Gisele Bundchen is a shoe salesman

October 4th, 2007 // 116 Comments

Today is maybe the slowest news day ever, so here’s Gisele Bundchen in Melbourne, Australia launching her new Ipanema shoe collection for Novo. Although calling these things shoes is a stretch. They’re more like flip flops. Ugly flip flops. You’d think a supermodel would be better at this. Well, no, I guess that’s not true. The only thing you’d expect a supermodel to be good at is not eating and trying to read books upside down.


  1. I’ll buy a pair of shoes from her

  2. Newman


  3. kiko


  4. kiko sad

    or not

  5. PunkA


    Her nose is just messsed up.

  6. leatherdaddy

    Gisele Bundchen?!?! where are the rest of her supermodel friends? especially the that goddess, alessandra ambrosio. more pics fish.

  7. Shallow Vallow

    I love how they say “her new shoe collection” as if she actually designed or sewed a piece of material in her entire life.

    Please…..bony-assed, fake tittied, man-stealing bitch. She sure is purty tho.

  8. Italian Stallion

    She must have told a lot of lies when she was younger………..

    That, or she’s just some dumb jew broad…………..

  9. Fumus

    Tom Brady WTF!?!

    …oh btw what’s up with this website posting all the superficials stuff like it was it’s own…lolz…I love the writer(s) here at superficial you can plagiarize that shit!

  10. BunnyButt

    Damn, that girl’s got some bad posture, at least in the first few pics! I’ll bet she’s got some serious back pain after a few hours of standing around like that. Makes my back hurt just looking those pics.

  11. please just stfu already

    is this at a hooker convention? guys in suits with their hands all over the bikini clad girls…
    does giselle know that she’s supposed to wear them on her feet? She looks like she thinks they are butterflies trying to land on her, and maybe carry her off…to mate with her.

  12. Huh. Slowest news day ever? Ya think???

    Thanks for the heads up though Jimbo.

  13. Spongebob Gangsta

    Yeah she SURE enjoys wearing them as we can see on her FEET. *ahem.

    Pic #3: *Giggles* How can i fit my makeup in these adorable wallets??!

  14. I am so bored that I think I’m going to start working now.
    Either that or I’m going to attack the brandy in the cupboard.

  15. I banged her in the heiny once.

    Her poo smells like 7-Up.

  16. @14 Hey FRIST, I think Mike has offered to come over and entertain you

  17. I hate people

    So Giselle Bundchen is a shoesalesMAN you say. Oh Fish you so funny, I hope that was on purpose.
    Man, this chick is one of the manliest supermodels I’ve ever seen and ya she’s still a supermodel but she’s so fucking manly it hurts… well for the guys that date her it really hurts because smashing your dick into a big hard penis when you think your going into a soft warm cavern must be pretty painful, physically and emotionally, unless your into that kind of thing.

    Oh well I can’t tell ya for sure how dating girls with penises works really, you’ll have to ask Justin Timbersnake, he hearts the manly ladies.

  18. Mick

    I think calling her a women is a stretch. She’s such a man.

    All the sales of her shoes go to charity, I believe. So maybe someone would buy them for that reason since looks alone are not going to move these.

  19. Damn… dark haired girl in the bikini has one ugly ass.

  20. Bam!

    she’s a man alright. finally, the fish is giving us factual information.

  21. Jimbo said:

    “I’ll buy a pair of shoes from her.”

    me too. and i’m a straight girl.

    she’s hot.

  22. Ript 1&0

    What about umbrellas?

  23. girly

    Spew those hideous flipflops are clearly for man tall girls. Amazonian butches if you will. No cute petite or medium hight girl would ever want to wear those fug things, unless she was a carpet muncher.

    The thing is when your as tall as this chick when you wear cute sexy heels you end up being like 6’2″ to 6’4″. Hence the fug flat flip flops.

  24. I don’t want to wear them. I just want to sit in the chair and watch her bend over and put them on my feet. I will give them to some homeless person later

  25. janielouelliott

    Why is she not WEARING her super ugly shoes???

  26. leatherdaddy

    hey FRIST, hit the brandy. itll make everything better. including this site.

  27. #16 Jimbo, that is quite alright. I can entertain myself just fine. Wait… that came out wrong…

  28. Leatherdaddy, I’m thinkin!!!

  29. @27 not for Mike.

    @26 I don’t think there is enough Brandy to make this place right. But I will take a glass

  30. Everyday is I hate Paris Hilton Day

    WOW she is really good at showing off those shoes. Shit even for a super model she fucking retarded.

    Chick you’re a ‘model’ so if you want to show off an eccessory or article of clothing maybe you should ‘model’ it for us.. ie: wear it dum dum. Fucking can’t even do her job. My dog is a bertter model than this manskank.

    Jesus christ that’s sad, she looks like a fucking retarded child prancing around with those shoes holding them up all proud like ‘look look what I made’.
    Her parents are probably like “oh uh yeah yeah those are uh great yeah really really great” then to each other they’re like “oh fuck they’re so ugly do you think we’ll have to wear them? It’s just embarasssing, this is like the colander hats all over again”

  31. Katrina @9

    Hey FUMUS maybe you didn’t notice but the posting date for your little URL was today. TS posted it’s Bonaduce story yesterday. So since we all know every single thing ever posted on the internet is absolutely true (How dare you suggest otherwise!) It would Stocking that did the plagarizing this time.

    I’ve never posted on here before but I’m sick of everyone giving the FISH such a hard time. We mere mortals have no right to question Him, His postings or His amazing physique.

  32. Katrina @9

    Wow. I just made a total ass out of myself. No more posting for me!

  33. veggi feels a little better

    I got to have a beer for lunch!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yay!

  34. Ok…This is very odd because we have here in Romania thismodel of flip flops and they have been here since the summer has begun (approximately, it might be earlier) .

    How is this possible? *stunned face*

  35. my comment

    Flip flops are NOT shoes.

  36. leatherdaddy

    is it true firecrotch (lohan) couldnt leave rehab?

  37. #32 & 33, that’s ok I make an ass out of myself every day.

    See? just did it again. I meant 31 and 32, was going to say to #33 Thank freakin God!!! You needed that!!!

  38. lux


  39. What do bikini clad “women” with gawdy bead “necklaces” have to do with shoes? Are they thinking “I need to cover up something….”—”Oh–maybe I’ll cover my toezies!”
    This looks like a Tranny post if I’ve ever seen one. Is he on a quest again?

  40. Mike

    #27, can I ask what the fuck I did to you, that you and Veggi started being asses with me? Just wondering.

  41. veggi

    FRISST….hell yeah I did! It was gooooooooooooooooooooooooood!! but one is never enough.

  42. veggi added sssss

    ha! look, I’m already slurring my words!

  43. lalaland

    funny, shes promoting them, but not wearing anything like them…

  44. Mike, you didn’t do anything, I’m just an ass. Oh, wait…yeah, the chilidog thing was a smidge inappropriate, but don’t worry about it.

  45. Yeah, a brewski sounds really good right now.
    Veggi I’m jealous

  46. Everyday is I hate Paris Hilton Day

    #35. Then what prey tell are they? Even though they are a type of sandal they are still shoes and they appear in the shoe section of department stores and they are also sold in shoe stores. N’est-ce-pas?

  47. Kingsley Amis

    How sad to be one of the lesser-models in lamé on her side. “Here we are, the merely adequate, escorting a famous model, displaying our mandatory camel-toe.”

  48. I hate people

    #47. HILARIOUS.

  49. AlwaysRight

    Oh you’re all gonna love this one, and this is the truth. Runway “models” are GIANTS, and everyone/most guys mentally whack it to them. However, if/when you ever saw their giant gangly frames in person, you would not be so attracted. First off, few are even naturally pretty and their proportions are ridiculous. Like previously stated, most guys like to be taller than their gals. These monster storks are giant in ALL facets, and that includes their vaginas. If you are not at least a power forward for an NBA team, or just a freak of nature, you do/will not ever have the goods to satisfy them. This is a perfect example of “size matters.” Yes, there are all shapes and sizes of vaginas on all shapes of sizes of girls, but when you’re talking six foot plus, you’d better have a cock of magnificent girth and length to fill up these giantess’ caverns. Just take a close look at the size of a real tall girl’s torso some time, you’ll definately seewhatimsayin. This is not to say I wouldn’t pound Alessandra and Adriana into next week…

  50. Jenny

    She’s used to having other people’s shoes near her face -if you get the drift!

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