Gillian Anderson’s Nipples Are On A Balcony

Gillian Anderson is having her goddamn renaissance right now and I’m loving every second of it. Considering that she’ll turn 50 in the next couple years, Agent Scully is holding up well compared to most borderline GILF-status actresses. If you missed American Gods (season 1 just ended), Gillian plays this chameleon-like nostalgia fairy that’s pretty neat.

But this site isn’t about how Gillian Anderson is a strong, independent woman with supernatural talents that should be revered and respected to no end – no… it’s about checkin’ out milkmakers, jugboats, hooterhoops, etc. – it’s the boobs, horrible jokes and boobs, I’m talking about her boobs (as well as the occasional outline John Hamm’s Gungan-looking penis).

In other news, today is Monday and I’ve got a lot of Fresca to ice down before we get into this week’s grit.