Geri Halliwell St. Tropez bikini pictures

August 8th, 2007 // 116 Comments

Geri Halliwell has spent the past week running around St. Tropez in her bikini. And her body looks decent enough, but there’s something extremely unsettling about her face. She looks like she should be catching live fish with her mouth.

Photos: Splash

  1. LL

    She looks pretty damn good, though the belly button is a little freaky. Obviously, the suit doesn’t fit up top, it’s not flattering. Ladies, just because a swimsuit covers your nipples doesn’t mean it fits. But this is a hell of a lot better than Britney or Tara can do. I think she’s kinda cute, and except for the odd navel, I kind of covet her abs. And you can’t get that hair color out of a bottle.

  2. ipromisetoplaynicely

    she smells of fox’s piss

  3. why do i get the feeling she is lindseys long lost sister?

  4. Texas Tranny

    @47……Now that’s what I’m talking about.

  5. Jerry Springer

    Poor FRIST. She flirts with Jimbo in a self-respecting way and all seems to be going well and then BAM right in front of her he’s hitting on the loudest attention whore in the room, because he knows she’s easy. Girls, haven’t we seen this a million times?

  6. Lovely

    Is that Gwyneth Paltrow with her…?

  7. the fuckerz ruined it for ya….bezidez Y look at me when U can look at Frist?
    U juzt want to trazh me like the rezt of my favorite haterz…
    too fuckin bad…and #40 iz incognito worzt good fuckin Zir..fuck U

  8. hot_plate-face

    It’s like a retard convention in this comment section.

  9. Papahotnuts

    She is in need of a solid donkey punch.

  10. hot_plate-face

    I’ve seen more chromosomes at a down’s syndrome convention.

  11. cornie on a candlestick

    and THIS is what USED to be hot.

  12. Laura Bush

    That’s the expression of a woman who is displeased by the odor of her own farts.

  13. Fat Tabby

    I think Fish was insinuating that she looked like a snapping turtle due to her mouth being kinda sharp ( her top lip ). Seems to only be that severe in the one photo though. She was my fave spice girl, she worked the thick lip liner and it covered up the fact that her lips were kinda thin/severe looking

  14. Supervixn

    She’s beautiful, I always liked her (well, when she was Ginger) but WTF is up with her belly button?!

    CHRIST it looks SO GROSS…

  15. gerard Vandenberg

    This Bikini was and is a gigantic mistake!! Those Tits of her can’t breath any longer so they will die soon!!

  16. Stix

    She has the ugliest bellybutton i have ever seen

  17. Jovankita

    Es regia ella, le queda un poco apretada la parte de arriba de su bikini, pero igual se ve estupenda!!!

  18. Malffy Hernandes

    Most women’s breasts are slightly different in size. She has the torso of a dude.

  19. ??krazihottkelli?? You give me a headache!!! Really I understand that you are trying to be witty but really stop with trying so hard it is lame now! And STOP talking about yourself!!!! The more you tell everyone that you are hot the more that we know you are
    A. Homely
    B. Pre- pubescent
    C. 400 lbs and lonely!
    D. Very desperate for approval

  20. DID ANYONE SEE HER FRON BIG TOE??? thats just fuckin weird… its curved like a boomerang!

  21. ash

    ew. have you looked at her bellybutton? that just makes me want to go and vomit in a bathroom somewhere next to nicole richie. i mean, when geri left the spice girls i was a confused and scared little girl. i bet getting her picture on superficial is the most significant thing she has done since. oh wait…spice girls are reuniting? oh, wow. yea, she still looks like a fish.

  22. Kareem Ofwheat

    She needs to let those puppies hang. Throw dem boyz a bone.

  23. Lucy

    What the hell is she doing with her eyebrows?

  24. hacim

    I got it. She was a man and when she had the sex change wanted to keep it’s penis head. Had the doctor put in it’s bellybutton for safe keeping.

  25. Starscanfrighten

    Who’s this – Old Spice?

  26. star69

    I can’t get over the bunions.

  27. Shallow Val

    Only one thing to say. She used to be the fattest spice girl, now she’s the fittest. Props for the exercise, Ginger Spice (how the hell I remember her stage name, I’ll NEVER know).

    Sporty is built like a boy so nuff said

  28. She looks great, really she is something like 35 and has a baby. She isn’t the prettiest gal out there but as far as her body goes be is cut !!!

  29. Captain Jack

    #36 James, Spot on, me hartie!!!!

  30. jus'stupid

    Her tan line will give you a goal for shooting your load. X marks the spot. Not a very good trasure chest though…..Not bad, but…I’m just saying.

  31. haha

    Good one 76 !

  32. lol

    ??krazihottkelli?? if ur so hot y are u still a virgin

  33. gadjo

    she looks like a man or she goes for that amazon look. either way, it’s not that hot

  34. blpressure

    Scraping the bottom of the bikini pic barrel I see.

  35. Italian Stallion

    You people think this bitch is hot? Charlie Brown wouldn’t even give this little red headed girl a chance………..

  36. Queenbuzz

    I DEFINITELY don’t want what’s behind in pic #3

  37. please take a look at the guy in the background..

  38. Crowd Pleaser

    Ten years ago I would have bet anyone $1 mil. we wouldn’t still be talking about even one of the Spice Girls not to mention almost all of them.

  39. Ape

    Why is she hanging out with Penny Marshall?

  40. XavierH

    No one’s commenting on the stray pubes coming out of the top and sides of her bikini bottom (see, for example, pic #7)? Not one proclamation of “natural redhead”???

    She’s Debra Messing’s pissed off fart-smelling second cousin, if anything.

  41. Cronus 10

    I can’t see any trace of pubis-sticking-outis.
    Even if it is, I like my smut a little more obvious than that.

  42. Me

    don’t you think she can afford a bathing suit that fits better? and what’s with that weird bellybutton? it looks like the head of a penis peeping out.

  43. Lexoka

    Her stomach looks a little bit Tara-Reidy…

  44. Sheva

    Sorry but this chick looks about as much fun as a pet rock.

  45. Michelle Double D

    isnt she the spice girl behind Posh’ anorexia ?

  46. ssdd

    What a fugly looking ‘woman’……..Nothing about her is sexy……..

    Pic 7 closeup of her belly button is hideous…….. looks like something is growing in her stomach and trying to get out.

  47. no1justminda

    Ugh…speedo man in pic #3 is quite disturbing with his little tool poking at the front of it.

  48. ToTellTheTruth

    She looks nasty. Flat wide ass in the back. Smelly looking untanned pussy in the front.

  49. sharkbait

    @77 She wasn’t the fattest spice girl, that was Baby Spice, the ditzy blonde.

  50. woodhorse

    #16 You can have sex with a warm garbage bag if you go out with Jack Nicholsen.

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