Gigi Hadid’s Hairy Armpits of the Day

Hey, if Gigi Hadid wants to show off her pit thistle, that’s her perogative and I’m all for it. Would it be a deal breaker for me if Gigi were to proposition me with a late night romp in her fur garden under the condition I let her put me in a headlock? Maybe, but most likely not. It’s still Gigi Hadid and she’s in great shape from playing volleyball inside a 200 sq. foot NYC studio apartment that probably costs more a month than my dream car (a 2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse with flames down the sides).

UPDATE: According to TMZ, Gigi says that’s actually residue left over from the jacket she’s wearing in the video… bummer, I really wanted her to have hairy armpits for some reason.


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