Geri Halliwell St. Tropez bikini pictures

August 8th, 2007 // 116 Comments

Geri Halliwell has spent the past week running around St. Tropez in her bikini. And her body looks decent enough, but there’s something extremely unsettling about her face. She looks like she should be catching live fish with her mouth.

Photos: Splash

  1. Deke

    Everyone HAS to remember that she just had a child not long ago. Makes all the difference in the world, and other than a kind of messed up belly skin, she looks amazing. Don’t compare her to women that haven’t had kids.

  2. my favorites are the shots the Daily Mail had of her sweet 9 inch scar from a botched tattoo removal procedure.

    I have to say she doesn’t look too haggard in these shots for a Brit lady in her 30′s who’s had a kid.

  3. spice

    oh come on now, she’s brittish she can’t help it. be nice.

  4. JrsyGrl

    She doesn’t have enough money to buy a bikini that fits her? Her boobs are popping out, and not in a good way.

  5. ricegirls

    she has the body of a man with nice breasts. it’s just strange she lacks any female resemblance beneath her rack.

  6. Babee Dahl

    The woman walking beside her looks like Penny Marshall.

  7. ElatedPornStar

    I’ve heard that her belly button consumes large planets when it’s angry.

  8. frenchie

    Oh my god! Is that Penny Marshal?!? WTF! what a weird pair!!!

    No more weirder than her gnarled up toes. Holy crap! She looks like she’s been kicking he corner.

  9. Tessa

    Lol she has a pumpkin face!

  10. Jewel

    Her bikini doesn’t fit ..
    Her belly button is hideous ..

  11. Looks ok to me! At least better than that Scary Spice chick!

  12. Robert

    she’s ugly screw the spice girls they were like 10 years ago

  13. Lucky#13

    She was my favorite Spice Girl. And she’s still pretty. And she’s in REALLY good shape.

  14. electrictree

    She looks like she has a penis coming out of her belly button

  15. STeve

    no hips at all and whats up with the hood over her belly button??

  16. atosa

    lmao @ #3
    her boobs is getting quartered, and the guy behind her likes it.

    I want that as my computer wallpaper.

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