Gisele Bundchen Breastfeeding, Anyone?

December 11th, 2013 // 24 Comments

If you happened to see photos of Gisele Bundchen looking fucking fantastic at the Oral B event in Sao Paolo yesterday, what you might not have known is that right before going on stage, a baby was sucking on her breasts. But now you do because Gisele wanted to share that moment with you and usher in a new age where women can breastfeed in public and cause all the boners they want. I’m 90% positive that’s what she was going for here. The Brazilians have always been a very free and open people with huge asses. I saw it on the Internet.

Photos: Instagram, AGSP/AKM-GSI, Splash News


  1. I’m all for women breastfeeding in public. What we need to change are the fascist laws that say the person being breastfed has to be a baby.

  2. Breastfeeding is a natural and necessary thing that has zero to do with exhibitionism. That’s why even when it’s done in private, we have to see photos of it.

    because it’s all about feeding a baby. Instagram feeds babies

  3. That MILF and baby look like they have done this 1000 times .Little guy/female is too busy sucking and playing with her jewelry to give a fuck about anyone. That’s GOOD milk biatch!

  4. Gisele Bundchen Cleavage Legs Minidress Oral B Promotional Event
    Deacon Jones
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  5. Cock Dr

    It’s funny how, as pretty as she is, she still looks more masculine than her QB husband.

  6. maoix

    Women are so lucky that they get all of these attendants to pamper them when they breastfeed. Having children seems like a lot of fun.

  7. cc

    He’s going to so angry when he’s weened.

  8. nadsak

    Big deal….at least she is being a decent mother and doing what is right for her kid. I am sure this pic is for publicity, but she looks great doing it.

  9. right

    those hands are getting scary looking

  10. JC

    No mani-pedi for the baby? What a horrible mother.

  11. did you see all the bitchy mom comments on the side of the pic (I did stare at the super-boob for a good long while first, of course)?

    what a bunch of bitchy women.

  12. Ginger Failed

    Oh Gisele, never receiving the attention she so richly deserves, demonstrates how a real mom, surrounded by servants, nurses her young.

  13. Dox

    So… what you are saying is you want the right to whip your boobs out in public?

    Why the fuck are we even arguing about this???
    I’ll be in the corner…. admiring the uh…. natural beauty of a mother and her.. uh… child. Yeah…

  14. Am I the only person worried about her cryptkeeper hand?

  15. Palladian

    Get over it everyone … most of your SHOULD HAVE BEEN BREASTFED.
    But my beef with this picture is that she would bring a wee baby into all of that ‘chemical shit, live hairspray … ‘ duh!!! All for a photo opportunity. Very Sad.

  16. Frank Burns

    Drop the comma and the question mark from this story’s headline and then you’ll have my complete interest.

  17. wow

    Her hand is older than she is.

  18. Nice oral, B!

  19. kery


  20. Gisele Bundchen Cleavage Legs Minidress Oral B Promotional Event
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    As long as you have a couple of flaming hairdressers around you’re good!!

  21. Gisele Bundchen Cleavage Legs Minidress Oral B Promotional Event
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  22. 1007jr

    I see NOTHING OFFENSIVE except the comment about the “boner” what kind of human are you if a woment feeding her child produces sexual urges? Maybe the immature man whore type who will never know what it feels like to love someone more than yourself.

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