Get Him to the Greek presents The Top 10 Bad Boys in Music

Russell Brand reprises his role as hard-partying rock star Aldous Snow in the new comedy Get Him to the Greek, starring Jonah Hill as the beleaguered record-company executive charged with reining Snow in.

Hill has his work cut out for him, but at least he never had to deal with these real-life wild men of music:

10) Axl Rose. Part J.D. Salinger, part Tasmanian devil, the Guns N’ Roses frontman only seems to emerge from his self-imposed exile long enough to cause his latest bit of havoc. Whether he’s causing riots by storming offstage during concerts or simply roughing up a photographer at the airport, Rose personifies the rock ‘n’ roll bad-boy stereotype. And you have to admit, he has some sweet cornrows.

9) Pete Doherty. This former Libertines guitarist and current Babyshambles frontman has racked up so many drug charges that he probably has his own private holding cell at the local jail. Plus, he dated Kate Moss, thus securing his rock star credentials for life.

8) Ted Nugent. No one rocks a loin cloth like the Nuge, and anyone who shoots flaming arrows at his concerts with a crossbow is someone you want to party with. Plus, the outdoorsy-est of rock stars can probably skin a deer faster than you can say “Cat Scratch Fever.”

7) Steven Tyler. How dedicated to the rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle is this legendary Aerosmith yelper? Last December, he checked himself in for his most recent stint in rehab–at the age of 61. Someday he’ll be the most badass AARP spokesperson ever.

6) Ozzy Osbourne: The man’s decapitated a dove with his teeth, snorted ants off of the sidewalk, and somehow manages to endure Sharon Osbourne’s super-shrew personality on a daily basis. Much respect.

5) C.C. DeVille: Even among his bandmates in Poison, this platinum-haired guitar-slinger distinguished himself with his taste for decadence. Following a mid-’90s rehab stint, DeVille eventually wound up where all the real maniacs do: On the reality-TV circus sideshow that is The Surreal Life.

4) Tommy Lee. Whether he’s getting in a scuffle with Kid Rock at MTV’s Video Music Awards or making sex tapes with former Baywatch babes, this Motley Crue drummer proves that drummers can be every bit as chaotic as their spotlight-hogging counterparts. Keith Moon is no doubt looking down approvingly from his booze-saturated cloud right now.

3) Kanye West. What can you say about a guy who’s equally comfortable with insulting Chief Executives (remember “George Bush doesn’t care about black people”?) and pretty blonde country singers (we’re still reliving his VMAs moment with Taylor Swift) alike? It’s probably best to not say anything and let him do the talking–it’s much more entertaining that way.

2) Liam Gallagher. Let’s see; he’s sprayed a fire extinguisher in a club owner’s face during a drunken brawl. He’s publicly derided the Rolling Stones and U2, two of the most beloved bands in music history. He’s openly admitted, “If I die and there’s something afterwards, I’m going to hell, not heaven.” And he’s probably done more blow than David Crosby and Tony Montana combined. Good job, sir.
1) Slash. Axl may grab the headlines with his rock-star hissy fits, but how many guys do you know who can make a tophat look cool? Besides Mr. Peanut, of course. ‘Nuff said.

Get Him to the Greek hits theaters June 4.