Gigi Rivera: Charlie’s Angel #3

While Charlie Sheen gets his usual treatment from the LAPD, Gigi Rivera has been revealed as the third porn star at his house during last week’s 36-hour bender, and there’s a disturbing and undeniable trend forming here. Namely Charlie hiring girls who look barely 13. Obviously, they’re not or I’d be getting Chris Hansen’d in the taint right now, but there’s no way there wasn’t a conscious pattern when he ordered them from a catalog and had them shipped to his house. If the fourth one turns out to be Miley Cyrus, I don’t see how anyone can act surprised at this point. In fact, I’ll be amazed if the next one even has breasts because, seriously, is Charlie Sheen allergic to them? Is that why he left Denise Richards? More importantly, did Bree Olson have to wear a HAZMAT suit when he was with her? Because I could see him being way into that.

Photos: Club Gigi Rivera (Extremely NSFW)