anorexic” is fat, and are making fun of her to make themselves feel better.

  19. Evangeline

    “However, she did a boob and nose job, as well as dies her hair. For what? For fitting in the FASHION INDUSTRY.
    So what’s the difference of not eating to fit it too?”

    Starvin yourself is very dangerous and unhealthy. That’s the difference.

  20. yeah, or people just being naturally rail thing

  21. moocya

    GISELE IS H.O.T IN ANY WAY , ALL OF YOU UGLY FAT BASTARDS WHO SUE MCDONALDS FOR GETTING FAT CAN GO KILL YOOURRR SELFFFFFFFFFFFFFF…GISELE IS NOT AN IDIOT she comes from a normal family and like you stupid crazy eyed americans. Ridiculous, GET OVER YOUR UGLY FAT SELFs and stop using exuses that skinny isnt always b-e-a-u-tiful. PATHETIC

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