Gisele Bundchen is definitely pregnant

September 24th, 2009 // 30 Comments

Even though Tom Brady essentially confirmed it, here’s Gisele Bundchen looking pregnant as hell in Boston today in case there were any doubters. I don’t see why they kept this thing such a big secret. People were going to find out eventually when Gisele stopped having the chest of a 15 year old boy and sprouted a Britney Spears-ian stomach.

Okay, that stomach part wasn’t fair. To Gisele.

Photos: Splash News

  1. Kamakazi

    She still looks like a man.

  2. stuperstar


  3. n

    superficial writer: gisele never had the chest of a 15 year old boy. Her boobs are famous. do some research.

  4. Ohhh, yeah...right there...don't stop-ummmph**

    Please allow me to baste your baby with my warm and salty ejaculate.

  5. She’s such a butterface. And now with that big belly all she has going for her is her sweet, feminine voice.

  6. Randal(l)

    Fucking Yuck!

    Pregnant ladies are the most disgusting thing ever. What a horrible waste of a person. she should be ashamed of being so disgusting in public like that, that’s why she’s hiding her face in the last 4 pictures. I would rather watch 2 girls and 1 cup instead of seeing this disgusting creature roaming the streets. All you ladies should take note: preggos are worse than Hitler making sweet tender love to his arthritic grandfather….who am I kidding, Hitler making sweet tender love to his arthritic grandfather is actually pretty hot. if only his ‘stache was skin toned. *sigh*


  7. Colin in DC with a Brazilian Wife

    If you think Giselle has the chest of a 15-year-old boy, I suggest using this here internet thing and looking up her nude pics. I used to think she was highly overrated until I saw those. She is smoking.

  8. yuki

    if u think gisele has the chest of a 15 year old boy u should probably see an optometrist .
    as soon as possible.

  9. Anonymous

    She’ll be consoling Tommy Boy when the Patriots are eliminated from playoff contention by Week 9.

  10. D


    You are seriously disturbing.
    And I’m not even talking about the Hitler thing.

  11. Fuck you and your sports reference

    @#10 Who gives a shit?

  12. saywha

    her breast are slabs of silicone. just google her pics from her early modeling career.
    that being said, she’s looking good with or without boobs.

  13. yeah

    you know what.. i’m sorry but these comments are severely pissing me off now. I can handle almost any kind of bullshit talking about women and join in myself (being female) but can only so much 13 year old or pedophile comments before I bitch you out.

    If a healthy percentage of the female adult population are flat chested then why do you insist on calling small chested women boys? Clearly women can be flat chested or have tiny boobs and it has nothing to do with anorexia, and they are still women. So stop fucking calling them male.

    Anyway, Gisele has tits, and they are fake. She is not flat chested.
    She does however, have the FACE of a man. Maybe you just got mixed up

  14. JJ Daddy-O

    Yeah, what’s the secret? If I were Tom, I’d be following her around, carrying a big sign that said “AW, YEAH, I PUT A BABY ALL UP IN THAT”.
    Maybe he just doesn’t have enough self-confidence for that….

  15. Urbanspaceman

    Cue the Brady-haters. Oh, too late I see.

  16. pam

    i thought she was just getting fat.

  17. George

    This chic is mediocre without the special effects of make-up artist, lighting etc. I think the spackle crew at VS could make anything look sexy, given the person is decent and not a total tub of lard. They need the accolades b/c in the cold light of day she is an attention grabber only in that she is strangely masculine.

  18. polly's cracker

    In the aforementioned pics the boobs are airbrushed to hell and back….this dude clearly has no breast. Some people are easily fooled.

  19. People can be so mean. Congrats Giselle.

  20. Martina

    So, who’s the father? Leonardo?

  21. pretty pregnant…

  22. BrandiLye

    I agree with no. 8, her looks aren’t all that over-rated. And her face really is attractive, man-like or not. Stick it next to yours. Or check it out in The Devil Wears Prada.

  23. Sheesh she should have done this a long time ago. Maternity fashion is not exactly horrible these days.


  24. Rhialto

    She’s pregnant,what’s the big secret?!

  25. See Alice

    She is a has been . Big Yawn

  26. not be expecting her wounds …:)))

  27. if u think gisele has the chest of a 15 year old boy u should probably see an optometrist .

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