PSA: ‘Ghostbusters 2′ Already Ruined Ghostbusters, Your Childhood

Gun violence and police brutality are killing people left and right, but holy shit, you guys, did you know one of the 800 reboot-sequel-prequels coming out this year has girls in it?! GROSS. Talk about an absolute rape of the sacred and pure Ghostbusters franchise that never once released a god-awful sequel that blatantly rehashed the first movie and was so bad Bill Murray refused to make another one for so long that Harold Ramis had time to die 25 years later. But, nah, this new one is what’ll ruin everything. They can’t even pee standing up, so there goes “crossing the streams.” Unless they’re like, “Whatever you do, don’t cross the erratic sprinkler mist that’s impossible to aim,” then maybe.

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Photo: Columbia Pictures

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