Gillian Anderson Joked About Being The Next Bond. Hide Yo Kids.

“No, Ms. Bond, I expect you to blow…me. Get it? It’s from the movi–“
“Take your hand off of me.”

If we’ve learned anything from the Ghostbusters reboot, it’s that the internet is really great about it when female actresses step into film roles previously held by men. Kind, good-natured folks from all walks of life use what precious little free time they have outside of their jobs as aid workers, doctors, and kindergarten teachers to log onto their favorite r/, Twitch channel, or 4chan group to not only accept, but also embrace the idea that women can and should have the same opportunities as men in all fields. So, we should expect the exact same response to Gillian Anderson joking about wanting to be the next Bond, right? Oh, look, we’re already getting emails. The subject of this one is ‘I’LL RAPE YOUR FACE TO DEATH!’ Surely this is unrelated. Anyway, here’s Scully’s tweet.

She elaborated on Tumblr that the whole thing was “just a fantasy,” and will probably never happen in the real world, but that hasn’t stopped the pants-pissing. Here’s the old “It wasn’t the original author’s vision” argument. And here’s a gaming dickhead on Twitter decrying a female Bond as being unoriginal. Of course, what they really mean is “I liked a girl one time and she didn’t like me back, so now I’m a miserable anger shart, and the internet is my hate toilet.” I honestly hope we get Scully Bond and they say fuck it and cast Caitlyn Jenner as Miss Moneypenny. Dying in the butthurt avalanche that would cause is way more noble than how I was going to go out. (Infection from paper cut or diabetes. Equal odds on those.)

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