Devin Faraci Absolutely Nailed The ‘Ghostbusters’ Bullshit

“Disliking the new Ghostbusters doesn’t make you sexist. Hell, I am not particularly excited for the movie (although seeing an extended scene at CinemaCon made me more hopeful). But if you’re raging about it – if you’re angry enough to call a boycott, to make a video drawing a line in the sand – maybe you should consider where all of this anger is coming from. Maybe you should consider what is driving you to these extremes, why every other reboot and remake gets an eye-roll but this one, out of all of them, gets you up in arms and active. … Why is this the field on which you choose to die?”

The Soft Sexism Of Hating On The New Ghostbusters – B.M.D.

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Photo: Sony