The Top 5 Funny Moments in Music

With Russell Brand’s return as loose-cannon rocker Aldous Snow in June’s Get Him to the Greek, there’ll be no shortage of music-related hilarity this summer. But there are plenty of laughs to be had in the real music world, too. Check out our list of the Top 5 Funny Moments in Music.

5) Milli Vanilli Flames Out in Concert: Confirming suspicions that these Grammy winners didn’t actually sing, their vocal track malfunctioned during a 1990 “live” concert in Bristol, Connecticut. As the PA blared, “Girl you know it’s…” over and over again, Rob and Fab desperately tried to cover up their fraudulence, to no avail. A bad day for dreadlocked charlatans, but an awesome moment for music-related humor.

4) Joaquin Phoenix’s “Rap Career”: Ripping a page from Andy Kaufman’s Big Book of Living Theater, the Walk the Line star announced his retirement from acting, fully embraced the Random Homeless Guy look, then fell off the stage during his big debut. MC Goofball in the house!

3) Adam Sandler Debuts “The Chanukah Song” on Saturday Night Live: In 1994, then-newcomer Sandler graced the world with his rip-snorting retort to the oppressive ubiquity of Christmas songs. And the dreidel will rock, indeed.

2) Madonna Falls on Her Ass in Portugal: During a September 2008 concert in Lisbon, the Material Mom follows up a hip-gyrating display of faux guitar heroism by taking a tumble on her gym-hardened behind. Careful, Madge; at your age, a gal could break a hip that way.

1) “Hello, Cleveland!”: In 1984, Michael McKean, Christopher Guest and Harry Shearer–collectively known as heavy-metal buffoons Spinal Tap–attempt to pump up the audience with this regional greeting Unfortunately, they’re performing in Chicago. And the crowd goes mild!

Get Him to the Greek hits theaters June 4th.

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