Geri Halliwell St. Tropez bikini pictures

August 8th, 2007 // 116 Comments

Geri Halliwell has spent the past week running around St. Tropez in her bikini. And her body looks decent enough, but there’s something extremely unsettling about her face. She looks like she should be catching live fish with her mouth.

Photos: Splash

  1. D4P

    Who’s she…?

  2. =)

    ex spice girl

    her swimsuit is hot.

  3. no1justminda

    She’s gonna have some awesome tan lines

  4. Kacers

    Her breasts are different sizes.

  5. Bite Me!

    Can she smash those tits any more?

  6. nagger please

    weird bellybutton..

  7. ??I look zo much better than her??

  8. Crap Tonight

    Well it looks like she did catch a fish with that mouth – the superfish, who CLEARLY has nothing to say today

  9. Bite Me!

    @7 Are you going to resend the e-mail?

  10. jrzmommy

    I’m not getting the fish-catching joke. I’d be more concerned with smooshed boobages than her mouth anyhow.

  11. wedgeone

    I’d hit that over Posh Beckham any day, squished cans or not!

  12. Texas Tranny

    Cute bikini, but I think the top is too small for her tits.

  13. “She looks like she should be catching live fish with that mouth.”

    I don’t get it.

    Anyways, she looks crazy hot.

  14. hot_plate-face

    I don’t want to see some hundred year old ugly fag hag like her in a bikini. Cover up you ugly dork.

  15. V

    Did anyone check out those bunions?

  16. hot_plate-face

    I’d rather have sex with warm mashed potatoes.

  17. yolatengo

    in pic #3 why are those people laughing??

  18. Doomhammer

    Im trying to figure out why the two cross straps around her ribs? Is she going bungee jumping later or……

  19. ??9??

    one queztion==what r u going to do with the pic?

  20. Bite Me!

    @17 Becasue she has a piece of toilet paper hanging from the back of her bikini bottoms

  21. smegma

    She doesn’t look hot. She simply isn’t fat, which at her age seems miraculous to Americans, who confuse it with hotness. She looks like a slim boy with a couple of waterbag pecs and a separate-zipcode post-alien-popout bellybutton. But in fairness, nobody could stand up to the hotness of the guy behind her (wearing her bikini bottom) in pic3.

  22. HOLLYmorningWOOD

    Pasty white trying to tan, squished nasty cans, face stretched tighter than one of Buddy Rich’s snare drums – NASTY.

  23. hot_plate-face

    #19… hopefully put it on a voodoo doll, skank.

  24. yolatengo

    that X is a bulls eye for me to ninja kick her into yesterday…

  25. jrzmommy

    Excellent question #17…maybe she has another boob popping out in the back?

  26. lambman

    She looks awesome! Considering she has a baby that’s less than a year old!

    She always was, and still is, the hottest Spice Girl…sorry Posh

  27. scarlett

    wooo hoooo
    squashy ugly ripe tomatoes…

  28. Bite Me!


    what’d ya think?

  29. yolatengo

    yesterday…you know, when anyone gave a rat’s ass about her.

  30. Bite Me!

    @19, I just want to see what you look like. It will never be posted on the Internet or sent to anyone else.

  31. Tim

    “the hottest Spice Girl”

    that seems a lot like “the hottest Williams sister”

  32. Chauncey Gardner

    Broad needs to do more nude photos.

  33. veggi

    Seriously, dumbfuck kelli, “one question, what are you going to do with the pic”??????????????????
    Bite Me! She’s 12. Please raise your standards….I mean age requirments.

  34. jrzmommy

    “I want to see what you look like. It will never be posted on the Internet or sent to anyone else. ”

    Hey, Kelli….did you know they took gullible out of the dictionary?

  35. James

    Now that is an attractive body…those are HEALTHY thighs…compare those to Tyra’s monstrosities. Geri clearly works out, eats right, and weight trains…the most exercise Tyra probably gets is dropping fried chicken fingers into her giant mouth. Sorry all you “curvy” girls, stop lying to yourselves..excess flesh and a sedentary lifestyle will never be healthy. Being overweight is a CHOICE and you have the chance to change hundreds of times a day…empower yourself to get off the path your on rather than feeling falsely empowered by accepting your unhealthy figure.

  36. Crap Tonight

    Get your popcorn here folks
    Get it while its hot
    Get it while its buttered

  37. willtherealvictorpleasestandup

    other than her weird cleavage & face, that’s a nice bod. didn’t she just have a baby too?

  38. yolatengo

    “I want to see what you look like. It will never be posted on the Internet or sent to anyone else. ”


    damn, i think i hurt myself

  39. hot_plate-face

    “Speak english” coming from a smelly douchebag who thinks every S in the diction should be replaced with a Z.

    You’re as fresh as a dead pussy. I mean puzzy.

  40. Michelle Double D

    looks like a “tummy tucked” belly button…

    i think she should look fir a C cup next time. or stop wearing clothes that dont fit.

  41. Bite Me!


  42. hot_plate-face

    #36 James: People dying of AIDS must be your “ideal”

  43. Crap Tonight

    Looks like someone is going to have to join the “troll relocation programme” again

  44. Bite Me!

    I’m going to fish some feces out of my toilet, smear them on my chest, stick your picture in it, and masturbate. I call it “Self-Steaming.”

  45. hot_plate-face

    I find it hard to believe that Bite Me! even owns a toilet.

  46. schack

    @45 Hey Bite Me you can give me a steamer and masterbate on my face

  47. thedatinggame

    hey bite me….does FRIST know you playing the field??

  48. pirhan

    I always liked her the best. She’s going to get weird tan lines though.

  49. private dick

    misspelling a word and not ending with a period. gee, i wonder who #47 really is…

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